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Resident Evil 7’s Deluxe Edition Gets Exclusive Physical Release Through GameStop

Ow, my aching wallet!

While the deluxe edition of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard has been available digitally for preorder for some time, it was starting to look like it might be a digital exclusive. Fear not, for if you were hoping to get that extra content but also a snazzy box to go on your shelf, GameStop has you covered. RE7‘s $90 Deluxe Edition is now available physically exclusive at GameStop, for both PS4 and Xbox One. The Deluxe Edition nets you the three DLC packs (we don’t know too much about them just yet, other than Pack 1 includes four short side-stories, and the second and third adds on two entire extra episodes to the main story). The box is also hella nice, featuring a black-on-red version of that creepy artwork that’s been used in some of RE7‘s marketing (although the PS4 version sadly gets covered up by tons of gaudy¬†looking ‘Better with PSVR!’ logos).

Personally, I’m still holding out hope that we get some sort of uber edition with a special PSVR headset, with the logo on it or something. RE7 is the first major release on the platform, after all. Unfortunately,¬†he series has had something of a history with lackluster collector’s editions in the US (Just look at the difference between Europe’s RE6 collector’s edition and the US’ version of it, or all of Japan’s editions for REmake and Revelations 2, while we got digital releases), so this may be the best we get.



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