Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Devs Showcase Cut Content After Ten Years

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Ten years ago, a small Swedish development team released Amnesia: The Dark Descent which at the time of release was considered one of the most terrifying games in existence. It’s also where some of the biggest YouTubers cut their teeth as they crept through the gothic hallways of Brennenburg Castle trying not to defecate themselves. Okay so it may have aged a little bit now, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s been haunting gamers for years.

Now, a decade later, Frictional Games have brought the word that the final product we all know and fear was due to have numerous features that were eventually cut from the game. In a recent tweet, the developers commented on some aspects that never saw the light of day, some pretty surprising:

There are some features there which did make it into the game in some form or another, such as the ability to blow up walls. Okay it’s not a bomb but it does happen at least once. The removal of the flintlock pistol means that Frictional may have been considering adding combat which would have made Amnesia a different game entirely. Also…a trampoline??

On top of that, they’ve also uploaded some concept art and slides which were shown at a presentation in 2008 where they also mentioned an Indiana Jones-style room in which the ceiling would slowly come down on top of you. It’s easy to see from this how much changed between the concept and the final release.

It’s nice to know we’re still finding out about this, shall we say, classic horror game even ten years down the line. Also, don’t forget that Frictional are currently hard at work making the sequel: Amnesia: Rebirth. “Oh yes” indeed.

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