Dead Space Remake Comes With Dead Space 2 For Free on Steam

Altman be praised, the great convergence is upon us — the convergence of new fans that is! After its decade-long hiatus, Dead Space‘s return means that a whole new influx of fans will be coming to our shores in just a few more days, and now those new fans will get to immediately sink their teeth into the next chapter of the series if they’re on Steam. Earlier this week, it was revealed that anyone that purchases Dead Space Remake on Steam will receive a free copy of 2011’s Dead Space 2 bundled with it, allowing them to leap right from the end of this revamped story into the original sequel! For newer fans, this game’s excellence cannot be overstated enough, and it’s arguably the best title in the series. We named it both ‘One of the best games in the genre‘ and our ‘Game Of The Year‘ back when it first released, so this is an amazing get to start your franchise love with after finishing the remake.

This does seemingly cast doubt on the idea that EA Motive could be looking to remake the entire trilogy as I’ve seen some hope for, although personally, I’d be much more excited to see this team leap ahead straight into a Dead Space 4. Obviously, nothing’s out of the question just yet, and either way, it’s a great day to be a new fan (on Steam, anyway). This sadly isn’t being extended to players on the two other platforms Dead Space Remake is releasing on, Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5, although Xbox fans can at least still purchase them. The original trilogy (along with the weird micro-spin-off Ignition) is still available digitally (and if you want to use the disc on Series X too) on all Xbox platforms (and Dead Space 2/3 have an FPS boost on S|X as well!). PlayStation fans are unfortunately left out in the wind, as none of the five (counting the spin-off Extraction) PlayStation 3 Dead Space titles are available, even with PlayStation +’s streaming feature.

Either way, the future is bright for a new generation of Marker-Heads as Dead Space Remake drops on January 27th!


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