Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle Coming to Xbox One Sept. 18th

Xbox owners will be delighted to hear that Blue Wizard Digital’s surprisingly-cute, yet violent puzzle-slasher Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is finally coming to Xbox One this Friday, September 18th, after originally launching almost two and half years ago.

The title started off as an Android and Apple mobile game before moving over to Steam and then Switch. Microsoft users will now get a chance to fulfil their lust for slaughter in groovy isometric form.

It’s been a while since the original came out, so in case anyone has forgotten, here’s a rundown of what the game’s about:

Players ​​control ​​Jason​​ by ​​sliding ​​him ​​around ​​an ​​isometric​​ puzzle ​​level​​ to​​ attack ​​his ​​victims,​​ either ​​directly with​​ a​​ variety ​​of​​ weapons,​​ or​​ indirectly, ​​by ​​frightening​​ them​​ into​​ environmental ​​hazards​​ like​​ campfires, bear​​ traps,​​ and​​ woodchippers.​​ Gruesome reflex-based​​ “Kill​​Scenes” ​​punctuate​​ the ​​puzzling​​ as ​​you progress ​​through ​​multiple​​ episodes,​​ from​​ classic​​ campgrounds ​​to​​ more ​​exotic ​​locations ​​such​​ as Manhattan, ​​abandoned​​ amusement​​ parks, ​​supermax​​ prisons, ​​beach ​​resorts, ​​outer​​ space​​ and ​​more.

The game was made by the same studio that brought us Slayaway Camp, so Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is essentially another version of that title, but you get to play as Jason Vorhees instead. If you like murder, mayhem and things that go “ch ch ch, ah ah ah” but you want all that in a somewhat adorable puzzle environment, then this could be right up your murderous alley.

It’s kind of curious that they’ve decided to launch it in mid-September rather than waiting until Halloween. Maybe that was too obvious. Oh, well. What’s important is the trailer. Who doesn’t love a good spooky-cute trailer?

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