Fort Solis: First Teaser Shows Sci-Fi Horror Starring Troy Baker

A first trailer for Fort Solis was just shown at Summer Game Fest. The game, first announced around October 2021, and is developed by Polish studio Fallen Leaf. It stars voice actors Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XIII) and Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption II), and is a third-person sci-fi horror game with lots of gore and shivers. It features very Dead Space-esque aesthetics and vibes, too.

Not much else is known about the game as of yet, but we will keep a tight eye on any development around the title. What we do know is that the game is being developed using Epic’s latest Unreal Engine 5 technology, and as such will potentially offer quite impressive graphics. Not to mention, with Baker in the picture, the narrative will be front and center with lots of motion capture, and some exciting moments.

Have a look at the trailer here:

YouTube video

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