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E3 2019: Dying Light 2 has a Busy Second Day

Dying Light 2 is finally getting the loads of information we’ve been craving since hearing that Techland would be showcasing it at E3 2019. There is a dark, zombie-filled trailer that released during the Square Enix show, as well as an in-depth chat with Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala released quietly before the show began. Tymon had some interesting things to say about the game, so we will start with that video.

First up, what can players expect from the game? Dying Light 2 will be huge compared to Dying Light, with a map more than four times larger. This map will be comprised of seven regions, each independent from the others. Players can discover, unlock, or even destroy each region in the game. Quests and relationships within that region adjust accordingly, so choices must be made carefully. Tymon stresses that players will need to pay careful attention to dialogue choices and pick their battles, as each choice builds the world Aiden must live within. Players joining friends for co-op sessions will be able to see how different decisions impacted the world their friends play in, giving them a glimpse into what might have been had they chosen another path.

While the world contains seven distinct and autonomous regions, Tymon promises a seamless experience with no load time between each section. This is made more impressive by the fact that each region will have a set of mechanics and parkour moves that are locked to that area. Geographically-locked moves aren’t the only change to the parkour system in Dying Light 2. Combat has been combined with parkour, allowing players to use their momentum in battle. This creates greater freedom of movement and new opportunities for combat and evasion. Enemy changes include more human combat encounters, in which enemies will use cunning tactics and improvised tools, and new zombie types. Tymon knows players are waiting to hear more about the zombies in Dying Light 2, and promises a “blow-out” about them soon. I am betting that in the coming days or weeks, we will see another in-depth video introducing Techland’s new festering friends.

The second trailer for today is a little sexier than the interview, with mood lighting and… mannequins? Yes, horror’s favorite uncanny mall-filler greets us in the opening scene, but the last one is a little more alive than it should be… and then several others are, too. Just as viewers start screaming internally for Aiden to get out of there, he does and begins a semi-aerial tour of The City. Set to Canadian rock outfit Metric’s “Help, I’m Alive”, the trailer is a sleek showcase of gameplay and graphical fidelity. We’ve seen some of this before, but the packaging is nicer this time.

Dying Light 2 releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Spring 2020.

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