Resident Evil Gun Survivor Files

Church Manager’s Diary
(File 01/13)

October 7, 1998

Today, the leaders of each section of the city, including myself, attended a meeting with the commander. The briefing was on th destruction of Raccoon City.

During the conference, everyone placed blame on William Birkin. He betrayed the company and wanted to keep the G-virus for himself. The commander told us that if there is a traitor like Birkin in this city, we should execute him immediately and without question.

I wholeheartedly agree with the commander’s orders. This city is as vital to Umbrella as that laboratory in Raccoon City was. No…It is actually much more important.

We must not allow a biohazard to happen in this city. We cannot let Umbrella’s efforts to buy the city and establish these billion-dollar facilities go to waste. We should keep a closer eye on the behaviour of personnel in the future.


Medical Charts Of The Patients
(File 02/13)

Name: William J. Smith
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 181cm
Weight: 72kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Languid
Medicine: Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.
Hallucion 5mg in bread for every dinner.

Name: Jennifer Campbell
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Unstable
Medicine: Since she has been confined for a long time, she has become very suspicious. Putting drugs in her meals is ineffective, as she rarely eats. It would be best to put the tranquilizer into her drinking water.

[This entry has a large REMOVED stamp over it]
Name: Ryoji Yokota
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Height: 177cm
Weight: 59kg
Physical condition: According to the results of an MRI, a vein tumour was found at his cerebellum. Worthless as a product.

Name: Karelina Albachakov
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Height: 155cm
Weight: 43kg
Physical condition: Good
Mental condition: Good
Medicine: Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.


Sewer Caretaker, Andy’s Diary
(File 03/13)

September 6th

I’ve never seen him, but I heard that one called Vincent has become the city’s supreme commander. Officially, he is an elite sent by Umbrella headquarters. In truth, he is such a fiend that he would not hesitate to kill his friend it if would promote him. Well, since I live here in this dark sewer, it doesn’t mean anything to me…

September 20th

I heard a disgusting rumour… The new commander Vincent, orders the facility personnel to do savage experiments every day on kids brought in frmo all over the world. I don’t even know why those kids were brought to this city, but it sure is disturbing. Well, I don’t want to get involved, so long as it doesn’t affect me…

October 10th

It seems some terrible accident happened above ground last night. I don’t know any more details, but I heard that Commander Vincent has done something cruel.

November 9th

Today at last, Commander Vincent came down here for an inspection. We made small talk, but I could see nothing but cruelty in him. When I took a picture of him as a souvenir, he became very angry… He is such a jerk!


Police Chief’s Diary
(File 04/13)

October 20th

Today, we received a reply to our report about the incident where 20 guinea pigs committed suicide the other day. The headquarters does not seem o have any suspicions and says that they plan to gather replacement guinea pigs soon.

It’s too late, but now I’m starting to regret that I sent a fake report of a mass suicide incident, when it was actually a mass escape.
However, as long as I stay in this city, it means death to me if I dare to oppose to Commander Vincent. I’ll never forget the cruel smile of Vincent when he was shooting at the boys who tried to escape from the prison on that night.

It looked as if he were killing a bunch of insects. Commander Vincent is indeed a very cold-blooded person, just as he is rumoured to be. He is a true murderer. I am in a position where I am supposed to report the truth to headquarters, but I’m also afraid of Commander Vincent… I don’t know what to do…


Commander Vincent’s Diary
(File 05/13)

October 10th

Last night, a group of guinea pigs confined in the prison escaped, took weapons, and caused a riot. The guinea pigs who were responsible for the incident were all shot to death by myself, but it will cause a lot of trouble if Umbrella headquarters becomes aware of this.

This could spoil my plan of returning to headquarters and collecting my reward for my great achievements here in this city. I ordered the prison chief to report the incident as a mass suicide, but I will also have to order the others who are involved not to talk about it…

November 8th

The people of the city who have been opposing me are now trying to gather information, intending to report to headquarters what I did. Yesterday, that little boy, Lott, told me that a spy sneaked into the city. I guess that spy may have something to do with the rebellion happening here.

I’ll let him for now, and see who he works for and why he is here. Then I’ll kill him. It’s a sad story that the only person that I can trust in this whole city is that little kid, Lott.

November 19th

The people of the city seem to be preparing to hand the prosecution report to the headquarters people who are delivering the new guinea pigs next week.
They say that they have evidence of my doings. I can never allow them to reveal that. Those civilians will regret what they are doing. I’ll teach them what happens to those who oppose me!!

November 22nd

Now they know who holds the power! I’ve spread the T-virus all over the city. Of course it was done to look like an accident. The city should be completely contaminated. Now I can go back to headquarters and get promoted for my great achievements at the factory.

No one can oppose me now…!
Wait… there is one person that I have to take care of.
It’s that spy. I have to eliminate that rat who sneaked into the city!


Wiretapping Record of Vincent
(File 06/13)

We can no longer tolderate what Commander Vincent has been doing. To deprive him of his position, we must obtain conclusive evidence of his evil doings, and report it to headquarters.

We realized that he is very intelligent and cautious. As a last resort, though it was very dangerous for us, was to wiretap his phone conversations. Finally, we obtained evidence that was potent enough to deprive him of his position.

This tape contains his conversations on the prison breaking incident last month. It proves that he shot those young people all by himself, and that he tried to hide the truth. Furthermore, this tape reveals that before coming to this city, Vincent had killed his colleague only for the purpose of his own promotion.

If we could hand this tape to the corporate people coming to the city next week, he will lose his position for sure. Then the city will be peaceful once again.


Lott’s Diary
(File 07/13)

September 10th

I saw some prisoners at the arcade today. They all had sleepy eyes. One of the girls even slavered. Some of the boys were glaring at me. They wore rugs and smelled rotten. Like dad and Commander Vincent told me, they are very different people from our Umbrella families.

Dad told me that they bring them to this island so they can operate on them and make them into decent people. I think they are doing the right thing. I hope they will become decent people sometime soon.

October 15th

I heard Commander Vincent killed those people who tried to escape from the prison. I wonder how such a thing happened? I know they are inferior to us, but did we have to kill them? Is this what I believed in?
Umbrella and my dad were supposed to help the inferiors by operating on them… Why did he kill them?

November 23rd

The city is in total panic! Monsters are everywhere and they are attacking people! Those Umbrella people who were very nice to me suddenly started attacking me. I need help! Please someone rescue me!

November 24th

My dad and my mom turned into monsters. One of the survivors told me that Commander Vincent turned the people into monsters. I can’t trust anyone now. I have to survive and protect my sister Lily, no matter what! We have to escape from this city together!! –


Factory Worker’s Diary
(File 08/13)

August 5, 1998

I can’t stand it anymore! I have to take the subjects to the operating table and sever their skulls to extract a part of their brain. I do this over and over, day after day… It is awful. Guilt stays with me all the time, even after I go to bed.

Commander Vincent instructs us…
“Do not see them as humans. They are just raw material we use to create Tyrants with.” But it is we who cut their skulls. I can never consider them as just raw materials. They are humans just like we are.

I asked Commander Vincent about ways to reduce their suffering, but he ignored my request, saying that by using anesthetics, pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin cannot be extracted. Even if it is the company’s orders, I don’t believe what we are doing is ethical… I’m sure that I’ll be sent to the worst possible place, when I die.

Or perhaps should I say, I’m already there…


How To Extract Beta Hetero Nonserotonin
(File 09/13)

To establish a system of mass-producing Tyrants, it is absolutely necessary that during the process of gene cultivation, a large amount of pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin must be injected.

This material is one of the human brain’s elements. It has been revealed that the material is mainly produced by the pituitary of people at the latter period of developing their secondary sex characteristics.

Also, medical data shows that this cerebral material is produced in response to the excessive secretion of noradrenalin that is produced from the locus ceruleus in the brain stem. Noradrenalin is the cerebral material secreted when people are in a state of extreme tension or fear. As the Beta Hetero Nonserotonin only exists in active cells, you can’t extract it from a dead brain.

Thus, the best way to extract the material is to cut open the subject’s skull without using anesthesia. This will cause excessive secretion of noradrenalin. The pituitary is then ripe for immediate extraction.

Vincent Goldman, Commander
Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island


Restaurant Owner’s Diary
(File 10/13)

October 4, 1998

I heard an unbelievable story. A small town in America, Raccoon City, was destroyed last week. They said that al the residents turned into zombies, and the city is now completely deserted. Umbrella Inc. is rumored to be behind the incident, but I don’t know the details.

Although the incident occurred far from here, across the sea, I can’t help but feel anxiety if Umbrella is truly behind it. I hope that this city will be okay…

October 6, 1998

I heard another interesting story. This one is about William Birkin, who supposedly destroyed Raccoon City. He was the creator of the virus called T, or G, or whatever. He tried to use the virus for his own purposes.

Unbelievable as it may seem, he injected the virus into his own body and turned into a monster. Also, the virus leaked into the sewer, and it is rumored that rats spread the virus around the entire city.

October 8, 1998

What should I do? One of the Umbrella workers who came here for lunch mentioned that the T-virus IS on this island. He said that there’s no possibility that an accident could occur here in this city, but…I’m not too sure.

I decided to work for Umbrella because of the money. But now I’ve grown tired of opening my restaurant for only Umbrella workers. There is nothing new or interesting left for me in this town. I guess it’s time to get out of here before it’s too late…


An Imprisoned Boy’s Diary
(File 11/13)

September 5th

16 days have passed since I was abducted on a street in Congo by the men in black, and was brought here. I didn’t understand what was happening at first, but I gradually became aware of the truth of this city.

We seem to be confined here to serve as guinea pigs for a medical company called Umbrella Inc.. All the residents of this city work for Umbrella, even the women and children are family members of employees.

The guinea pigs seem to be gathered from all over the world. The guy in the next room is from China, the one in front of my cell is from Brazil. The rest are Russian, Japanese… It’s like a world trade show. It’s strange that they are all around my age. The youngest is 16, and the oldest is 19 or 20.

Those guys from Umbrella sometimes take us to an arcade or to a nigh club so we can enjoy ourselves and relieve our stress, but I won’t let them decieve me. I will escape from this place, no matter what it takes! I must… Anyway, the most important thing to do now is to organize and gather our comrades for what lies ahead.

September 10th

Recently, the others have been behaving strangely. It seems that they put some kind of weird drug into our meals. I sometimes lose consciousness, too.
I have to be careful.

September 21st

I can’t believe it!
Another friend of mine, Chin, from the next room, was taken to the factory on the mountain. I don’t think Chin’s coming back. He will meet the same fate as Anna or Jacob who disappeared last week. I know… I know what happens to those who are taken to the factory on the mountain…

When they took me to a night club yesterday, I overheard a conversation that some factory workers were having… Under orders from Vincent, the commander of the city, they cut open our brains and extract some kind of material, whatever they call it.

All I can say is that Vincent is a devil. No… Not just Vincent. Even the women and children in this city don’t treat us as human beings, but as guinea pigs. All the people in the city are evil I will surely be killed if I stay here any longer. We have to hurry and execute our escape plan!

October 9th

The time has come. I have noticed the Umbrella people have been visibly disturbed for about a week or so. Rumor has it that there was a terrible accident at the Umbrella Laboratory somewhere in America. All the prison guards seem to be very busy gathering information on the accident, so security isn’t as tight.

We’ve organized our comrades already. Stojkovic and Enriquez are supposed to steal the keys from the guards. Sankhon and I will act as decoys, and Yoshikawa and Fellipe are in charge of gathering weapons.

October 10th

We have decided our escape route. The plan will be carried out at 11 PM tonight. We have twenty members seperated into two units: Unit A and Unit B. Unit A will go into the sewer through the ventilation slot of the confinement room, while Unit B will use a rope climb down from the surveillance tower.

We’ll use the rope they used to tie us. If we fail, Vincent will surely kill us. But if we stay here, Vincent will order them to cut our brains eventually. We’re dead either way, but I’d rather die trying to escape…


Report on destroyed Raccoon City
(File 12/13)

Slide: Raccoon City “After the Destruction” Report

Date: August 5, 1998
Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
Part 1

The biohazard that occurred on May 11th at Lord Spencer’s mansion and bio-chemical laboratory ended on July 25th when members of the STARS teams destroyed the entire facility.

As of 8/5/98, there are no signs of viral leakage in the surrounding area. However; we must continue to monitor the area with extreme caution. Our secret operative Albert Wekser, is M.I.A. and is presumed dead. However, we have just received information that Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are preparing to report the incident to the press and their police chief.

I request that this matter be addressed with the utmost urgency.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef

Date: September 30, 1998
Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
Part 2

At this moment, I am in the clock tower situated above Raccoon City. The city is overrun with zombies. It is safe to say that Raccoon City has been completely destroyed due to the biohazard.

This situation is different from the accidental biohazard in the mansion. We suspect that it was intentionally caused by one of our company’s researchers. Dr. William Birkin, the creator of both the T-virus and G-virus.

I have researched both biohazard incidents, and noticed that two issues need to be addressed immediately. The security of the virus stored in our worldwide facilities must be improved. Also, we need to re-educate our workers.

Biological weapon viruses will surely become our primary product, so they should be handled as such. All personnel should take extreme care not to allow any more biohazards to happen.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef

Date: October 6, 1998

We’ve had extreme difficulties collecting the sample data for T-virus contamination and tactical data regarding the B.O.W. The new B.O.W. we call “Nemesis” was more ferocious and intelligent than we had expected. As a result, many U.B.C.S. members sent to the area have been sacrificed in the process of collecting combat data.

I expect the researchers to analyze the combat data and use it to develop an even more evolved, ulimate B.O.W.

U.B.C.S. Commander
Nicholai Ginovaef


Umbrella Top Secret File
(File 13/13)

Umbrella Confidential Document

This file contains the data for the BOWs created by the virus contamination that occurred during the biohazards.

The first biohazard was caused by the T-virus leak at Arkley Laboratory on May 11, 1998. The second was the large-scale biohazard at Raccoon City which happened 4 months later. Although they have not been confirmed yet, not that there may be BOWs other than the ones listed below. The data for those will be filed when it is ready.

B.O.W. FILE #1: Zombie
Humans who are contaminated by the T-virus. They have lost their consciousness, and wander around on their instinct and appetite to satisfy their hunger for human flesh.

Tactical procedure: As their movements are slow, they can be easily eliminated if you keep enough distance to snipe.

B.O.W. FILE #2: Cerberus
Dogs which are contaminated by the T-virus. Their bodies have not rotted as much as that of the zombies, so they can move much faster. They are very sensitive to noise. If they hear you run, they will pursue and attack you.

Tactical procedure: You can eliminate them with a hand gun, but since they are fast, it may be difficult to aim.

B.O.W. FILE #3: Licker
They are created by a mutation that occurs when a zombie is contaminated by the T-virus. As a result of the transformation process, they have conspicuous features like exposed brain tissue, and they move around on all four legs. Compared to the zombies, they possess incredible agility.

They have no eyes, and are unable to see. Instead, they have an abnormally evolved sense of hearing.

Tactical procedure: As they attack in reponse to sound, you should be careful when firing at them. Since they are very keen to hearing footsteps, you should avoid running when they are around.

B.O.W. FILE #4: Ivy
B.O.W.s which are created from plants. They can move on their own by using vapors inhaled through their skin. Watch out for their tentacles which are used like whips.

Tactical procedure: As fire is lethal to them, a grenade launcher is a very effective weapon.

B.O.W. FILE #5: Hunter
B.O.W. that is created when the T-virus contaminates the human DNA. Since their lower body muscles have been enhanced, they can jump incredibly high and attack enemies with razor-sharp claws.

Tactical procedure: Just before they jump at an enemy, they stop their movement momentarily. You should attack during this time.

B.O.W. FILE #6: Tyrant
The ultimate result of our B.O.W. project with the T-virus. Based on the regular Tyrant, the more ferocious “Enhanced Tyrant” and “Nemesis” which is even more aggressive and intelligent, were created at our Eurpoean branch.

Tactical procedure: There are virtually no countermeasures against Tyrants’ incredible power.

B.O.W. FILE #7: Prototype
They are not yet complete, but logically speaking, we can create and mass produce more ferocious B.O.W.s by adding certain materials during the process of cultivating Tyrant’s genes.

However; there is one problem…

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