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Deadly Premonition, Silent Hill, Killer 7 Creators Team up on New Horror Game

The Dream Team: Deadly Premonition, Killer 7, and Silent Hill creators come together!

There are few creators out there who are capable of making my breath catch in my throat at the prospect of them working together, but this is most assuredly a dream team. Suda 51 (Killer 7, Shadows of the Damned) and Swery 65 (Deadly Premonition, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die) have been teasing a secret project for a little while now, and today it’s finally been revealed. Titled Hotel Barcelona, the game will be an all-new horror IP and is inspired by the original Siren, as well as the works of David Lynch (sited Twin Peaks Season 3 specifically). With a budget of $1 million and published by Devolver Digital, the game is meant to be “easy to pick up” (apparently that means it might have be a mobile game or have a mobile version), it’s pretty exciting news. Creatives such as Suda and Swery likely doesn’t exist anywhere else in this industry (aside from maybe Kojima, although his stuff is damn near straightforward compared to them), and the idea of them teaming up on a project is the stuff dreams are made of. It couldn’t possibly get any better… or could it?

Mid-announcement stream (it’s actually still live at the time of writing), the pair texted Keiichiro Toyama (creator of Silent Hill and Siren) and… apparently just asked if he’d be interested in being involved.

Who knew that that would just… work? Joking aside though, this is as simply incredible horror icon dream team. About all they’re missing now is Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka (although Suda worked with both previously on Shadows of the Damned), but this is seriously good enough. Obviously the only agreement at the moment is via SMS of all things, but as more information becomes available we’ll hopefully learn more about how Toyama will be involved. Regardless of his inclusion, the project already sounded intriguing as all hell. We probably won’t be hearing about it again any time soon (most likely a year at the very least before we see gameplay), not to mention Swery is currently working on Deadly Premonition 2 and Suda on No More Heroes 3, but until then we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

(Update: Swery just announced that Minit, Nuclear Throne, Celeste B-sides composer Jukio Kallio will be joining as well)

(Update 2: Apparently they’re still in talks with Devolver Digital, nothing finalized at the moment)

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