Evil Within Trademark Was Re-Upped for 'Continued Use'

Evil Within Trademark Was Re-Upped for ‘Continued Use’

In amongst all the hubbub regarding Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda parent company Zenimax (and thus every last one of Bethesda’s plethora of IP), one franchise that seems to go unmentioned is The Evil Within. Shinji Mikami’s spiritual successor to Resident Evil (with some sprinklings of Silent Hill along the way) hardly carries the same gravitas as things like Fallout or Doom, but it’s beloved nevertheless. While The Evil Within 2’s total sales were never officially released, they do appear to be startlingly low based on what little information is available — which has lead many to despair that the series may die with it. However, Zenimax appears to have re-upped it’s trademark last year without anyone noticing. From Trademarkia:

This re-up came just before Microsoft announced their plans to acquire Zenimax, so it’s possible it was done in preparation for this series becoming something the big X would want to use on their platforms. A third entry would has so much to work with, especially after the sequel’s ominous post-credits scene and the chilling implications of the comic book tie-in, The Interlude. Hell, even without an Evil Within 3, I’d at the very least appreciate a re-release of The Evil Within 1 that could take advantage of the HDR 4k capabilities and a higher framerate.

With horror at an all-time high with Resident Evil Village hitting record sales and forecasts predicting heavy fog in the near future, now seems like the perfect time to give The Evil Within just one more shot. Even despite the seemingly low sales, the series still has tons of fans eager for more. For now, all we can do is watch and wait, as even with this re-up, a new release is still probably years away.


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