Dead By Daylight: Alien Chapter Announced

Dead By Daylight: Alien

Ridley Scott’s Alien is perhaps the definitive work of sci-fi horror. The winding, claustrophobic corridors of the interstellar commercial towing vessel The Nostromo are etched into the subconscious of generations and the Xenomorph that lurks within has transcended the film itself to become a near-universal symbol within pop culture.

The film’s tagline, “In space, no one can hear you scream,” has been parodied so often that even those who have never heard of Alien could probably quote it in some form. It’s undeniably a titan of the genre. Now, Alien arrives in Dead By Daylight.

Behaviour Interactive announced the news in posts to their various socials on Tuesday. The attached teaser trailer imitates the opening of the film, slowly panning through the Nostromo as the Alien logo gradually reveals itself. The teaser ends with a brief glimpse at the presumed killer, a Xenomorph, which hisses before lunging at the camera.

More about the chapter, which seems to be primarily inspired by the original Alien, will be revealed on August 8th, a week from the teaser’s debut. According to Behaviour’s roadmap, the chapter is also due to release this month and will feature a survivor and killer.

With movie star Nicolas Cage joining the game, and Silent Hill 2‘s Maria due to arrive on the 15th, it certainly isn’t game over, man for Behaviour’s hit asymmetric multiplayer game.

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