Below is a section that I have chosen to include as I can imagine there will be many questions about why I have chosen to have certain things the way they are. This section will also feature what people may ask of the plot-holes.

As someone who tries to include everything, I will tackle it below.

1. What is your reasoning behind the Outbreak scenario dates? Are the descriptions of the characters actions accurate?

In short – not in the slightest. Much of the timeline is derived from game events, files and external material such as Wesker’s Reports – or the Archives books, for example… Everything within this timeline to do with Outbreak (but outside the specific scenario descriptions) is entirely theoretical by myself. I am well aware I’ve no conclusive proof, indeed any proof to back up what I have written, so please don’t bother emailing me telling me how stupid it is. Instead, email me logical solutions to the scenario orders, or dates, and it will all be taken into consideration for future timelines.

2. Resident Evil Gaiden is missing?! Why!?

It’s simple, no idea where it fits. Outbreak’s scenarios have been based on educated guesses, but Gaiden doesn’t give any indication of when it happens. If someone else knows otherwise – email me.

You’ve said Mr.X in Resident Evil 2 was sent by Umbrella to track down Leon and Claire – but it’s QUITE CLEAR he was sent for the G-Virus! Noob!

Err, no not quite. While the general opinion is that yeah, Mr. X is after the G-Virus, we’ve little evidence to actually point to that. Wesker’s Report (I consider it canon, though the video is iffy) states that the Tyrant was sent for Leon and Claire, and if you look at the game. He actually goes after your character throughout the scenario – as opposed to the ONCE he goes for the G-Virus. I consider the G-Virus and Sherry Birkin a ‘secondary’ mission if you will. Consider the primary mission for the Tyrant seen in this game is to eliminate all survivors found within the police station.

Alexander Ashford asks:
How did you reach that conclusion that Edward was killed through Mother Virus research?
Information ascertained from the Biohazard Archives. After all the only information given about Edwards death in is Alexander’s Memo, which just states he died. The Archives notes that (thanks to Kowalski) ~Ty^
“Edward’s death was caused by accidental exposure to the Progenitor Virus during an experiment.”

Jabberwocky asks:
You said Monica was attacked by Birkin and he impregnated her with an embryo. I’ve heard from others that the giant moth attacked and the embryo in the suitcase got out and into her.
I’ve heard the Monica/Moth thing before – but honestly – try and justify it. That she gets attacked by a moth, and then a creature (bare in mind – never confirmed as a creature) escapes a security case, climbs into Monica only to burst out of her – which is conveniently a G-Imago or G-Infant seen in Resident Evil 2.

Or alternatively – she gets attacked by Birkin, who tries to implant her. It rejects her and bursts out of her, creating the G-Infant seen in Resident Evil 2- which it, infact is, also caused from Birkin implanting embryo’s into hosts.

I know which one I’m always going to go for…

[EDIT 09/2006] After much debate from the fans, I’ve actually changed my opinion on the matter and am now going for, the moth. The thing which twisted it was the shot of the case being smashed apart, implying that a G-Embryo crawled out of its ‘stasis’ and found the nearest host.

Jabberwocky also adds:
Also the Nemesis Report said the six tyrants were there to move in and retrieve the G-Virus, how were they converted to attacking Leon and Claire?

Don’t get me wrong I take it as a source. But Wesker’s Report is high on my official source scale, and as I state in my Q+A – Mr. X attacks your character more than he goes for the G-Virus – he only does it once in one cutscene. You could argue that he might do it in scenario’s we never see, but that still doesn’t explain why he attacks Leon and Claire so much. Again – it’s a stretch of the imagination to make it work – But Wesker’s Report states it so it has to be justified somewhere.
This has also been further confirmed by a file in The Umbrella Chronicles. ~Ty^

The death of Nicholai
Oh, decisions, decisions what is a Resident Evil fan to do? It’s been widely considered that the file in Survivor proves Nicholai is alive, yet Resident Evil fan Johnny Undaunted actually showed me and others the original file on Gun Survivor (the original Japanese document). It reads like this:

ザードは、S.T.A.R.S.アルファチームのジル・バレンタイン、クリ ス・レッドフォ

ードらが7月25日に施設を爆破する形で一応の終結を見た。 8月5日今現在Tウィルス


未確認ながら、わが社の元社員である S.T.A.R.S.アルファチームリーダー・アルバート


、今回の一件 をマスコミ関係者および警察関係者に広く公表する準備を進めているらし











対戦データの収集は困難を極めた。特にタイラントを改造し た、我々が「追跡者」と呼


する以上にターゲットが狂暴であり知的頭脳を有していたため、我々 が派遣し

た U.B.C.S.隊員達にも相当の犠牲を強いられた。




Now, the bottom part of the document is most interesting, as on the Japanese version shows it is not written by Nicholai, but instead (thanks to Johnny for the translation) an Umbrella BOW development team. Now because this file is written after the date that would be Nicholai’s death, this goes as long to prove that he may of died in Raccoon City.
But what is a fan to do? Two OFFICIAL files contain different things. Rest assured I’m not letting the Archives or the Catalyst swing the vote. So I’ll simply include both outcomes here.

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