Resident Evil 3 Characters

Jill Valentine A person with excellent knowledge of mechanical systems and tools. Jill is also known as the “master of unlocking” of the S.T.A.R.S. team. She handles difficult situations with a very calm manner and is very popular with her teammates. She is pursued by Nemesis in this game, being a surviving S.T.A.R.S member, and is very proactive and she is quick minded enough to survive the nightmare.
Height: 165cm | Weight: 50kg | Blood Type: B | Age: 23
Carlos Oliveira Carlos is a bounty hunter from South America. He has been recruited by the U.B.C.S, a team sent by Umbrella to save the “civilians”, when he is unwittingly sent in as a lamb for slaughter/combat data. Carlos is very resourceful and is willing to team up with Jill to get out of Raccoon City as soon as possible.
Height: 175cm | Weight: 71kg | Blood Type: A | Age: 28
Brad Vickers Known as “chickenheart” among his teammates, Brad is the helicopter pilot of the Alpha team of S.T.A.R.S, wandering around the newly decimate Raccoon City fighting for survival until he meets Nemesis, whose mission is to eliminate all surviving S.T.A.R.S members.
Height: 170cm | Weight: 70kg | Blood Type: AB | Age: 34
Mikhail Victor Mikhail is one of the mercenaries sent to Raccoon City to “save civilians”. He has a strong sense of honour in battle and would sacrifice himself for his teammates.
Height: – | Weight: -| Blood Type: – | Age: 40
Nicholai Ginovaef Leader of the mercenary unit we see in Resident Evil 3, Nicholai is a covert Umbrella operative whose secret orders were to gain combat data in the Raccoon Destruction. He is very focussed on his own pension and is willing to kill the other Umbrella operatives so he is the only one with live combat data, intending to sell it off. He is also well aware of the bounty placed on Jill’s head.
Height: – | Weight: – | Blood Type: – | Age: 30

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