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Dead By Daylight: All-Kill DLC Out Now

Dead by Daylight DLC All-Kill artwork showing new killer The Trickster and new survivor Yun-Jin Lee

Dead by Daylight’s latest DLC, entitled All-Kill, is upon us. Fans of Korean pop music will bo doubt be familiar with the term, but for those who aren’t, “All-kill” refers to when a K-Pop act’s song or album takes the top spot in Korea’s music charts. Now you know.

According to a press release by Canadian development studio Behaviour Interactive, All-Kill will bring the adorably popular world of East Asian chart music into the gritty, multiplayer, serial killer world of Dead by Daylight. This latest DLC (Chapter 19 in the series) includes a new story and two new characters: Ji-Woon Hak, a singer known as The Trickster who moonlights as a killer, and Yun-Jin Lee, a music producer who previously worked with The Trickster, but seemingly now wishes to escape his clutches.

Here’s what the developer had to say about the new DLC:

All-Kill explores the vibrant and exciting world of K-pop music and culture, with a dark twist. A world-renowned singer leading a disturbing double life, and his ambitious producer who suspects there may be more to her client than meets the eye, are pulled into the Fog. Good thing the Entity loves a show.

“Inspired by the high energy and vivid aesthetics of this global phenomenon, the team brought to life an adrenaline-pumping chapter that oozes with style and blood”, explains Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight.

What’s interesting about All-Kill is that the studio sought out the assistance of a consultant to ensure a, “just representation of Korean culture and the K-pop phenomenon.” This shows a degree of introspection on the part of the studio, who wish to be all-inclusive,without alienating fans through insensitivity. This is an especially important trait for any professional game development company, even if said game encourages the hacking and slashing of people.

All-Kill – along with numerous other Dead by Daylight DLC, such as Silent Hill and Stranger Things – is out now for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Steam, Windows Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. There’s also a version coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile this spring. Check out the trailer below.

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