DMC Series Director Hideaki Itsuno Almost Left Capcom After Reboot

The Devil May Cry series has had a turbulent last decade or so, shifting to a tonally divergent series reboot and back to a mainline sequel to Devil May Cry 4 after said reboot failed to impress longtime fans. While series director Hideaki Itsuno has often praised the different direction of the DmC: Devil may Cry, it has recently come to light that he almost left Capcom after the game came out.

During an interview with Dante voice actor Reuben Langdon on the YouTube channel Toy Bounty Hunters, Langdon let it slip that Itsuno wasn’t happy with how the reboot turned out, and even put in a formal resignation at Capcom.

As reported by PC Gamer:

“I think he put in his resignation and then they said ‘wait, you’re a valuable guy, we don’t want you to leave. What can make you stay?’”

Itsuno’s “wishlist” included getting control of the Devil May Cry series for a new game, Langdon said.

“Hats off to him for standing up and hats off for Capcom for going all out. They literally gave him everything he requested and wanted for this game, and it’s paying off.”

This may come as a bit of a revelation to longtime fans, and especially fans who hated the reboot. Itsuno helped to shape the direction and production of the reboot directly, and was one of the key voices pushing Ninja Theory to create an entirely new take on the Devil May Cry universe. Langdon doesn’t go into much more detail on why Itsuno didn’t vibe with Ninja Theory’s title, so it’s hard to say what went wrong during development. Knowing how respect-driven and secretive the Japanese game development industry can be, I doubt we will find out anytime soon.

Regardless, I am glad that Itsuno got a chance to direct Devil May Cry 5. Even as a fan of the reboot, Devil May Cry 5 is by far the best game in the series, and a triumphant return to form for the character action genre.

If you haven’t checked out our review for Devil May Cry 5, where we gave it a stellar 10/10 score, you can see it right here. We have plenty of other Devil May Cry-related content right now as well, including a list ranking every boss in the series, and a look at what may come next for Capcom’s legendary franchise.

You can take a look at the full interview down below.

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