Deadly Premonition: More than Just “so bad, it’s good” [Video]

YouTube video

Deadly Premonition is a cult classic horror game that was co-written and directed by Swery65, and released on XBOX 360 nearly a decade ago to polarizing reviews. With its frustrating combat and odd game play mechanics, it wasn’t seen as a game that was necessarily fun to play, but its story and quirky cast made it a blast to watch unfold.

Over the years, it’s been described by many of its fans as a game that is “so bad, its good,” but I believe Deadly Premonition is much more than that. Beneath its rough edges is a game with a lot of heart and ambition not often seen in other titles. In my video I urge others to give Greenvale a second visit…all of its hidden details may just surprise you!

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