Pieces Interactive Facing Layoffs Post-Alone in the Dark Launch

Pieces Interactive's Alone in the Dark

Hardly a month has passed since the launch of the revamped horror classic Alone in the Dark, but it appears that developer Pieces Interactive is now implementing layoffs following its release.

Initially slated for release last year, the reboot of the nineties survival-horror series faced several delays. These delays were attributed to avoiding competition with other titles like Alan Wake 2 and prioritizing the well-being of the development team, as stated by publishers THQ Nordic.

Finally hitting shelves at the end of March, the game offered a modern interpretation of the original Alone in the Dark from 1992, featuring actors David Harbour and Jodie Comer in the lead roles.

Behind the updated storyline was writer Mikael Hedberg, known for his work on SOMA and Amnesia, alongside renowned monster designer Guy Davis, previously associated with Guillermo del Toro’s projects. The gameplay received a contemporary overhaul, transitioning from static camera angles to an over-the-shoulder perspective.

Pieces Interactive's Alone In The Dark

However, just a month after its release, reports indicate that Pieces Interactive has let go of several staff members. Former QA analyst Helena Hansen disclosed her displacement on Twitter/X, expressing sympathy for herself and her colleagues. Neither Pieces nor THQ have officially commented on the extent of the layoffs.

It’s worth noting that despite being under the ownership of Embracer, known for its history of layoffs, CEO Lars Wingefors declared in March that the company’s restructuring, which began the previous summer, had concluded.


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