Blair Witch Guide: Defeating Enemies

Bloober Team and Lionsgate’s Blair Witch game launched today, and one thing that I’ve noticed is that some are having difficulty defeating the creatures of the Black Hills Forest. While Blair Witch doesn’t have combat perse, there are select scenes in the game in which creatures — minions of the Blair Witch herself — attack Ellis and his pooch. The only way to survive is to shine the flashlight at them. If you’re having difficulty fending them off, this mini-guide is for you.

The creatures of the Black Hills Forest are introduced part-way into the game. These lanky, twig-like demons move quickly from tree to tree, hiding behind them in between movement, and are only visible when they’re nearly close enough to strike. Seeing them yourself can be rather difficult do to the darkness and foliage. Lucky for you, Bullet is on the case.

  • These enemy encounters are signaled by a change in music and Bullet’s aggressive growling. When you hear those cues, equip and turn on your flashlight if you haven’t already.
  • Next, do not bother looking for the creatures yourself. They’re too difficult to spot until it’s almost too late.
  • Find a clear space and stand still.
  • Tell Bullet to stay close to Ellis and and look down at the dog. Don’t worry about him either; he can’t be hurt.
  • Bullet will act as your compass. Whichever direction he’s looking, face that way.
  • Raise your flashlight to wherever Bullet is currently looking but at eye-level.
  • In these fights, you’ll have best results if you spend most of your time looking at Bullet rather than directly for the creatures.

That’s it! Good luck.

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