Crimson Head Podcast Season 2 Kicks Off With Jill's RE3 Remake Voice Interview, Hosted by REmake 1's Chris

Crimson Head Podcast Season 2 Kicks Off With Jill’s RE3 Remake Voice Interview, Hosted by REmake 1’s Chris

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for cool Resident Evil interviews and in-depth discussion, look no further than the Crimson Head Podcast — who are diving into RE3 Remake this month. Crimson Head snagged an interview with Nichole Tompkins, the new voice behind Jill Valentine in the latest remake (she did the mocap as well), and it’s pretty cool to listen through. The interview lasts for about forty minutes and discusses the production (apparently they had code names it was so secretive) and Tompkins’ experience stepping into the boots of our favorite S.T.A.R.S. survivor. It’s a great interview, although that’s to be expected considering Crimson Head’s experience with this sort of thing. Even cooler, Joe Whyte (the actor behind REmake 1’s Chris Redfield) hosts and gives a few details on his experience with the series and having been included in such a varied fanbase. If you’re unfamiliar, Crimson Head already has tons of interviews with creatives from throughout Resident Evil history and on top of that, they’ve even gotten the chance to have some legacy performers reprise their roles reading a variety of lines from throughout the series, like Richard Waugh (Wesker 2000-2005). Check it out:

Included with this interview is also a review podcast, again hosted by Whyte along with guest host Suzi the Sphere Hunter, where they go in-depth with their thoughts and opinions on the new game. It’s all pretty cool to hear — and after nearly 20 years of playing REmake 1 very surreal to hear Chris just casually chatting away about the series. Crimson Head Elder has a lot of plans for their future as well, if you want to keep checking them out:

Season 2 of the Crimson Head Podcast just kicked off, with new host Joe Whyte, the actor who played Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Remake. Started six years ago, the podcast endeavours to interview the developers & actors from the world of survival horror including Resident Evil. Special guests over the years have included Kazuhiro Aoyama (Director of RE3), Satoshi Nakai (Designer of RE Code: Veronica), Xander Berkeley (The Walking Dead), and their latest podcast guest Nicole Tompkins from the remake of Resident Evil 3. All episodes can be found at their YouTube channel where the team also livestream the games with the actors themselves, even recording role reprisals with the Capcom actors, reading those famous game files, in-character! Fans of the series can download the podcasts at Podbean & Apple Podcasts.

I highly recommend checking them out, there’s perhaps no greater resource for interviews and discussions with the series’ creatives. We’re looking forward to hearing what they do next, but in the meantime, there’s hours and hours of great podcasts like this one to listen to.

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