Bloober Team Shifts Focus as Silent Hill 2 Remake Nears Completion

Bloober Team Silent Hill 2 RemakeAs excited fans await the release of the Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, recent reports indicate that the development has shifted focus from the remake to their next big project for 2025. Bloober is reportedly working on a licensed game being developed for The Walking Dead franchise owner, Skybound.

Prolific leaker Dusk Golem stated on the ResetEra forums that “What this means for Silent Hill is that most likely Silent Hill 2 Remake is basically feature complete and just in its polishing phase now.”

Last November, Bloober Team released a statement on Twitter (X), asking for patience from fans as production is “progressing smoothly and in accordance with our schedule.” Bloober went on to say that they are making sure the game “attains the highest quality.” More recently, the title was quietly updated on Steam with achievements.

Dusk Golem also drew attention to a corporate notice on Bloober Team’s website from January 2, 2024. The notice states that Bloober has secured funding for an Unreal Engine 5 project, which may be related to Skybound. Dusk Golem further stated that most developers at Bloober Team have moved on to the Skybound project while only a skeleton team remains to polish up Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Despite Bloober Team’s desire to release updates, Konami handles the marketing for Silent Hill and per their agreement, Bloober Team’s hands are tied in terms of providing videos or screenshots of development. As such, fans will have to remain patient, though Silent Hill 2 Remake is rumored to be slated for an early 2024 release, according to Luke Roberts, protagonist James Sunderland’s voice actor for the remake. This fueled further discussion among fans on ResertEra.

While it remains to be seen when we will see a final release date, we’ll continue to provide full coverage as Silent Hill 2 Remake inches closer towards that fateful day.

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