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DOOM Turns 25 and Announces a Fan Club

DOOM is now 25 years old, and as such, parent companies id Software and Bethesda has released the loveliest, goriest trailer. The trailer highlights the original low-polygon MS-DOS iterations to the current 4K generation of PC and consoles. There are shout-outs to the old colliding with the new and how the franchise has received new life, thanks to the gorgeous 2016 reboot. I’m definitely revealing my age here, but I remember when the original DOOM premiered. Concerned parents protested the game with a vengeance for its blood and gore. Of course kids, teenagers, and young adults loved it. The graphics may look paltry today, but for 1993 the game was top tier art.

In additional news, Bethesda has announced a special year of DOOM where the fans will get all types of perks and goodies. By joining the fan club, you’ll receive a special Slayer skin that can be used when DOOM Eternal launches in two weeks. There’s also exclusive content, rewards, events, contests, and more to come so stay tuned to all the news via their website and social media pages.

What are some of your favorite DOOM memories? What carnage and mayhem did you unleash back then and what have your experiences been now that the game is in stunning visceral HD quality? DOOM Eternal debuts on December 28, 2018, on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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