Whitney Plays: Deadly Premonition The Director’s Cut [Let’s Play]


Did you see that Zach? “LP” in the coffee…it never fails!

Ah Let’s Plays, there’s nothing like watching your favorite game unfold while someone else does all the hard work! Watching LPs are also a great way to stay up to date on or experience titles you may not have the time or hardware to play for yourself.

I’m still somewhat of a newbie at making LPs but I’m certainly no stranger to the quirky town of Greenvale. As anyone who listens to the Whispers in the Dark podcast knows I’ve been a huge fan of Deadly Premonition ever since its 2010 XBOX 360 debut. I sing the game’s praises any chance I get and even run a large fan site dedicated to the game called Welcome to Greenvale.

Years ago I recorded a 100% completion LP of the original game for my fan site but the recording quality was terrible and in the end my LP ended up not being as comprehensive as I hoped it was going to be at the time. Sure, I completed all the game Side Missions and found all the secret collectibles and weapons but in the years since the completion of the LP I’ve come to realize that I barely scratched the surface of what Deadly Premonition truly had to offer.

SWERY and Access Games put a lot of work into making Greenvale a living breathing town. Each resident has their own schedules and character interactions independent of the main story and these moments are easily missed if a player does not go out of their way to find them. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a more in-depth run showing more of these optional interactions and the easily missed details for a quite while now and I figured since the Director’s Cut has some graphical improvements and extra content, it would be the perfect version to record and discuss.

So if you guys are looking for an informative 100% completion run that will discuss the game’s development and secrets from a fan who’s put waaaay too many hours into the game then my Let’s Play series is for you! You can check out the first two episodes below 🙂

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