Silent Hill 2’s Maria Coming to Dead By Daylight

Maria and James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 in Dead By Daylight

Just a few years ago, Silent Hill in Dead By Daylight was a pipe dream, existing only in the imaginations of fans. With the franchise on hiatus at the time, Silent Hill making a DBD debut seemed unlikely. However, in 2020, that all changed with the introduction of Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head to the game.

Now, in 2023, Dead By Daylight brings us Maria. She joins the game as a legendary outfit, a type of cosmetic that effectively transforms one character – in this case, Silent Hill 3‘s Cheryl Mason – into another. Think of them like Echo Fighters from Super Smash Bros.; they’re a great way to add highly requested characters into the game that may otherwise be impossible to realize.

Maria joins a growing roster of legendaries, including Silent Hill favorites Lisa Garland, Cybil Bennett, and Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland, in addition to characters from other popular franchises such as Resident Evil. Maria will enter The Fog as an outfit on August 15th, as a part of the Silent Hill collection. If previous releases are anything to go by, she ought to cost 1485 Auric Cells, the game’s premium currency. Even though this is more than most skins in the game cost, given that legendaries change the model and portrait and often come with new voice acting, the extra expense is arguably justified.

Dead By Daylight‘s latest update has additional treats for SH fans too. A special lobby theme now plays when playing as survivors from the franchise and a new charm of Mira the Dog, SH2‘s canine mastermind, is unlocked for players who own the James Sunderland skin. There’s more to look forward to in The Fog, too, with two ‘Big L’ licensed chapters to follow the recently-released Nic Cage DLC. Yes, you read that right. That’s without mentioning the upcoming Artists From The Fog collection, which will add skins designed by Ghostwire: Tokyo director Ikumi Nakamura, among others.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Dead By Daylight, especially if you love Silent Hill. Stay with Rely On Horror for more updates on the game, and we’ll see you (and Maria) in The Fog!

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