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12 Years Later, a New Resident Evil 4 Easter Egg Has Been Found

Resident Evil 4

I’ve played Resident Evil 4 about 200 times.

I know that sounds like a joke, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve completely lost count. That’s simply my best guess across the 8 platforms I’ve played the game on. Suffice it to say, I (and a lot of other players, probably) feel that I know the game like the back of my hand. Timing, AI patterns, treasure locations, and easter eggs. Resident Evil 4 has its fair share of them, and amazingly, a brand new one has been discovered this week. That’s right, despite being released in 2005, RE4 still has new stuff to offer and be found.

YouTuber Slippy Slides discovered this while working on a video exploring RE4 with a magic camera, and the results are interesting… and hilarious.

Suffice it to say, I don’t think anyone would expect what looks like one of the game’s developers popping out from behind a distant pillar to be something that went unfound for so damn long, especially considering that other easter eggs like this are usually found more or less instantly. RE4 managed to hold onto this secret for over ten years and nearly as many platforms, including PC (twice!). It makes me wonder what, if any, other mysteries our favorite horror games could still be holding onto since, clearly, we haven’t been looking hard enough.

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