Deadly Premonition 2 Trailer Observations [DP1 Spoilers!]

The announcement of a Deadly Premonition sequel during the Nintendo Direct presentation was a surprise for us all. Being a long time fan of the game, I’ve been dissecting all of the gameplay footage available for any clues to the plot.. and I’ve noticed a few things of interest!

I’ve made a little video but I have a summary of the points down below!

YouTube video

1) The man being interviewed by the new FBI agent Aaliyah Davis… it’s Francis Zach Morgan.

In the Japanese Nintendo Direct trailer, we get a good close up on the familiar scar and eyes of Zach. It appears that he isn’t doing too well after the Greenvale Investigation. I’m getting some serious True Detective‘s Rust Cohle vibes from what little we see of him. His apartment(?) is a mess, he’s picked up smoking (York was the one that smoked), an it even looks like he’s wearing Emily’s necklace around his wrist.

2) Zach is also in David Young Henning’s apartment from D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

According to the narration in the English Nintendo Direct Trailer, it “all begins in Boston 2019,” and it looks like Zach is being interviewed in David Young Henning’s apartment — the protagonist of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Swery’s Xbox One / PC title. The style of the windows and the kitchen totally match up, does this mean there will there be a connection to D4? Can we expect Zach to try to use Mementos to save Emily?

3) York isn’t alone in many of the open world in shots of Le Carré during the 2005 investigation.

It looks like the little girl character will be trailing York through several areas of town. Is she some kind of key to the 2005 investigation? Is York protecting her from someone or something?

4) The red seeds may play a role…

During one of the combat sections we can clearly see purple gas and red vines. Could the 2005 case have something to do with the reds seeds and Red Tree? I hope so. I want to know more about that evil thing!

What do you guys think? Am I way off base? It would be really interesting if Deadly Premonition’s sequel also tied up D4 as well. I really hope we will get a full length trailer soon.

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