Apparition: First-Person Survival Horror with Ghosts, Demons and Ouija Board

You find yourself in the woods in the dead of night, rain pouring down from a moonless sky. What are you doing there? You’re on the hunt to capture evidence of the supernatural. That’s the premise of Apparition, the new first-person survival horror title from developer MrCiastku and publisher Fat Dog Games. Set in the fictional American forest of Green Creek, you play a paranormal investigator determined to capture evidence of the paranormal, even at the risk of your own life.

Similar to the camera mechanic in Fatal Frame, you earn points by capturing evidence of ghosts and a host of other supernatural entities using a variety of tools, including cameras, audio recorders and motion sensors. Points can be used in the game’s stores to purchase new pieces of equipment and craft items which upgrade your abilities. Risk/reward is a big factor in the game, since going too far tempts the wrath of more powerful spirits and even some demons that cannot be defeated. Players always have the option to return to the safety of their car at any time and escape with the evidence they’ve collected or risk further exploration for additional points and upgrades. Ambient sounds and tones replace a more traditional soundtrack, making long treks in the wilderness a tense, harrowing experience as you search deeper for clues about the supernatural world. And if you thought flashlights and lanterns had limited range, here your primary source of light is a candle you hold out to illuminate your surroundings. You must step lightly as you gather clues, as the only defense you have is to hide from your enemies.

I’m digging the simplicity of this title. It’s compact and knows exactly what it is. The indie scene has seen a lot of smaller developers focusing on core concepts and just making those good with games like The Forest and the Slender series. Both spooky and roguelike, this one looks like an interesting addition to the modern wave of exploratory, atmospheric survival horror titles out there. Check out the game’s official website for additional screenshots and the teaser trailer.

Apparition will be available on Windows via Steam for $14.99 this Halloween.

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