Capcom Has An Unannounced Game for Q1 2018, and It Might Be REmake 2

This is about the window that I expected.

Along with sales data, Capcom released a corporate business model for their next fiscal year, which starts basically now and goes until March of 2018. The plan details and outlines plans regarding console releases, arcade cabinets, and more, and highlights projected sales of games that are still currently hot on the market, as well as upcoming titles. Most interesting is a chart for projected sales of their “major” releases, that is, the games they expect to get the most return on. The list details expectations for Resident Evil 7 to sell another two million by first quarter of 2018, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite selling 2 million, and… an unnamed, “Major Title” that is scheduled to drop before March of 2018.

Now, before we get too excited, this very well could be anything. Capcom do have a lot of major players in the AAA marketplace, and there’s every chance that this “Major Title” could be a “Super” version of Street Fighter 5, the rumored jump to console for Monster Hunter XX, or even something we don’t know anything at all about. However, there’s also an equal chance that this could be the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. REmake 2 (as I’ve been calling it) was announced a little under 2 years ago, and we really haven’t heard much since (the last real update was June of last year, stating basically “yeah, we’re working on it still”). The reason it seems likely to me that this “Major Title” could be the illusive remake, is that Q1 2018 will be Resident Evil 2‘s 20th Anniversary, specifically January 21st.

If you’ll allow me some room to speculate, another element that make this seem likely are the fact that we’ve had at least one major Q1 release for the Resident Evil franchise for the last three years. Revelations 2 in February 2015 ( along with REmake HD in January), Resident Evil Zero HD (while still being a release of a pre-existing game, a tremendous amount of work went into it, significantly more than any other remastering Capcom has done before or since), and most recently Resident Evil 7 in January of this year. Another interesting point is that it will seemingly line up with the triple punch of releases Capcom has been into lately (Resident Evil 4-6 releasing over a monthly period, Dead Rising 1, 2, and 2 OTR releasing all at once and in a triple pack), given that REmake 2‘s release would fall third after the Fall release of Revelations 1 on PS4/XBO, and a rumored winter release of Code: Veronica X HD on the same platforms.

I am of course speculating entirely on coincidences and rumors, so take my own thoughts with a grain of salt – however regardless Capcom does indeed have a project slated for that time period, so REmake 2 is as good a guess as any at the moment. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

[Source], via Remake Resident Evil 2 (thanks, guys!)

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