Haunted Bloodlines – Psychological Survival Horror Inspired by PT Comes to Steam

Haunted Bloodlines

Haunted Bloodlines is a new psychological horror game inspired by PT and is coming to PC. Recently, publisher Iphigames announced that a demo for the game is now available on Steam.

Similar in style to titles like Visage, Allison Road, and MADiSON, Haunted Bloodlines is a first-person survival psychological horror game developed by Horrified Triangles. The game follows a character who inherits a large mansion following the death of their father but begins to experience supernatural disturbances that have them questioning their sanity.

After the sudden death of your father, you inherit a huge mansion hidden deep in a dark forest. You start questioning your sanity after witnessing disturbing events about your family’s legacy.

Is your family who you think they are? Can you face reality without losing your sanity? There’s no way to defend yourself, your only way to survive is to either hide or run. Be careful you might not want to misjudge HER presence.

Haunted Bloodlines

The game challenges players’ wits and composure as they navigate the mansion’s shifting architecture. A mansion that breathes as if it is alive and where time feels different within its walls.

Haunted Bloodlines is coming soon to PC via Steam. You can try out the free demo now.

You can also watch the game’s official trailer below.

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