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Capcom on RE3 Remake: “Who Knows What The Future Holds”

So basically since the day Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced, fans where quick to start asking about a possible remake of its sequel, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (BioHazard 3: Last Escape in Japan). While RE3 doesn’t have quite the “this changed horror gaming forever” kind of legacy that RE2 has, it is still a huge game for both hardcore and casual fans alike. Nemesis, the title monster, is arguably one of the single most iconic video game creatures of all time, appearing in tons of other RE games, having a pixel perfect film recreation in the second RE film, and even popping up in other Capcom games no matter how silly. His terrifying growl of STAAARRRSSS is iconic to gamers, and RE3 would also cement Jill Valentine as a badass gaming heroin for all time. It isn’t surprising fans are hopful that this story will be revisited with the new level of polish and horror focus that’s being brought to RE2.

While speaking with RE2 Remake Director Kazunori Kadoi and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Trusted Reviews asked about the possibility of a REmake 3 in the future. The answer, while vague, is a pretty clear cut above a simple “no”.

“We are currently focused on Resident Evil 2 Remake, getting it out of the door and seeing how everyone receives it in January but, who knows what the future holds.”

Capcom previously went on record expressing their interest in possibly remaking or remastering other older games in their library earlier this month, and honestly with the hype and praise surrounding RE2 Remake it wouldn’t surprise me at all if gears were already in motion to get RE3 Remake ready sometime in the next two years or so. My fingers are for sure crossed, as I would love to see what a new take on Nemesis would be, as they clearly aren’t afraid to toss tradition out the window. Of course we’ll probably have to put up with more creepy weirdos if Jill isn’t in her (frankly ridiculous) blue tube top and miniskirt combo like we have with Claire’s new redesign.


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