Exploring Layers of Fear 2 Spooky New Teaser Trailer

So Layers of Fear 2 (which, if you recall, was revealed just before Halloween) has a spooky new teaser trailer, — and exploring it reveals that the game will continue to delight with a never-ending supply of nightmare fuel. The teaser from developer Bloober Team silently crept onto Facebook today with little fanfare but unveiled some eerie and unsettling imagery to ring in the New Year. The best way I can describe it is like the opening scene from Silent Hill 4 where a ghoulish apparition crawls out of the walls of Apartment 302 mashed together with Bendy and the Ink Machine. No other spoilers, sorry. The teaser certainly does a lot with a little, ten seconds to be precise.

So if you’re feeling brave, check out the trailer and keep an eye out for Layers of Fear 2 in 2019 on PC.

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