Capcom Japan’s Official Development Team 1 Twitter: Dino Crisis Could Come Back if Enough People Want It

Time to break out the petitions and whatnot.

So it’s been about three thousand years since the last real Dino Crisis game (Dino Crisis 3, the Jason X of Dinosaur games), and while there have been some hopeful mumblings from Capcom (most notably Resident Evil 7‘s producer saying how exciting it would be to bring it back), there is yet to be any actual news regarding the future of what is effectively Resident Evil‘s sister series. Capcom Dev Team 1 seems down for it though, so at least there’s that. According to their official Twitter account, it’s a possibility. Oh, and we also made sure this was legit, too. We reached out to Capcom to confirm the validity of this account, and were told the channel is “geared towards a Japan-based audience”. Any formal announcements for the west will be through official Capcom channels in the west.

I guess it’s better than nothing. A while back, Capcom announced plans to “resurrect” some of their older IPs. Thus far, not much has come of that promise, outside of the recently announced Mega Man 11 and the abysmal Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. There’s, of course, the heavily rumored Devil May Cry V, and if you want to count Resident Evil 2 Remake, be my guest. But bringing back Dino Crisis would be exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when Capcom made this proclamation. Of course, I’d also be down for a return of Power Stone, Clock Tower, and many more – but come on, Dino Crisis deserves another shot. Hopefully, this response from Capcom actually means something, so let’s throw some support Dino Crisis‘ way friends.

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