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Check out Dead Space 3’s new Necromorphs: the Feeders

Dead Space has some pretty gruesome enemies to dismember. The Necromorphs have become one hell of an addition to the overall cast of enemies in the world of survival horror– ranging from Resident Evil’s classic zombies to Silent Hill’s sexy nurses. And since the launch of the original game, they’ve only been getting better– and creepier.

Dead Space 2 introduced new Necros like the Pack and the Stalkers, each bringing forth fear in their own way. The Pack would swarm you in large numbers upping the level of tension and the Stalkers would do just as their name suggests, stalk you until they deem it the right moment to come out and charge at you in full force. Even after beating the game multiple times, the Stalkers still scare me. And now, with Dead Space 3, the series is set to receive new foes for players to dismember.

The Feeders are one of the new Necromorph types in Dead Space 3 and they seem to be quite dangerous. They’re basically humans that have mutated after eating the flesh of dead Necromorphs. Yes, things got that bad in Tau Volantis. The colonists had no choice but to head down the path of cannibalism to get food. Then they ended up becoming Feeders.

The Feeders are vulnerable to the light since they’ve been holed up in darkness for so long. But they do attack in large numbers, navigating through sound, making them quite deadly. Battles with these new Necros should be quite intense and I can’t wait to see what brutal death scenes they lead to for poor Isaac. You can check out the new enemies in the images below, courtesy of Game Informer.


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