Deadly Premonition 2 revealed, DP1 on Switch TODAY

Uh, holy shit guys. So of all the things anyone was expecting from today’s Nintendo Direct — from betting odds on Overwatch (true) to Deltarune 2 (of course not) — Deadly Premonition 2 was not one of them.

The cult classic Twin Peaks meets Resident Evil 4 adventure has enjoyed a quiet and modest success over the past decade or so since its release on Xbox 360. Having been ported to PS3 and PC since, fans have been hoping that maybe the original game would be coming to Switch at some point (since everything else is), and low and behold, they’re getting not just that but more than they could have possibly dreamed!

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Deadly Premonition: Origins is a new port of the 2015 Director’s Cut version, and is releasing today as a digital download for $30. A physical boxed version will release this November if you’d rather that as well. On top of this, however, Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise was announced out of the blue. Featuring a new, cell-shaded inspired visual style and set in a new location: Le Carré, a small town in New Orleans. Francis York Morgan returns in “the true sequel” to the original game, along with his imaginary friend Zach, to uncover the mystery behind a string of serial murders. The original creative team is bringing this psychological thriller to life, so get ready for more weirdness and deliberately(?) clunky game design next year.

Suffice it to say, we’re all pretty excited here. DP is a cult favorite (I’ve personally never seen the appeal, but I’m more than willing to give it another shot on Switch) and we even just talked about a video discussing its merits from our friend Whitney Chavis, who runs the Deadly Premonition fansite, Welcome to Greenvale. I can only imagine that her head has just about exploded after all this (she isn’t even answering my messages on Facebook, getting worried…!), but for now we can all enjoy the original game on the go. We’ll have a review for you guys soon enough, as we’re hoping it doesn’t suffer from the same technical issues the PS3 and PC ports did. You can check out screenshots for Origins here, and screenshots of A Blessing in Disguise here.

So, what do you think, Zach?

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