Podcast Interview: A chat with Troy Baker

A few nights ago I had a chat with videogame voice actor Troy Baker. You may know him from his most recent game, Catherine. Troy voiced Vincent Brooks, a man with serious women issues. Those issues will continue now that Troy has been revealed as the new voice actor for Silent Hill 2’s James Sunderland in the Silent Hill: HD Collection. If you have yet to play Silent Hill 2, I won’t spoil it for you; I’ll just say that James has problems with the ladies as well.

Troy discusses his thoughts on the original James Sunderland’s actor Guy Cihi; how he started voice acting; his relationship with the Silent Hill series; as well as how much fun he had working on Catherine (Catherine spoiler at 16:10 – 16:16)

Sit down, and take a listen to our audio interview.

Host: CJ Melendez
Interviewee: Troy Baker

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