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Agony Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Long after Agony‘s May release date, the hellish first-person survival horror video game is coming to the Nintendo Switch console courtesy of publisher Forever Entertainment. Your journey begins as a tormented soul, without any memories of your past. Mind control and bodily possession are measures in your toolkit to survive. The game features a story mode and an “open challenge system” which generates levels for players to explore and gain points.

Editor and fellow contributor CJ Melendez did a thorough review of the game. Here’s a brief snippet: “At its best, Agony focuses on exposing the player to its nightmarish interpretation of Hell, composed almost entirely of organic matter — the bodies of the damned have become misshapen, transformed, and sculpted into heinous structures. Agony’s art direction is simply fantastic… Agony is bloated with ideas and Madmind’s aspiration to create a big budget title; somewhere along the line, they forgot many fundamental elements of good game design. Agony is inconsistent and, worst of all, boring.” That said, the game has received several major updates since our review.

Agony released last May on STEAM, PC, PS4, and XBOX One and is expected on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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