AMAZING Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Leaked By GameStop Italy (Update)

Update: Looks like it may be coming to the US, thanks to a tip from reader Scott Jerauld on FaceBook. He claims he works at GameStop and says that it popped up in their system for $150, with the game. Pretty goddamn sweet! I’ll double check this at my local GameStop as soon as I can to bump it up out of the rumor mill, but in all likelihood this edition will be officially unveiled (along with Tape 3’s trailer and Demo) at PSX in December.

After lamenting earlier today how kind of… uninteresting Resident Evil VII: Biohazard‘s Deluxe Edition was earlier today, it looks like we might be getting something after all – at least in Europe.

GameStop Italy appears to have accidentally posted RE7‘s Collector’s Edition before Capcom said a word about it, and it looks amazing. Coming in at just a little over $100 USD, this package contains: A Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Art Book, 5 lithographs (shiny prints of in-game screens), 3 alternate covers for RE7‘s packaging, a 16GB USB stick modeled after the Beginning Hour demo’s infamous Celluloid Finger (!!!!), a freaking model of the Baker Mansion that sits at 25 x 23.7 x 17,1cm, and some sort of special DLC.

I’m over the moon for all of this; the Finger USB stick alone is an amazingly awesome touch, but just about everything in this set is amazing. I absolutely plan to buy this when it comes out, or import it if it’s EU only. I was initially reproachful when I read that this edition doesn’t come with the game – but much to my surprise it apparently can have the game included with a 10% discount towards the game, making the set about $150 in total. I guess that works just fine for players who would rather own the game digitally. Not bad, Capcom. I wanted to hate you but then I was like “you ai’ght”.

Seriously though, I desperately need this Collector’s Edition, and I really hope it’s coming to North America. I’d still send overseas for it, but being able to just walk into my local GameStop and pick it up would obviously be much nicer.


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