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Boundary Break Tackles Resident Evil Games

I’m so glad series like Boundary Break exists. While he’s already tackled Resident Evils 4 and 7, this week they try a couple of older as well as less popular RE games, like the two Chronicles titles or REmake and RE2 Classic. It’s actually pretty cool the number of things they discover, including what’s under Lisa Trevor’s rags, where the infamous window Licker goes, and more. Worth checking out if you love hidden secrets in games or just RE in general. There’s also another channel (who we previously covered when they discovered an easter egg that had been hidden in RE4 for over 12 years), Slippy Slides, who went more in-depth with REmake as well.

Boundary Break is also planning a Silent Hill 3 episode soon, to follow up on a Silent Hill 2 episode from a while back, so we’ll let you know when that’s out. What are your favorite hidden secrets in games, or weird junk the developers left out of bounds? My personal favorite is the out-of-bounds areas in RE4, where you can use the Ditman glitch to discover hidden herbs, ammo, and even a shotgun outside of the playable area. Super useful as well as just pretty cool.

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