Alan Wake Remastered: New Gameplay and Tech Specs Revealed

Alan Wake Remastered

As excitement continues to build for the upcoming release of Alan Wake Remastered on October 5th, a new seven-minute gameplay clip of this enhanced edition of the cult favorite was released earlier today. The remaster is being co-developed by UK-based studio UK d3t, which specializes in remasters, in collaboration with Remedy. Their intent is to bring Alan Wake Remastered to “a new audience.”

As stated on the official site FAQ for the game, the PC version of the remastered version will not support ray tracing or HDR support, as they were deemed too time-consuming. The PC version will be x64 and support DX12 only. However, there will be plenty of other feature-rich tech specs across consoles that will dazzle horror fans, especially the die-hard fans who have been waiting for an upgrade since the original release on Xbox 360, eleven years ago.

For starters, PlayStation 5 users will be able to enjoy 2160p/4K resolution as well as 1440p at a 60FPS framerate, while PlayStation 4 Pro users (quality mode) can also enjoy 4K, but at 30 FPS framerate given the difference in hardware. The promised Day 1 patch for both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will include two modes, a 60 FPS performance mode and 30 FPS quality mode. Additional console features include new rumble and haptic features for both PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

The estimated download sizes are as follows:

  • PlayStation 4 – Approx. 29GB
  • PlayStation 5 – Approx. 27GB
  • Xbox platforms – Approx. 39GB
  • PC – Approx. 36GB

Alan Wake Remastered will be available as a physical edition for $29.99 USD / €29.99 / £24.99 and as a digital edition for $29.99 USD / €29.99 / £24.99.

The game can be purchased for PC on the Epic Games Store, with digital editions available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One consoles as well as physical editions available through various retail outlets like Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.

You can enjoy the brand new 7-minute gameplay video of Alan Wake Remastered below as you wait for the game’s release on October 5th.

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