Resident Evil Outbreak Locations

Scenario 1 – Outbreak

Late one night in September 1998, 8 civilians head to J’s Bar in uptown Raccoon City .
Enjoying a quiet night a strange man enters, his flesh hanging off his body. Will, the bartender approaches and is suddenly bitten. The Outbreak begins…

Outbreak documents the first escape for the characters of Resident Evil Outbreak, Capcom’s first attempt at bringing Resident Evil to the online world. Players must escape the bar under-siege and try to escape as quickly as they can, fighting round the back streets of Raccoon City … Little do they know this only a beginning of a new nightmare, and this nightmare – anything goes.

Scenario 2 – Below Freezing Point

(Note: It would appear this scenario actually occurs after ‘The Hive’.)

After escaping through the sewers beneath the hospital, the Raccoon survivors come across a frozen laboratory. Untold secrets lurk below the ice and half-frozen monstrosities populate the chilled halls of this recently abandoned lab.

Below Freezing Point is the first scenario to cross over to the previous games. Most Resident Evil veterans will instantly recognize the fact that the labs in this scenario are the very same labs seen in Resident Evil Zero, and more importantly Resident Evil 2. Even better, new areas have been added showing more of the lab than we have previously seen before. Players who survive will also fight something familiar, the creature known as the G-Imago, (last seen in Resident Evil 2, first ‘boss’ of the A Scenario).

Scenario 3 – Hive

After finding help from the police, the survivors are taken to the local Raccoon Hospital . Once there they realise the hospital is nothing more than a giant hive for leeches, that can consume a living person and control them!

Hive is set within the same hospital seen within Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Though we only saw very little of the hospital as we ran through with Carlos, we now see more or less the entire building – even so much as being able to go to the roof. Indeed, the only floors we don’t access are the ones that we can enter in Resident Evil 3, and this scenario ties in fantastically with the game.

Scenario 4 – Hellfire

After running through the streets escaping the hordes of zombies, the survivors face no other choice than to enter the ‘Apple Inn’, a local hotel for tourists and visitors alike. Inside they find an inferno, and strange creatures that have razor sharp tongues…

This scenario shows the very first time we see lickers within Resident Evil Outbreak, and the ‘boss’ of the scenario is a very early Licker known as the ‘Regis Licker’, which betrays similar characteristics in appearance to Crimson Heads seen within Resident Evil: Rebirth. The scenario is very much a traditional Resident Evil setting, very slow with long winding corridors and lots and lots of rooms, oh – and the hotel is currently on fire as you explore it.

Scenario 5 – Decisions, Decisions

October 1st – Morning. The survivors seek refuge within the Raccoon Police Department garage, and George Hamilton comes across a note addressed to him, telling him to come to Raccoon University and learn the truths of the disaster which befell the city. Unaware of the disaster which is about to conclude the story of Raccoon City , George leads the survivors, to the Raccoon Univesity – where the only known cure against the T-Virus exists…

This scenario is perhaps the most Resident Evil like of them all, at the beginning it’s very much like the old days, walking around quit corridors and large expansive halls. As the action builds up in the scenario, more and more secrets are revealed. This scenario also features a cameo appearance of Nicholai Ginovaef, last seen in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. There are many homage’s to particularly the first Resident Evil game here, keep your eyes peeled to find them.

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