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Additional Doki Doki Literature Club Content On The Way

Doki Doki Literature Club

Recently Dan Salvato, the developer of Doki Doki Literature Club made an announcement about his current plans via Twitter. In the tweet, Salvato promises that new Doki Doki Literature Club content is on the way and that his next project is indeed another VN.

Unfortunately we won’t be receiving more news about this project at all this year, as Salvato is currently rewriting the script, and as a result, it won’t materialize for quite some time. As for Doki Doki Literature Club, there are currently no details as to what that new content may be, only that whatever it is won’t be a sequel and that we can expect to hear more about it this year.

Considering the references in DDLC‘s game files referring to what has become known as Project Libitina, there is a good chance that whatever is going on has some kind of connection to Libitina. If that is indeed the case, then DDLC may be more directly tied to Salvato’s next project. If that’s the case, I hope whatever connections to Salvato’s next project are tenuous at best. I absolutely adore the original game, and the story’s conclusion carries a lot of weight and is best left untouched. I have an extremely hard time seeing a sequel getting made that is actually good and doesn’t do a disservice to the original is some way.

As for other ideas for what the new content could be…English Dub DLC? The addition of dialogue would open new possibilities during Act 2. Alternatively, it is worth mentioning that there are still four unannounced fighters in the Super Smash Bros. Challenger Pack… Salvato is a fan of fighting games and has even hinted at the desire of a Monika debut in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle nevermind the fact that the game is still missing Persona 4’s and Under Night‘s villain characters. Chances are Doki Doki Fighting Club isn’t gonna happen anytime soon, but I can still shout from the rooftops about how it should.

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