APRIL FOOLS! Eek! Games Announces Silent Hill Crossover Update -

APRIL FOOLS! Eek! Games Announces Silent Hill Crossover Update


Update: April fool’s lmao. Konami’s desperate but not that desperate.

This is… unexpected. So for a while now, Konami’s beloved Silent Hill has been doing DLC crossovers with several non-horror IP, from the high-profile to the, lets say, questionable. Well, none is more questionable than Tuesday’s reveal that Silent Hill is going to be crossing over with… House Party?

If you’re unfamiliar, House Party is an adult (read: pornographic) comedy dating sim that gained popularity a few years ago thanks to let’s players and streamers. It’s actually a genuinely funny game, with lots of loveable characters and memorable dialogue, but it is absolutely 100% a porn game. Full-blown nudity and sexual intercourse of all kinds is the name of this game’s game, so it’s a bit shocking that Konami would pick this game of all things to do a cross-over with.

In theory, this is a response to the influx of… let’s say “thirst” posts over Pyramid Head and Resident Evil Village’s Alcina Dimitrescu, as of late. When Pyramid Head was added to Dead by Daylight, fans took note of the famed Silent Hill creature’s… cake, let’s say, and Twitter exploded with excited fan art and more. That died down, but when the ‘Tall Lady’ burst onto the scene with her famed ‘mommy milkers’, as the internet has put it, that reignited a whole new flame of thirst fandom, hoping to get one-up on the other. Indeed, even the official Silent Hill website got in on it, showcasing a meme on their page comparing Pyramid Head with Dimitrescu.

It remains to be seen how Pyramid Head will factor into the free ‘Pyramid Scheme’ update, but based on previous updates there’s a strong chance that Pyramid Head will in fact be datable, and most likely lay-able, adding a whole new meaning to using James’ pipe, as it were. This DLC has many of our staff flustered and excited to see how it plays out. It’s due out later this year, to coincide with the announcement of Silent Hill on PlayStation 5 during this year’s E3 season State of Play stream.


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