Namco's Underrated Breakdown Gets New Life on Xbox One, and I'm so Happy - Rely on Horror

Namco’s Underrated Breakdown Gets New Life on Xbox One, and I’m so Happy

Breakdown Xbox One

The latest backwards compatibility update for Xbox One was killer. Jade Empire, Conker Live and Reloaded and many others. But my absolute favorite addition is Breakdown, an original Xbox game released in 2003 by Namco (pre-Bandai merger).

Breakdown is an underrated science fiction thriller that tells its story, and features all protagonist animations (including eating, backflipping, fist-fighting, and more) in first-person. This is the game that inspired Mirror’s Edge and similar parkour-esque games following the early 2000s. Mechanics aside, the game also has one hell of a story, with genuinely surprising plot twists and a scope that sneaks up on you. A nice serving of anime-tropes are included as well with sidekick Alex and big-bad Solus.

I loaded up the game — after who knows how many years — on my Xbox One last night and ended up streaming over an hour and a half of the game. It’s still got its hooks in me deep. If you’re a existing fan, or are interested in playing this game out for the first time, check out the stream recap below which includes a whole lot of me giggling at waves of hair-raising nostalgia.

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