Bloober Team Sale Hits Steam Just Before Blair Witch Release

All of use here at Rely are pretty excited for Bloober Team’s newest title, Blair Witch, a tie-in to the film series. Waiting with bated breath for the 30th to hit, it might be a good chance to pour back over the Bloober catalog, which has received some pretty phenomenal praise (from us included). In fact, just in time for the new release, Steam is having a sale on their other three games, Layers of Fear 1 and 2, as well as >observer_.

Layers of Fear $19.99 $4.99 (75% off)

Bloober Team’s first title, Layers of Fear took the YouTuber “screamer” crowd by storm and quickly earned the studio a place in the indie horror market. A dive into the deluded mind of an artist gone mad, in one of the first truly successful “P.T. clones” to gain widespread praise. Gorgeous visuals and some creative scares earned it a 7.5/10 from us back in 2016.

Layers of Fear 2 $29.99 $22.49 (25% off)

A haunting reflection of (as well as a great improvement over) the original game, this sequel instead shifts its focus to a different kind of artist. Focusing in on the dark machinations of a silent-era filmmaker, Layers of Fear 2 is Bloober’s most recent title. We enjoyed our time with it to bump it up a whole 1.0 over the original, landing it an 8.5/10 in our review just a few months ago.

>observer_ $29.99 $8.99 (70% off)

The middle child of Bloober Team’s library, >observer_ is far and away our favorite of their collection. A sci-fi game centered around an “Observer” (a cybernetically enhanced detective) as you jack into the minds of the augmented to discover the horror behind a series of brutal crimes, and slowly unravel a dark and disturbing underworld of hacking human beings. Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner‘s Roy Batty) holds this tremendous experience together as the lead character Daniel Lazarski, making it our highest praised game from them at 9/10.

The sale ends on the 19th, so get on it if you haven’t had the chance to try them yet! You can check out the sale page here.

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