Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill DLC is Set After Silent Hill 3

So this is kinda neat. If you’re unfamiliar, Dead by Daylight includes miniature biographies for each of its characters, both for Survivors and Killers. This extends even to the licensed characters, such as Left 4 Dead‘s Bill, or Saw‘s Amanda Young, and it’s pretty cool. What’s even more interesting is seeing just where in these characters individual timelines the devs have chosen to take them from.  Sometimes they’re taken smack dab in the midst of their source material adventures, other times from elsewhere in their lore. In the case of the new Silent Hill DLC, which includes both Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason, the character bios offer an interesting peek into a place I wasn’t expecting for either character — post their individual stories.

Fans had taken note of the fact that the new Survivor is in fact named Cheryl, as opposed to Heather. This mid-game twist and ending name swap is common knowledge to fans of the original Silent Hill 3, but was a surprise to see her credited as such in this DLC. Turns out that the reasoning for this is that the version of her we’re seeing here is actually from after the events of her adventure.

Next up, we have Pyramid Head, or as he’s referred to here: The Executioner. Significantly less lore specific than Cheryl, the ol’ Red Pyramid Thing’s bio doesn’t seem to relate to any specific adventure in the creature’s past, treating him more as the Guardian of the town as post-Silent Hill 2 content has treated him as. It doesn’t matter really, but interesting to see them separate him so wholly from his original adventure with James as to not even mention him.

Of course, as fun as this all is, none of it is canon. Dead by Daylight‘s interpretations of these characters exist solely within the world of this game, and will never actually affect the Silent Hill universe (or the universes of any of the other licensed properties, for that matter). It is pretty neat to hear an interpretation of what Heather/Cheryl could have done after leaving the town, and her past, behind at the end of Silent Hill 3. I’m not sure if volunteer work is what I would’ve assumed, especially after how carefree and jovial she appears in the arguably canonical ending to Silent Hill 3. Again, though — this isn’t canon regardless.

You can check out Dead by Daylight: The Silent Hill Chapter when it releases June 16th!

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