Circa 1 9 9 5
A youthful scientist, John, who is one day going to be an acquaintance of Ada Wong, begins to work as a Chief Researcher at the Spencer Mansion having transported from the Chicago laboratories.
A final order is issued for Lisa Trevor – the termination order. Her behaviour began to get more erratic and she started to attack the female researchers, ripping their faces off and wearing them on her own, a similar routine as when she first got administered the virus’. Even though she was terminated, it still needed confirming repeatedly and eventually she was taken away under instruction from the Laboratory Manager.

1 9 9 6

Albert Wesker establishes the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S team. The Special Tactics and Rescue Service are to be a heavily experienced and powerfully equipped team to deal with most situations even the Raccoon SWAT are unable to.

August 30th
The Raccoon City newspaper, “Daily Raccoon” publishes a story regarding the local prison:
August 30th 1996
A failed breakout was reported early this morning at the Douglas Prison.
Outdated security and a poor infrastructure are to blame for the 4th such incident this year.

Kyle Brendan (34) is said to be an acquaintance of Derek Azula (31), and it is suspected that Azula masterminded the escape plot. Azula’s lawyers, however, refuse to comment on the incident

September 26th
A report is made on a test subject on Morpheus’ island facility:
Today we will begin the experiment. The subject is a condemned criminal called “Alpha”. It has been one month since the subject was transported to this facility. He is not exactly aware of what is going to happen to him. However, he seems to be very frightened…

Day 1: Commence Experiment: We hammered a metal rod into the subject’s frontal lobe in order to alleviate some of the pain. This was done only for humanitarian reasons.

Day 4: Removal of Eyeballs: We have removed the eyeballs in order to observe its reactions to external stimulation.

Day 14: Dose of Muscle Booster: After administering the muscle booster, we confirmed the unusual development of the muscles. It gained a drastic amount of weight before the treatment. In the future we will consider using hampering items…

Day 36: Sharpened Hearing: An effect of the eyeball removal procedure has been an enhanced sense of hearing. It recognizes precisely where a sound originates and its distance from that sound.

Day 41: Experiment Suspended

The experiment has been suspended due to the fact that the subject has escaped. Even without its vision, the subject is quite dangerous. We should use extreme care not to make sounds when we try to capture it.

October 31st
Raccoon City newspaper, the ‘Comet News’ publishes a story referring to a dead body:

“Body Washes up on Shore of Aimes”
Alyssa Ashcroft, staff reporter.
The body of an unidentified white male has been found in the Aimes River in the northwest Arklays.

At least half a year has passed since the man died, so the body has been impossible to identify.
Powerful steroids, along with other drugs, were found in the body, and police are suspecting foul play.

The river has long been used by local pharmaceutical companies as a dumping ground, and links to illegal activities in connection to that have not been ruled out.

1 9 9 7
Barry Burton leaves SWAT and joins STARS recruiting his friend Chris Redfield at the same time after Chris is kicked out of the air force. Chris was discharged for dis-obeying direct orders to rescue a team mate.
Ada Wong, a spy infiltrating Umbrella, becomes intimate with the Umbrella researcher, John.

June 16th
An operator of the Dead Factory waste disposal writes in his note book:
One month has passed since I was dispatched here. I am astounded at the sloppy supervision of this
Umbrella waste disposal facility. It’s not surprising that this accident happened.

I know that if I must die, I want to die as a human…
(I just assume that the place this guy is describing is the Dead Factory as seen in Resident Evil 3 ~Ty^)

June 24th
The operator of the Dead Factory writes for the last time:
The supervisor here called Morpheus, is so annoying. He drives me nuts.

He must pay more attention to worker health management and biological weapons that anyone I have ever met. This facility belongs to Umbrella, but he obviously doesn’t think so…

I have no idea how long I’ve been here. I don’t wanna stay in this facility,

But I can’t move.

My body won’t move…

1 9 9 8

March 15th
A botanist in the Arklay Mountains describes his experiences:
I can hardly explain my surprise at finding this abandoned cabin. The strong vines… the gigantic tropical flowers… I was convinced that I’d discovered a new species.

March 18th

The botanist in the Mountains writes about further exploration:
Rick and I decided to set up camp right here so that we could begin research and take samples. It is imperative that this site remain secret.

March 19th

The botanist continues to explain his experiences:
This is no good. The plants seem to possess a will of their own. They move as if controlled by intelligence. They have blocked the only door to the cabin.

March 20th

The botanist writes for the final time in his diary:
There’s no way out of this place. If it comes down to it, I can use my satellite phone as a last resort. We have a week’s worth of food left. It’s best to just wait for now.

Rick swears up and down that he can sense a human presence here. He’s likely hallucinating. Meanwhile, I managed to drop my phone and break it. I no longer care about new plant species. I just want out of here.

There’s a room that appears to be a pharmacy here. I found a tank full of medicine or chemicals in there. The vines around it have begun to wilt and decay.

There’s a knob-like protrusion on part of the vine climbing the wall. It’s much tenderer than other parts of the plant. I used a syringe to inject it with the medicine. It worked! We can get out now!

Rick is dead. He was killed. Who is that freak? Why is he attacking us?

Bianca, Jessie.

Please forgive your father for dying before you. I’ll always love you.

April 2nd
The Daily Raccoon publishes a story referring to problems in the local water:
High Levels of Toxins in Local Water According to a local environmental group, recent tests of the municipal water system and local streams have revealed shockingly high levels of dangerous toxins.
A significant increase in the level of contamination over the last year or so has prompted many to demand a thorough investigation into local environmental protection laws.

April 6th
RPD secretary writes about her experiences within the precinct:
I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned against it. When the chief found out about it, he was furious. I swear the guy nearly bit my head off, screaming at me never to touch the statue again. If it’s that importantly, maybe they shouldn’t have put it out in the open like that…

April 7th
The secretary of the RPD refers to Chief Iron’s collection of rare materials:
I heard that all the art pieces from the chief’s collection are rare items, literally worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. I don’t know which is the bigger mystery: where he finds these tacky things, or where he’s getting the money to pay for them.

April 25th
Celebrating his birthday as well as his first day at work, the Dead Factory’s managing director writes:
Today is my 30th birthday. I was transferred to this facility today. I am very happy because the work environment is very different from life in the university.

May 9th
The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes a recent poker game:
Played poker tonight with Scott and Alias from Security, and Steve from Research. Steve was the big winner, but I think he was cheating. Scumbag.

May 10th
The secretary of the RPD makes a note of Chief Iron’s latest entry in his deco collection:
I wasn’t surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his hands. This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged. I was appalled by the expression on the chief’s face as he leered at that painting. Why anyone would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension…

The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes his recent task:
One of the higher-ups assigned me to take care of a new creature. It looks like a skinned gorilla. Feeding instructions were to give it live animals.

When I threw in a pig, the creature seemed to play with it…tearing off the pig’s legs and pulling out the guts before it actually started eating.

May 11th
James Marcus, now revived thanks to his own creation – the leech queen – exacts his deadly revenge on Umbrella, and causes the first Biohazardous Outbreak at the Spencer Mansion, infecting everyone within.

The Keeper notes of something wrong:
At around 5 A.M., Scott woke me up. Scared the shit out me, too. He was wearing a protective suit. He handed me another one and told me to put it on. Said there’d been an accident in the basement lab.

I just knew something like this would happen. Those bastards in Research never sleep, even on holiday.

May 12th
The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion describes his frustrations:
I’ve been wearing the damn space suit since yesterday. My skin’s getting grimy and feels itchy all over. The goddamn dogs have been looking at me funny, so I decided not to feed them today. Screw ’em.

May 13th
The Keeper continues:
Went to the Infirmary because my back is all swollen and feels itchy. They put a big bandage on it and told me I didn’t need to wear the suit anymore. All I wanna do is sleep.

A Prisoner at the Rockfort prison island owned by Umbrella writes a diary of his ordeal:
This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I’ve found, I believe that I’m far south of the equator.
Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me is one of those interesting types of guys…

May 14th
The managing director of the Dead Factory notes a further development within the facility:
The disposal system has been completed. Using a special kind of gas, it can decompose the cells of the guinea pigs. We have to try this out before beginning practical usage of the system, since it is not 100% stable yet.

The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion continues:
Found another big blister on my foot this morning. I ended up dragging my foot all the way to the dog’s pen. They were quiet all day, which is weird.

Then I realized some of them had escaped. Maybe this is their way of getting back at me for not feeding them the last three days. If anybody finds out, I’ll have my head handed to me.

May 16th

The Keeper describes his worries:
Rumours going around that a researcher who tried to escape the estate last night were shot. My entire body feels hot and itchy and I’m sweating all the time now.

I scratched the swelling on my arm and a piece of rotten flesh just dropped off. What the hell’s happening to me?

The Prisoner at Rockfort writes again:
Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me. Bob said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This “boss” named Alfred supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny little mistake.
What does that mean? What’s going to happen to me?

May 19th
The Keeper’s diary:
Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat doggie food.

May 20th
The managing director of the Dead Factory notes a possible security risk at the facility:
While I was checking the treatment room, the door shut, and I was locked inside. I couldn’t get out for one hour. I guess even if you have the key card, its useless when you are locked inside.

The Prisoner at Rockfort talks again:
Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building behind the guillotine stand.
At midnight, I’ll sneak out of here to see him.
I’ve been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags being constantly being removed from that place. I’d better pray for Bob…

May 21st
The Keeper of the Spencer Mansion:
Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.

4 / / Itchy. Tasty.

A scientist of the Guard House describes his experiences:
Four days have passed since the accident. The plant at Point 42 is growing at an amazing rate.

Although there are many unknown aspects about this plant, we know that in comparison with the other group of plants, the T-Virus has had a substantially stronger affect on this one.

The T-Virus has drastically morphed its host’s anatomy as well as its size.
Looking at its current state, it’s difficult to imagine its original appearance. Nowhere on Earth will you find anything like it.

We’ve also found that PLANT 42 has two main sources of acquiring its necessary nutrients. One source is through its root. Somehow it has rooted itself down into the basement.

Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and destroyed the Aqua Ring. Ever since, the basement has been like a pool. There is a high possibility that it’s one of the chemicals in the water that’s promoting the PLANT 42’s rapid growth.

However, we have yet to determine the specific chemical.

A bulb-like body of the PLANT 42 has been sighted hanging from the ceiling of the first floor. We are sure that it used the air ducts to reach the first floor. Numerous long tentacle-like vines are protruding from the bulb.

We believe the vines are the second means of acquiring its nutrients. When the PLANT 42 sense prey, it uses the tentacle-like vines to capture its prey. After doing so, suckers on the vine drain the prey of its blood.

We’ve also noticed that it has some intelligence. When it captures its prey or when it’s inactive, the vines twine around the door to stop possible intruders.

Unfortunately, several of our scientists have already fallen victim to this PLANT 42. When we heard the stories from the survivors, they all observed one thing in common:

When the uniform petal-like flaps open and reveal its vital internals, it has a tendency to become more aggressive.

One witness reported that it was as if it was trying to protect itself. Why it behaves the way it does is still unknown.

May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton

The Prisoner of Rockfort writes again after sneaking around the island at night:
I was wrong. I shouldn’t have gone there. What is going on it there?! All I could here was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of Bob screaming. I don’t know what to do. I can’t stop thinking about it…
Is that going to happen to me?! I can’t let it… I just can’t…

May 27th
The ‘Raccoon Times’ publishes a story regarding the nearby Arklay killings:
Animal Attack? Woman Mutilated May 20th. At around 10pm a 20-year-old young woman’s body was found by a baser-by on the left bank of Marble River in the Older District of Raccoon City. Raccoon police assume it to be a grizzly or other animal’s doing because there are teeth marks along her mutilated arms and left foot that show considerable power. Since she was wearing a hiking boot on her remaining foot, it has been determined that she was attacked in the Arklay Mountains and fell into the river. They are hurrying to identify this woman.

The last prisoner of Rockfort describes his fears:
Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that building! I know that I am next…It’s obvious that we are all here to be used as Alfred’s guinea pigs. There’s no way out! What am I going to do?!…

June 1st
A Raccoon City tabloid publishes a story referring to the Raccoon Zoo:
Raccoon Zoo’s Bootlegging Disgrace
Alyssa Ashcroft, staff writer.
A recent inquiry into the finances of Elliot Martin (67), chairman of the local zoo’s board of directors, has revealed shocking news. The Washington Treaty specifically prohibits the trade of rare orchid specimens, but Martin has repeatedly defied this ruling, according to an anonymous tip from within the zoo.

If this is true, many questions arise regarding the funds derived from these sales. Is this new flora exhibit truly a place for children to dream and learn, or is merely an illegal money-making scheme?

June 3rd
Umbrella Research Martin Crackhorn, trapped in his room by zombies – writes a last letter to his wife:
June 3, 1998
My dearest Alma.

Let me first apologize for not being able to call you. A man wearing sunglasses didn’t permit any phone calls. Sorry Alma.

I sit here trying to think of where to begin, of how to explain in a few simple words all that’s happened in my life since we last spoke, and already I fail.

I hope this letter finds you well, and that you’ll forgive the tangents of my pen; this isn’t easy for me.

Even as I write, I can feel the simplest of concepts slipping away, lost to feelings of despair and confusion — but I have to tell you what’s in my heart before I can rest. Alma, please believe that what I’m telling you is the truth.

The entire story would take hours for me to tell you, and time is short, so accept these things as fact: last month there was an accident in the lab and the virus we were studying leaked.

All my colleagues who were infected are dead or dying, and the nature of the disease is such that those still living have lost their senses. This virus robs its victims of their humanity, forcing them in their sickness to seek out and destroy life.

Even as I write these words, I can hear them, pressing against my door like mindless, hungry animals.

Alma, I have tried to survive only to see you again. But my efforts only delayed the inevitable; I am infected, and there is no cure for what will follow — except to end my life before I lose the only thing that separates me from them.

My love for you.

In an hour I’ll have entered my eternal sleep where there is peace. Please understand. Please know that I’m sorry.

Martin Crackhorn

June 7th
The managing director of the Dead Factory comments on the increasing work load for disposal:
The guinea pigs we have to dispose of are increasing. The system is not working smoothly. The laboratory staff doesn’t listen to my opinions and I am getting extremely frustrated.

June 8th
One of the Head Researchers at the Spencer Labs writes a letter to ADA WONG:
My dearest Ada.

By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be the person you once knew.
The results of my test came out today, and as I suspected, it came out positive.

I feel like I am teetering on the edge of reason just thinking about my impending doom. I would give anything not to have to become one of them.

As far as I know, you are not infected. I sincerely hope things do not reach such a desperate pass, but if it has turned out that you are now the last person remaining alive, I want you to get the material from the Visual Data Room.

Then, activate the Self-Destruct System in the Power Room, and escape from here. Please do everything in your power to make this whole accident public.

If everything is still running normally, you should be able to release all the locks using the Security System.

I have set up the terminal in the small security room so that you can log in to the system using my name and your name as the password.

You will need another password to release the lock of the door in Basement Level Two where the Visual Data Room is located.

As a safety measure I have coded that password into an X-ray picture; a roentgenogram. I know you, and I’m sure you will be able to work it out without any trouble.

There is just one more thing… and it is my last request. I hope you never have to lay eyes on me in this state, but if you do happen to run into me in my hideous form, I beg you to put me out of my misery. I hope you understand.

Thank you, Ada.
Yours truly.


The RPD secretary looks back at her time within the precinct:
As I was straightening up the chief’s room, he burst through the door with a furious look on his face. It’s only been 2 months since I’ve started working here, but that was the second time I’ve seen him like this. The last time was when I bumped into that statue, only this time he looked even more agitated than ever. I serious thought for a moment that he was going to hurt me.

June 10th
The Raccoon Today publishes a story referring to an art ring:
Defunct local art museum Rams, which closed last February, has allegedly sold some 200 stuffed wildlife specimens on the auction block.

Sculptures, paintings, and other pieces are accounted for and have been sold to private collectors and legitimate museums, but no information concerning the specimens has emerged.

The police are demanding that the auctioneer relinquish an inventory list confirming their hereabouts.
Such specimens are banned from sale by auction and rumors of endangered species in this batch are rampant.

(This explains where Iron’s got a great stuffed tiger ~Ty^)

June 15th
The secretary of the RPD writes one last time in her diary:
I finally discovered that the chief has been hiding all along…If he finds out that I know, my life will be in serious danger. It’s getting late already. I’m just going to have to take this a day at a time…

June 16th
The ‘Raccoon Weekly’ publish a further story describing another Arklay murder:
Raccoon Weekly June 16th 1998
Monsters in Arklay Mountains? Some people claim they’ve seen monsters in the Arklay Mountains. The monsters are supposedly about the same size as large dogs and usually run in a pack as wolves do. This may sound like a group of ordinary wild dogs, but these monsters are surprisingly fierce and hard to hurt. They say these dogs won’t bother you unless you wake them, so you smart readers should stay out of the Arklay Mountains for the time being. But if you’re looking for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?

June 22nd
A resident of the Spencer Mansion’s Guard House writes:
I had to do it. We ran from those things — helping each other to survive.
But Robert started to show the symptoms. I had to do it. Those damn things are pure evil.

There was no other way. He would have done the same if it were the other way around. After I put him out of his misery I had to just leave him in the bathroom. Now I’m probably the last one…

How could this happen? I’ll never forgive myself for being part of this project. Eventually I’ll get what’s coming to me, though. There’s no way to escape from this nut house. It’s just a matter of time now.

Everything is set. All I need is a little courage to get it done. Knowing that I’ll leave many things undone is regret beyond words.

But, this is better than just waiting to turn into one of them. Please understand and at least let me end my life as a person.

Linda, please forgive me…

June 28th
The manager of the Raccoon City sewer system writes in his diary:
It’s been a while, but I saw Don today and we talked after completing our work. He told me he had been sick in bed until yesterday. It really doesn’t come as much of a surprise given how long he’s been working here. He was sweating like a horse and kept scratching his body while we were talking. I asked if he was hot, but he just looked at me funny. What’s wrong with him anyway?

July 7th
The Raccoon sewer manager comments on a meeting with Chief Iron’s:
Chief Irons has been visiting the lab quite often lately. I don’t know what he’s doing over there but he always looks grim. The expression on his face has been even more unsettling than usual… My guess is that it’s because of Dr. Birkin’s impossible requests. The chief has my sympathies though. After all he’s done for the town, he doesn’t deserve this.

July 14th
A passenger travelling on the Umbrella controlled Eclipse Express, writes:
Orders came from the boss today. Looks like we’re in charge of investigating the remains of the Arkley Mountains laboratory. We’re moving in two groups, with us in the initial group, assigned to start checking what’s left of the abandoned experiment.

July 16th
The managing director complains of further frustrations at the Dead Factory:
We can’t dispose of all the bodies and the quality of the liquid medicine is not good enough, either…

The passenger of the Eclipse Express explains some details of an Umbrella controlled T-Virus experiment:
Unfortunately, the test production of the B.O.W. (Type -Y139) had to be suspended because of this investigation. It’s the same with the Type -Y139. There’s still so much we don’t know about responses to the crustacean virus. There’s a lot of interesting research left…Depending on the species and nurturing conditions, only minute doses of “T” bring about remarkable changes in solidity, size, multiplication of internal toxins and brain development. If these effects can be controlled, a weapon could be produced. But the sudden development of the shell results in corresponding fragility. Certain areas become exceedingly weak. Problematically, one of these areas is the head carapace. This lab we are going to… Were they pursuing the same research?
It would certainly help to find data and samples that help us in our research.

July 19th

The passenger of the Eclipse Express writes a final time:
The day is finally approaching.. I am growing more anxious. The Raccoon City newspapers and TV stations are full of reports about bizarre murders in the suburbs. It can’t be the virus, can it? If it is… No, I can’t think of that now. I have to concentrate on this investigation and make sure it runs smoothly.

July 21st
The Raccoon Sewer manager writes of his distress:
I rarely drink because I’m on the graveyard shift, but I don’t suppose I have much to complain about it since this is how I make my living. I saw this new guy working at the lab today. He was tall, skinny and well dressed. His annual bonus is probably bigger than my salary. The world ain’t fair….

July 22nd
The Commander of Security of the Spencer Mansion sends a fax to an unknown party:
Attn: Chief of Security
Date: July 22, 1998 2:13

X Day is drawing up on us. Execute the following procedures within one week.
Prompt actions are demanded.

1. Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the estate, and obtain B.O.W.’s raw combat data against S.T.A.R.S.

2. Collect two embryos of each mutated specimens as samples, excluding the Tyrant. Dispose of the Tyrant.

3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Laboratory including all personnel and test animals. Disguise their deaths as an accident. When the above procedures are executed, report to headquarters for further instructions.

If for some reason you are unable to execute the procedure by the deadline, report immediately. In case of emergency situations, report directly to the extension number 5691.

Good luck.
Umbrella Headquarters.
Umbrella Inc.

July 23rd
1. Billy escapes the authorities and runs into the woods, eventually meeting Rebecca Chambers.
2. Bravo Team are sent in, eventually discovering the Spencer Mansion.
3. Edward Dewey dies.
4. Rebecca and Billy battle James Marcus, eventually killing him.
5. Sergei Vladimir is revealed for the first time, and operates entirely from the behind the scenes, an existence only really known by Wesker. He reclaims T.A.L.O.S, one of Umbrella’s most closely guarded projects.

Through the night, the Military move prisoner Billy Coen through the Arklay Mountains, after an accident in the jeep, Billy is able to escape into the forest.

[R E S I D E N T  E V I L  Z E R O]
Marcus exacts further revenge on Umbrella by attacking the Eclipse Express, a train used to transport various Umbrella employees from one facility to another.

Marcus also infects the old training facility.

As a result of the Arklay murders, and as a response to the public outcry for the RPD to do something, Wesker if forced to bring in the Bravo team, of the elite S.T.A.R.S. unit (Special Tactics and Rescue Service).

In the late evening the Bravo team commence an aerial search of the Arklay region, Rebecca Chambers [Medic], Enrico Marini [Captain], Forest Speyer [Sniper], Kenneth J’ Sullivan [Field scout], Richard Aiken [Communications], Edward Dewey [Pilot] and RPD general pilot Kevin Dooley are onboard. The helicopter encounters a major engine failure and Kevin is forced to make an emergency landing. The Bravo team leave Kevin in charge of the helicopter and go out to secure the area. Rebecca Chambers finds a wreckage of a military jeep and 3 corpses. Among the wreck is a dossier of a BILLY COEN, a man sentenced to death for the apparent murder of 23 people.
Bravo team splits up and Rebecca encounters the Eclipse Express as heavy rain falls, she climbs on board to find the entire train filled with zombies, and strange oversized leeches. Before long she meets the runaway Billy Coen, who decides after a period to team up with Rebecca so that they can both survive. They battle more zombies and shortly, Edward Dewey jumps into the train as he attacked by Cerberus’s. He quickly dies and becomes a zombie, forcing Rebecca to in effect kill a team-mate. Stopping the train in the worst way possible – crashing it they arrive at the old Umbrella Training Facility located deep within the Arklay Mountains.
In the meantime, Albert Wesker and William Birkin have learnt that James Marcus has risen from the dead and is exacting his revenge. They look for a quick solution to the problem.
Rebecca and Billy emerge from the wreck of the train and enter the facility; there they find an old painting of a man called James Marcus, who is the leader of the facility. Inside they find many creatures, and as Rebecca is attacked Billy is forced to rescue her from certain death. Saving her, Rebecca questions why Billy has been sentenced to death. He explains that it happened during the last year, he was in Africa on a secret mission. His team was attacked and many were killed. Eventually the survivors of his unit found a rural village, with nothing to do with what had happened to his team. Yet all 23 of the villagers were gunned down in cold-blood. Billy doesn’t confirm nor deny his involvement in the killings, though Rebecca insists he had nothing to do with it. They separate again.
James Marcus finally reveals himself to Wesker and Birkin, and threatens further revenge. Wesker and Birkin decide that the only cause of action is to destroy the Training Facility, as well as the waste disposal facility deep beneath his own lab. Wesker comments that he will proceed as planned and move STARS in.

[Umbrella Chronicles: B E G I N N I N G S]

As Wesker arrives at the Training Facility to destroy it, he is approached by Sergei Vladimir, one of Spencer longest serving and trusted servants. A patriotic Russian, his orders are separate to anyone else’s, and he answers only to Spencer. He tells Wesker he has failed in the task to reclaim the Training Facility and Wesker replies saying that the T-Virus has escaped, and that he will destroy the Facility. Sergei replies that he can’t simply do what he likes, and that he needs a little reminder of who’s really in charge. Wesker is then attacked by an ‘Ivan’ Tyrant. A special variant of the T-103 line that Sergei specifically controls. Wesker and Ivan battle around the wreckage of the Ecliptic Express, as an explosion rocks the room giving Wesker room for an escape. Sergei explains that they must retrieve T.A.L.O.S.

As Rebecca and Billy discover a way out of the Training Facility, they head north to a nearby Chapel. Having to separate again, Billy is confronted by a large infected bat, he eventually kills it, and through teamwork with Rebecca they find an entrance to an old laboratory deep beneath. It is James Marcus’s laboratory. Inside they find his labs with leeches as well as revealing some secrets about Marcus himself, an old Graduation photo from 1939 for instance. Billy comments that the person they have seen controlling the leeches must be either Marcus’ son, or grandson.
Rebecca and Billy eventually find a cable car deep beneath the church labs, and as they are about to board, Billy is attacked by an eliminator monkey, and is forced into the water below them. He is swept underneath the current by a large creature and as Rebecca helplessly watches, she is attacked by a leech-zombie. She manages to evade it an eventually get the cable car working.
The cable car takes her to a nearby Marshalling Yard, where she encounters a small factory, further attacked by hunters she manages to get one of the parked trains to work, which actually lowers deep into the ground, taking her to William Birkin’s laboratory.
There she encounters Enrico Marini who walking around the facility has uncovered many secrets about Umbrella, including the source of the Biohazardous contamination, it is located within the Arklay Mountains just a few miles away from where they stand. Enrico has told the remaining Bravo Team members to go, but Rebecca insists she must find Billy Coen first. Enrico tells her to be cautious and to head to the mansion as soon as she can.
She manages to discover an elevator that will take her to Marcus’s old treatment plant facility, though as she does she is attacked by a prototype Tyrant, managing to defeat it she escapes below into the depths of the Treatment Plant.
She manages to activate the power and descend into the lower levels of the plant, eventually finding Billy watched up below. In the room Billy notices the many corpses of past ‘experiments’ and comments on how Marcus must of used these people to conduct experiments with the mother virus. Finding a way to escape the damned facility, Billy is attacked by the Tyrant, he manages to defeat it and Rebecca and Billy escape into the outer reaches of the facility. There they find the young Marcus standing before them, who reveals that 10 years ago he was assassinated by Wesker and Birkin, apparently under Spencer’s orders, though thanks to the queen leech that he raised, he was resurrected and has decided the world will burn in his revenge.
At that moment however, the queen rejects him and he is ultimately over-come by it, assuming a human, leech consumed form. Billy and Rebecca battle the leech queen and temporarily defeat it. They escape into a cargo elevator taking them high into the Arklay Mountains near the Training Facility.
As the elevator ascends not only does the self-destruct sequence announce itself, but the Leech Queen makes one last attempt to destroy both Billy and Rebecca. In a large warehouse area, Billy and Rebecca make their last stand against the Leech queen, learning that she is vulnerable to sunlight. Billy distracts the queen while Rebecca works to opening the skylight, and as she does Billy takes aim with a discovered magnum and blast the queen to the lower depths as they explode. Billy and Rebecca narrowly escape as the entire facility is destroyed, taking James Marcus with it.
Standing on the nearby hillside, Rebecca looks into the forest below and notices the Spencer Mansion, knowing all her team mates are there, she decides she must join them. Billy however knows he cannot continue without the authorities constantly hunting him, so he makes a decision to disappear. Rebecca agrees and takes his dog tags, stating that officially, Billy Coen is dead. As they finally part their separate ways, Rebecca descends the hillside, toward the Spencer Mansion…

[Umbrella Chronicles: N I G H T M A R E]
Rebecca reaches the grounds of the Spencer Mansion and finds her way to the Private Residence. Tired and exhausted from the events of the previous day, she enters one of the dormitory rooms and retires to sleep. She has a nightmare of herself being surrounded by an absolutely gigantic snake, and just as it lunges for the kill, she wakes as Richard finds her. She explains that Edward has been killed; Richard says that they’ll work together and find Enrico, and that he’ll look after Rebecca. Travelling to main Mansion, they get inside and struggle to find any of their teammates.
As they explore the Mansion main floor, they look out into the forest and see two mysterious figures. It is, unknown to them, Sergei and his ‘Ivan’ Tyrant. They have succeeded in taking T.A.L.O.S and escape the grounds, they are attacked by some Cerberus, but Ivan fights them off.
Emerging out onto one of the balconies, they are attacked not only crows, but also a large snake, exactly like the one Rebecca dreamed about. Fleeing they find their way deeper into the Mansion, and into another battle with the snake. Fighting on, the snake finally reels, but in an immediate counter attack lunges for Rebecca, Richard dives in the way and is bitten and thrashed around. Rebecca shoots the snake but it still persists in holding on to Richard, as he is thrashed around, his own blood coating Rebecca, he manages to get free and hits the floor in a crumpled heap. The snake flees and Richard lies, critically wounded.

July 24th
[ R E S I D E N T  E V I L]
With the Bravo team now missing, Albert Wesker has no other choice than to bring the Alpha team. Captain Albert Wesker leads Chris Redfield [Marksman], Jill Valentine [mechanics], Barry Burton [Weapons], Joseph Frost [Scout] and Brad Vickers [Pilot]

The Alpha’s land close to the Bravo team helicopter, there they check out the now derelict chopper. Kevin is found dead, with large maul marks across his face. The Alpha team explore the surrounding area, and are attacked by large infected dogs. They take down Joseph Frost, killing him almost instantly, in the panic and resultant gun battle between the STARS and the dogs, Brad flees, stranding the Alpha Team. The survivors run for a nearby Mansion – the Spencer Mansion.

Inside the survivors ponder their chances, and within moments the silence is rocked with gunfire, Chris, Jill and Barry investigate and discover the dead body of Kenneth J. Sullivan, killed by a zombie. When they return to the main hall, (the area Wesker said he would secure) they find an empty space – Wesker has disappeared). Further investigation discovers the body of Forest Speyer, pecked to death by crows. As the Alpha’s uncover further secrets of the Mansion, they decide to split up, Chris goes by himself and Barry sticks with Jill. Chris Redfield high in the mansion near the attic finds Bravo members Richard Aiken and Rebecca Chambers, Richard has suffered major chest wounds, of which Chris is informed by Rebecca was caused by a large poisonous snake. Chris and Rebecca take Richard to the mansion infirmary and treat the poison, and decide to let him recover and move on.
Alpha team and Rebecca uncover various hidden traps and decipher the secrets of the mansion, and Jill enters the attic, and finds the snake – twice the size of herself. Richard, now recovered enters in and exclaims “Payback time!” and battles the snake with Jill, however in the battle, Richard is bettered by the snake and is eaten.

Chris and Rebecca meanwhile, discover a hidden path which takes them into the Arklay Mountains, as they enter Chris receives a distorted transmission from Wesker, telling him to avoid going into the nearby forest because of a creature in chains. Chris nonetheless proceeds and encounters a cabin deep within the forest. Inside he finds a well lived-in cabin, with fresh blood stains everywhere. He and Rebecca are then attacked by a mutilated creature wearing the skins of various women. It is Lisa Trevor. Though Chris and Rebecca battle the creature, it withstands all of it, and Chris and Rebecca are forced to flee.

Chris, Jill and Rebecca eventually meet up and enter a nearby Guardhouse. Inside they find that vast roots of a large plant consume the walls and ceilings, battling through more zombies and the occasional giant spider, they manage to delve deeper into the building, and find a large aqua ring below, which houses a large shark. Chris and Rebecca manage to narrowly escape the shark, but in the private rooms about, Jill listens to a conversation between Barry Burton and an unknown party, after the brief argument Jill encounters Barry alone, she claims he was talking to himself and needs to get some fresh air. Chris and Rebecca manage to drain the aqua ring below and kill the shark and Jill enters a room which contains the incredibly large ‘Plant 42’. As Jill battles it Chris and Rebecca race to defeat the root located in the basement, they manage to concoct the deadly ‘V-Jolt’ which they use on the roots and with the help of Barry armed with a flame thrower, manage to reduce Plant 42 to nothing.
Barry goes on saying he is continuing an investigation back at the main mansion, and Jill finds a key that should unlock several more areas within the main mansion. As she leaves the guardhouse she manages to encounter Wesker, who says he had to escape to safety after he was attacked. He orders Jill and the remaining STARS members to focus their main efforts on the mansion, and he departs.
Chris, Jill and Rebecca head back to the mansion and with new areas accessible uncover more secrets of the mansion – it seems a virus has broken out and reduced the inhabitants to zombies, and other grotesque creations. Indeed as they arrive back at the mansion they find it swarming with large green creatures known as Hunters. They are impressively powerful monsters with razor sharp claws and are quite formidable combatants. Battling through them they manage to learn that the mansion is owned by Umbrella and that it is owned by a man called Ozwell E. Spencer. Chris and Rebecca battle the large snake and this time, Chris is able to kill it, fighting further still they find a battery to power the elevator in the courtyard. Jill manages to find some orders in a trophy room telling an unknown person to lure the STARS members into the mansion to obtain possible combat data. Leaving the mansion for hopefully the last time, they enter the courtyard again and use the elevator to gain access to the underground tunnels, hidden behind a nearby waterfall.

Beneath they decide to split up and eventually uncover Enrico how is still alive, though suffering from a serious wound to his leg. He tells the STARS members that someone is a traitor among them and as he is about to call a name, he is shot dead by someone unseen. Running away they drop a crank that allows further access into the underground caves. Chris, Jill and Rebecca manage to run into Barry who says he knows of further places to explore deep beneath the caves. He leads his team mates to a nearby elevator and they descend deeper into the underground, as the STARS members disembark the elevator, Barry leaves on the elevator instantly, stranding Chris, Jill and Rebecca to their fates below. Having no other choice but to push on forward they find themselves faced against Lisa Trevor who stalks them throughout the caves. Manage to evade her again they find her dark house, full of the faces of the dead she has removed. Chris and Jill manage to retrieve an emblem which should unlock the large barred doors beneath the mansion main hall. Candles and old photos litter the existence as the STARS members emerge back into the cabin high in the hills.

Racing back to the mansion they enter the main hall and go straight beneath, using the emblem to unlock the last door within the mansion. Going below they find a large tomb, and Barry Burton… Jill approaches him and as she gets close to him he pulls his gun on her. Jill manages to grab it in time and turn Barry’s own gun against him, she demands he start talking. As Barry is about to explain what is going on Lisa enters the cabin and sprouts large tentacles from all over her body. The STARS embark on one last battle, and knocking large chained pillars into the abyss below causes the large stone coffin within the room to open. Lisa immediately stops her attack and looks within the coffin. She finally discovers the goal of her current existence, her mother’s skull and takes it, jumping into the abyss below…

Barry uses the situation to skip over the fact that he left the STARS members in the underground and explains that they need to push forward. Emerging above ground they find a large pond. Working out the conundrum that it presents they gain access to a final elevator – which leads them to the Arklay Laboratories.

Inside they discover more zombies as the secrets of the Mansion begin to unfold, the Mansion is nothing more than a front or smokescreen for the fact that BOW experiments have been executed for years there. Recently, an outbreak of the T-Virus has occurred, a mutagenic toxin used to create Bio-Organic Weapons. Looking at some of the records, the STARS members discover that Albert Wesker was once one of the head researchers at the facility.
As they reach the bottom most floor of the facility, and enter the main research centre, they are confronted by none other than Wesker himself, shortly after he has injected something into his own body. He explains that he has left Umbrella and he will use the Tyrant as a means to his own ends. He goes on to explain that Barry has been a pawn used by himself at the threats against Barry’s own family. Chris claims Wesker is insane and Wesker retaliates by awakening his greatest creation – the Tyrant. However, just moments after the Tyrant is awakened it turns upon Wesker and skewers him upon its own claw. Throwing the carcass of Wesker aside, the Tyrant then attacks the STARS. They however manage to defeat it. Escaping the main laboratory, Rebecca decides that the place is too dangerous to leave alone, and proposes a plan to destroy the entire facility. The survivors agree and decide to rendezvous on the helipad and contact Brad, who is still helplessly looking for his team-mates.

Rebecca actives the triggering system and meeting up the remaining members manages to escape to the helipad. There they find a signalling flare and launch it into the sky. As they hear the rotor blades of their salvation, a section of the roof collapses and out of it emerges the Tyrant again in a mighty rage. The STARS battle with their remaining firepower but their weapons cause no damage. Brad in a panic drops a rocket launcher from the helicopter in the hope that it can destroy the tyrant. Chris grabs the rocket launcher and fires a rocket at the monstrosity. The rocket impacts and blows the Tyrant apart, destroying it. Brad lands and evacuates the STARS team before the mansion explodes. They ride as the sun rises back to Raccoon City.

[Umbrella Chronicles: R E B I R T H]
However, moments before the Mansion explosion, Albert Wesker revives from the dead, a result of injecting a specific virus given to him from Birkin moments before his ‘death’. The virus revives him to be considerably stronger. He is disappointed to see the Tyrant defeated and the STARS team very much alive. He quickly tries to download some important files from the Umbrella mainframe, but is denied access by Umbrellas powerful A.I, the Red Queen. Frustrated, Wesker punches the monitor out and quickly leaves.
Battling through the hoards of monsters, he gives the virus a test drive and discovers he is indeed very powerful, he muses to himself that he hopes Chris and Jill survive so they can reunite one day. He is then suddenly attacked by Lisa Trevor, who is relentless with her attack, Wesker fights her and she falls, only to get up again after he has left. Just as Wesker escapes the mansion grounds, Lisa makes one last attack, leading to a furious battle between Wesker and Lisa around sections of the Mansion, eventually Wesker manages to pin Lisa down with a heavy chandelier and he leaves her to her death in the Mansion. Finally escaping into the woods, the explosion of the Mansion rocks all around him.

July 25th
Upon returning, Jill immediately files a report regarding the Spencer Mansion:
July 24th, 1998

Raccoon Forest: The following documents were obtained at a sanitarium owned by Umbrella Corp.:

“Umbrella Bio Organic Weapon Publicity Material” Dev.
Code: MA-39 Cerberus Dev.
Code: MA-121 Hunter Dev.
Code: Fi-3 Neptune Dev.
Code: T-002 Tyrant

In addition to the above, it is believed that several other B.O.W. was created by means of accidental infection. During the course of the tests, it was discovered that the contagion is not limited to human beings, and may pose a hazardous risk to plant and animal life forms.
Effective means of controlling this contagion have yet to be found.

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
Jill Valentine

July 29th

The managing director of the Dead Factory makes his last known entry in his diary:
Though the function of the system decreases, the number of the bodies we have to dispose doesn’t. The infection level has increased and the antibodies we are using is no match for the new mutation of the virus. Some of the workers have been infected by the disease. I have continued to work, but I always keep a gun with me. I must remember to save one bullet for me. I want to weep. I don’t want to die here. I swear that I’ll lose my mind if I imagine how painful the death will be…

August 1st
The Daily Scoop, A Raccoon newspaper discusses reports of a new Major in the running:
“Clemens to Run For Office”
Economist and lecturer Joel Clemens, whose bestselling book “The Other Side of the Coin” is rocketing up the charts, has officially announced his intention to run for City Councilman, Said Clemens (4:8). “If my knowledge and experience with economics can’t rejuvenate this city, then nothing can.” His voice full of confidence, he then smiled broadly to the crowd. As corporate scandals and rampant unemployment rock the citizens of Raccoon City, perhaps Clemens has what it takes to bolster the local economy.

August 5th
A worker of Tyrant mass production facility on the Umbrella controlled Sheena Island describes his dislike of having to work there:
I can’t stand it anymore! I have to take the subjects to the operating table and sever their skulls to extract a part of their brain. I do this over and over, day after day… It is awful. Guilt stays with me all the time, even after I go to bed. Commander Vincent instructs us… “Do not see them as humans. They are just raw material we use to create Tyrants with.” But it is we who cut their skulls. I can never consider them as just raw materials. They are humans just like we are. I asked Commander Vincent about ways to reduce their suffering, but he ignored my request, saying that by using anaesthetics, pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin cannot be extracted. Even if it is the company’s orders, I don’t believe what we are doing is ethical… I’m sure that I’ll be sent to the worst possible place, when I die. Or perhaps should I say, I’m already there…

Nicholai Ginovaef files his report on the Spencer Mansion outbreak:
Report from the U.B.C.S. member. Part 1 The biohazard that occurred on May 11th at Lord Spencer’s mansion and bio-chemical laboratory ended on July 25th when members of the STARS teams destroyed the entire facility. As of 8/5/98, there are no signs of viral leakage in the surrounding area. However; we must continue to monitor the area with extreme caution. Our secret operative Albert Wesker, is M.I.A. and is presumed dead. However, we have just received information that Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are preparing to report the incident to the press and their police chief. I request that this matter be addressed with the utmost urgency. U.B.C.S. Commander Nicholai Ginovaef

August 7th
Legendary S.T.A.R.S. member and Spencer Mansion survivor Jill Valentine writes in her diary:
Two weeks have passed since that day. My wounds have been healed, but I just can’t forget it. For most people, it’s history now. But for me, whenever I close my eyes, it all comes back clearly. Zombies eating peoples flesh and the screams of my team-mates dying. No, the wounds in my heart are not healed yet…

August 8th
Chris Redfield, the hero of the Spencer Mansion writes in his diary:
I talked to the chief today once again, but he refused to listen to me. I know for certain that Umbrella conducted T-virus research in that mansion. Anyone infected turns into a zombie. But the entire mansion went up in the explosion; along with any incriminating evidence. Since Umbrella employs so many people in town, no one is willing to talk about the incident. It looks like I’m running out of options.

August 13th
Jill Valentine muses over Chris Redfield’s strange behaviour:
Chris has been causing a lot of trouble recently. What’s with him? He seldom talks to the other police members and is constantly irritated. The other day, he punched Elran of the Boy’s Crime department just for accidentally splashing Chris’ face with coffee. I immediately stopped Chris, but when he saw me he just gave me a wink and walk away. I wonder what happened to him…

August 15th
Jill Valentine discusses Chris Redfield again:
Midnight. Chris, who has been on a leave of absence for a “vacation,” called me so I visited his apartment. As soon as I walked into his room, he showed me a couple of pieces of paper. They were part of a virus research report entitled as simply as “G”. Then Chris told me that “The nightmare still continues.” He went on to say that “It’s not over yet.” Ever since that day, he has been fighting all by himself without rest, without even telling me.

August 16th
The Raccoon sewer manager writes of Iron’s latest visit:
Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self. I tried to joke with him to cheer him up but he wasn’t amused. He pulled his gun and threatened to shoot me! I was able to calm him down, but that guy must have some serious problems. He knows he can’t enter the lab without my help and my medal. This is what it means for the chief “to serve and protect”!?

August 17th:
Chris Redfield notes about local disturbances:
We’ve been receiving a lot of local reports about the strange creatures appearing at random throughout the city. This must be the work of Umbrella.
(Confirmation that there are creatures that survived the Spencer Mansion disaster ~Ty^)

August 20th
A boy in Congo is kidnapped and taken to the prison on Sheena Island.

A fax is sent to Umbrella employee Morpheus D. Duvall:
Date: August 20, 1998
To: R&D Division
ATTN: Mr. Morpheus D. Duvall
Upon investigation, we have concluded that you are responsible for the incident in Raccoon City on May 11, 1998. Your services with this company are hereby terminated.
However, your nondisclosure agreement shall remain in effect. Finally, your final paycheck will be fulfilled in accordance with the “Dismissal Procedure” portion of your agreement.
Umbrella Corporation.
Personnel Division

August 21st
The sewer manager writes for the final time in his diary:
William informed me that the police and media have begun their investigation on Umbrella’s affair. He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is a possible they’ll even search through the sewer. He asked me to suspend all Umbrella sewer facility operations until the investigation has concluded. The sewer will still be used for passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautions and that I’d lose my job if anyone finds out about this operation.

August 23rd
Following a safe being moved in the RPD, a note is issued around the precinct:
This letter is just to inform everyone about the recent movement of equipment that has happened during the precinct’s rearrangement.

The safe with [the] four digit lock has been moved from the S.T.A.R.S. office on the second floor, to the eastern office on the first floor.


Raccoon Police Liaison Dept.

August 24th

Chris writes a final entry into his diary:
With the help of Jill and Barry, I finally obtained information vital to this case. Umbrella has begun research on the new G-virus, a variation of the original T-virus. Haven’t they done enough damage already ? We talked it over, and have decided to fly to the main Umbrella HQ in Europe. I won’t tell my sister about this trip because doing so will put her in danger.
Please forgive me Claire.

August 25th
The Watchman of the RPD writes about his experiences trying to get into the clock tower of the precinct:
I finally had the chance to see blue skies for the first time in ages, but did a little to lift my spirit. I was reprimanded by the chief for neglecting my duties while I was up on the clock tower. There’s only one thing I still don’t understand: the chief seemed more concerned about the fact that I was up on the tower rather than that I was neglecting my duties. Why was access to the tower prohibited in the first place anyway?

Jill writes her final entry into her diary:
Chris left the town today to go to Europe. Barry told me that he would send his family to Canada and then he would follow Chris. I decided to remain in Raccoon City for a while because I know that the research facility in this city will be very important to this entire case. In a month or so, I’ll be joining with then somewhere in Europe. That’s when my real battle begins…

August 30th
Peter, a scientist who works at the Raccoon University, explains a radical breakthrough regarding the only vaccine to the T-Virus – Daylight:
Reagent creation is at its final stage. When it is completed we will finally have a means to stop that wretched T-virus.

I heard about Umbrella’s heinous dealings from an ex-head researcher named Greg. I wouldn’t have been able to create this reagent without his expertise and assistance. Using viral research for personal gain is unforgivable. We named this reagent Daylight. You don’t need an Umbrella in the daylight. I find the name quite suits the reagent, considering its main purpose.

September 1st
An unnamed UBCS mercenary writes in his diary:
Following six months of intensive training, my body’s edge had returned. I was a good soldier, but they ordered my execution with no reason given. I was tortured and forced to give a false confession. But on the morning of my execution, a miracle happened. The company had helped me out, giving me a second lease on life.

September 2nd
A researcher from the commercial Umbrella building in Raccoon City discusses problems with creatures inside:
The cultivation tanks have been breaking frequently this month during experiments. Yesterday, a co-worker needed 30 stitches as a result. Something must be done.
(I have named the building seen in Outbreak: File: 2’s “End Of The Road” scenario a commercial Umbrella building because it seems to be the only real building Umbrella legally own that is truly commercial, ~Ty).

September 5th

An imprisoned boy describes his experiences:
16 days have passed since I was abducted on a street in Congo by the men in black, and was brought here. I didn’t understand what was happening at first, but I gradually became aware of the truth of this city. We seem to be confined here to serve as guinea pigs for a medical company called Umbrella Inc.. All the residents of this city work for Umbrella, even the women and children are family members of employees. The guinea pigs seem to be gathered from all over the world. The guy in the next room is from China, the one in front of my cell is from Brazil. The rest are Russian, Japanese… It’s like a world trade show. It’s strange that they are all around my age. The youngest is 16, and the oldest is 19 or 20. Those guys from Umbrella sometimes take us to an arcade or to a night club so we can enjoy ourselves and relieve our stress, but I won’t let them deceive me. I will escape from this place, no matter what it takes! I must… Anyway, the most important thing to do now is to organize and gather our comrades for what lies ahead.

September 6th
Andy – a caretaker of Sheena Island, and island controlled by Umbrella, writes:
I’ve never seen him, but I heard that one called Vincent has become the city’s supreme commander. Officially, he is an elite sent by Umbrella headquarters. In truth, he is such a fiend that he would not hesitate to kill his friend it if would promote him. Well, since I live here in this dark sewer, it doesn’t mean anything to me…

Raccoon City newspaper “Raccoon Today” publishes an article of a mysterious person constantly spotted in the mountains:
September 6, 1998

A ghost?
Sightings of a mysterious masked figure in the NW Arklay woods are on the rise.

The bloody remains of crows and wild dogs have also been showing up near river banks in the area. The whole region has been swept up in the hysteria and a mood of fear and paranoia is prevalent.

Long-time residents insist that it’s the ghost of a patient from the nearby hospital that closed down 5 years ago. Are these bizarre sightings just a taste of things to come?

September 8th
The researcher at the Umbrella Commercial building notes:
A titanium frame has been installed to reinforce the cultivation tanks. In the unlikely event of another breakage, the doors are set to lock automatically to isolate the threat. Once the lock is set, it will only open when the sensors indicate that the life form in question is dead. This ensures that any dangerous life forms are contained within that room with no chance of escape.

There are two ways to open the lock. If the life form sensor is not deactivated, the door will remain locked until the creature dies. Short of an unlikely suicide, this method is unreliable.

September 10th
On Sheena Island, all the prisoners are allowed to visit the local arcade. There, they are seen by Lott, a local boy. That night he writes in his diary:
I saw some prisoners at the arcade today. They all had sleepy eyes. One of the girls even slavered. Some of the boys were glaring at me. They wore rugs and smelled rotten. Like dad and Commander Vincent told me, they are very different people from our Umbrella families. Dad told me that they bring them to this island so they can operate on them and make them into decent people. I think they are doing the right thing. I hope they will become decent people sometime soon.

One of the imprisoned boys notices something is being put into their meals:
Recently, the others have been behaving strangely. It seems that they put some kind of weird drug into our meals. I sometimes lose consciousness, too. I have to be careful.

In Raccoon City, the Director of the hospital notes:
These patients suffer from gangrene and congestion of their blood at first. Then their mind slowly deteriorates. In the end, there is nothing left on their mind. When that happens even mercy killing seems pointless. After all, they are already dead… This disease is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Once the patient’s mind is gone, they become flesh hunger monsters and act like wild animals who are on some type of bloodlust.

September 11th
The Raccoon City newspaper “Raccoon Today” publishes a story of strange creatures being sighted in the Arklay Mountains:
September 11, 1998
UMA in the Arklay Mountains?
An enormous insect measuring an estimated 6 feet and sporting a formidable set of pincers has been spotted in the West Arklay region.

Campers recently reported the sudden appearance of 2 or 3 of the beasts near their tent, crawling low to the ground. Their hunting dog was attacked and spent 2 weeks under a veterinarian’s care.

Graham Barrows (52), an entomologist and assistant professor at Raccoon University, insists that no such insect could possibly exist. He refers to the rash of sightings as “Nothing more than mass hysteria.”

September 12th
Ricky, an employee of the Raccoon underground, writes in his diary referring to things he seen in the subway:
I can’t get used to working late.
I’m actually afraid of the dark. Jim always says that it doesn’t make any difference if it’s night or day since we’re underground, but…

September 15th
The unnamed UBCS mercenary writes in his diary:
I ended my vacation short and returned to the HQ office. It looks like my UBCS unit’s been called into action. Umbrella maintains its own paramilitary unit to counter corporate terrorism and V.I.P. abduction. In addition, they have night men who specialize in handling problems cause by illegal products. I’m currently a member of the latter.
(Does this mean that Umbrella was planning the worst with seizing the G-Virus from Birkin, or that Umbrella had planned the Outbreak in Raccoon City all along? ~Ty^)

Peter at the Raccoon University continues his experimentation into Daylight:
I’ve received the T sample from Greg and tested Daylight on it. It’s still not all that stable but it is managing to suppress the growth of the “T” viral cell. Victory is nigh!

Come to think of it… How did Greg obtain the “T” sample? He told me a friend secretly got him a sample but he thinks he’s being chased by Umbrella. Is he hiding something from me? Well, I shouldn’t snoop…

<A few pages have been torn out…>

Joel Allman, Vice President of the USA Umbrella Branch sends a short memo to William Birkin:

Dear Dr. Birkin,

It has come to my attention that we are currently experiencing a shortage of APL-14. To counteract this problem I am asking you and several other labs to donate five cases of APL-14 to our facility immediately.

For your information, we have discovered that our base in the South Pole is primarily responsible for this shortage. We are currently taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future. And don’t worry; the Ashford’s reputation is now irreparably tarnished.

Your quick response is greatly appreciated.

Joel Allman
USA Branch
September 15

September 16th
The researcher at the commercial Umbrella lab makes a final entry referring to the baby hunters:
We’ve recently taken on a new subject: the Hunter u, a smaller version of the regular Hunter. A number will be in our care for two weeks starting today.

The computer system has issued warnings that the power level is insufficient for proper containment. We’ve prepared a store of weapons for emergencies. I certainly hope they go unused.

September 17th
The janitor of the Apple Inn in Raccoon City writes in a diary:
I was told to check the alarm device every week from now on but I used to only do it twice a year! The new owner seems to be a bit of a worry wort. Who would wanna break in here?

A scrap of a diary, dated today lies in Raccoon University:
We don’t have enough V-poison for the compound. I vaguely remember there being a wasp’s nest in the emission tower, but I shouldn’t just recklessly wonder over there…

Granted that, I’m stuck without the necessary components…
I guess I’ll head there after I get equipped with some protective gear.

(No doubt the ‘torn’ pages that are in Peter’s diary ~Ty^)

September 18th
Conditions with the Raccoon Hospital do not improve, as the Director notes:
Another patient has been admitted to the hospital. He is showing symptoms of the first stages of the disease at this point, but… I haven’t been able to sleep at all these past few days. I refuse to let these patients become “zombies.” I am not just an ordinary citizen. I am a doctor. Even if I die, my clinical charts will contribute to finding a cure.

Ricky, in the Raccoon Subway talks of his encounter with a large bug:
A big-ass bug bit me on the back of the neck today while I was inspecting the tunnel. It’s swollen and itches like mad. Damn!

(The rest of the file is simply dated as September, so I’ll include it here ~Ty^)
Man… It’s so dark .Why is the subway so damn dark? Is that light bulb starting to go out?

Damn bugs! Bite hurt! I’ll kill you all! Kill y…
…was that noise?
My head… bugs…

kill… you…

September 19th
The Night Watchman of the RPD discusses chess:
I recently talked to the old man who works in the scrap yard out back. His name is Thomas. He’s a quiet man and really seems to enjoy chess. He even went so far as to design a special key and lock engraved with chess pieces on them for one of the doors in the disposal yard.
We made plans to play chess tomorrow night. I can’t help but wonder how good he is. One thing that’s been bothering me about him is the way that he’s always scratching himself… Does he have some sort of skin disease or is he just rude?

An RPD officer also comments on Thomas the chess player:
I’ve become acquainted with a strange old man named Thomas. He works at the hazardous waste disposal center out back. He seems like a nice old guy and he loves chess. In fact, he loves chess so much that he’s fashioned all of his work keys to look like chess pieces.

We were all set to play last night, but he cancelled on me. I don’t know if he has eczema or what, but he said his whole body was itchy and raw. Poor old guy.

Peter at the Raccoon University writes his final diary entry:
It seems I’ve been totally mistaken. How could Greg do such terrible things?!
It seems this has all been a ruse. He planned everything from the start!

There must be a reason why he rushed me to complete the “Daylight.” Am I the only one who, other than Greg, that knows how to create the compound? Is my life in danger? I should just play dumb for awhile.

*Discard T sample.
*Hide compound instructions.
*Contact George.

September 20th
William Birkin is assassinated by Hunks USS team.
The T-Virus is spread throughout Raccoon City.
Birkin infects himself with the G-Virus and he becomes his own creation.

With the completion of the G-Virus, Spencer sends a unit commanded by Agent Hunk to retrieve the virus. Spencer fears that Birkin will use the virus as blackmail against Umbrella.
Be it through intent or accident, William Birkin is taken down in a hail of gunfire, and Hunk retrieves an attaché case full of T-Virus and G-Virus samples. Unknown to his squad, Birkin has a sample on him, and injects it directly into his chest. The virus takes instant effect; he becomes his own creation and decimates Hunk’s team in the sewers back in the city. In the process, Birkin eats the remaining sample of G-Virus, and shatters the T-Virus capsules. The Biohazardous toxin flows into the city water system, and mutates the rats of the sewer, who then spread the virus into the city.

Andy, the sewer caretaker of Sheena Island writes:
I heard a disgusting rumour… The new commander Vincent, orders the facility personnel to do savage experiments every day on kids brought in from all over the world. I don’t even know why those kids were brought to this city, but it sure is disturbing. Well, I don’t want to get involved, so long as it doesn’t affect me…

Neil Carlson receives a call of a mysterious man prowling the sewers and hurries to the location, the results of his investigation he writes in this report:
September 20th 9:30pm Reported : Sgt. Neil Carlson
We received a report of a suspicious individual skulking around the sewer in the outskirts of Raccoon city. I searched the area and located the individual, but he ran away before I had a chance to question him.
I recovered the following items:
– A small amount of C4 plastic explosives – An electronic detonator – 9×19 parabellum rounds – Infrared scope (broken)
End of report.

[Confirmed to be HUNK in the Resident Evil Archives ~Ty^]

September 21st

The imprisoned boy of Sheena Island writes again:
I can’t believe it! Another friend of mine, Chin, from the next room, was taken to the factory on the mountain. I don’t think Chin’s coming back. He will meet the same fate as Anna or Jacob who disappeared last week. I know… I know what happens to those who are taken to the factory on the mountain… When they took me to a night club yesterday, I overheard a conversation that some factory workers were having… Under orders from Vincent, the commander of the city, they cut open our brains and extract some kind of material, whatever they call it. All I can say is that Vincent is a devil. No… Not just Vincent. Even the women and children in this city don’t treat us as human beings, but as guinea pigs. All the people in the city are evil I will surely be killed if I stay here any longer. We have to hurry and execute our escape plan!

Back at the Apple Inn in Raccoon City, the janitor continues:
I had a drink with Todd, the security guard. He was grumbling about the new type of card key installed in the rooms. That number lock on the south door should be enough. What a pain.

September 22nd

Due to the widespread panic that strikes the Umbrella laboratory, a few spined Hunter creatures, (codenamed the MA-125R) escape and run amok through the labs, killing a good handful of scientists.

Upon retrieving a lost key card in the Apple Inn, Raccoon City, the janitor writes:
Todd left a card key in the bathroom and I brought it to him.
When I told him to keep it together with his daughter’s photo, he seemed embarrassed. He sure can be a jerk.

September 23rd
The Chief of the RPD, Brian Irons, writes his first diary entry regarding the Outbreak:
It’s all over. Those imbeciles from Umbrella have finally done it…Despite all their promises, they’ve ruined my town. Soon the streets will be infested with zombies. I’m beginning to think that I may be infected myself. I’ll kill everyone in town if this turns out to be true!!!

The night watchman, unaware of the disaster which now dwells in the city, discusses more chess:
Thomas was a much better player than I imagined. I used to think of myself as a fairly decent player, but he did a pretty good job of humbling me.

About the only thing I imagine could match his appetite. All the guy did was talk about food throughout the entire game. He sounded fairly healthy, but he didn’t look quite right… I wonder if he’s okay.

The RPD officer who also played chess with Thomas today also comments:
As expected, Thomas is quite the chess expert. I used to consider myself to be a fairly good player, but he wiped the floor with me.

What’s strange is that he ate like a maniac. The whole time we were playing, he kept inhaling these rare roast beef sandwiches he had brought with him. He looked really pale, too. I sure hope the old guy’s OK.

The janitor of the Apple Inn makes a final diary entry:
That strange noise in the boiler room just keeps getting louder and louder. I doubt retightening the bolts on the pipes will help. I’ll tell the owner next week. No reason to come in Sunday.

A guest of the Apple Inn writes in his diary explaining recent bereavement:
It’s true I’m the one who specifically requested to stay in this room since it was where my late wife and I used to stay. It used to be a peaceful place where I could do some writing while remembering my lovely wife.

However there is a new hotel owner and he put some strange map up as a decoration. The cursed thing is flickering on and off and keeping me from concentrating. I was hesitant to complain since they gave me a big discount on my stay, but my patience has worn out. I am going to leave and find a more appropriate hotel in the morning.

September 24th
Outbreak: ‘Outbreak’ and ‘Hellfire’ scenario.

Marvin Branagh makes a report:
There are reports of a theft in the municipal building before dawn. A jewel decorated clock at the main gate was damaged. Two of twelve gems that are installed on the face of the clock are missing. Due to lack of available officers at this time, I have no choice but to suspend the research of this case.

Chief Iron’s decides to spread confusion amongst the RPD in a ploy to destroy them, he muses over this:
I was successful in spreading confusion among the police as planned. I’ve made sure that no one from the outside will come to help. With the delays in police station, no one will have the chance to escape my city alive. I’ve seen to it personally that all escape routes from inside the precinct have been cut off as well. There are several survivors still attempting to escape through the lower levels, but I’ll make sure no one gets out.

At a home American football game, of which the Raccoon Shark’s are playing, a riot breaks out within the crowd and causes panic.

At a home American football game, of which the Raccoon Shark’s are playing, a riot breaks out within the crowd and causes panic.

8 everyday people of Raccoon City – Kevin Ryman [RPD officer], David King [Plumber], Alyssa Ashcroft [journalist], Yoko Suzuki [student], Cindy Lennox [Waitress], George Hamilton [Doctor], Mark Wilkins [Security guard] and Jim Chapman [subway worker] all are having a night out at ‘J’s Bar’, when suddenly it is attacked by legions of zombies. They flee into the streets.

Meanwhile the Raccoon Police Department decide to evacuate as much of the city as they possibly can, in the panic many police officers are killed, and they muster a plan to destroy a large wave of zombies that are on the Raccoon Main Street.

The 8 survivors of J’s Bar separate during their escape, and some find themselves within the Apple Inn which is currently on fire due to a boiler explosion and a nearby tanker explosion. The other survivors enter the sewers.

Inside the towering inferno of the Apple Inn, the survivors battle against swarms of zombies and find themselves attacked by a ‘Regis Licker’ a creature that kills its victims via its tongue. They defeat the Licker and escape into the streets outside, where they rendezvous with the other J’s Bar survivors. Outside, they are gathered together by the RPD who drive as many of the survivors to safety as possible.

Three RPD officers, Elliot, Edward and Harry rig Raccoon Main to explode, as Elliot finishes the wiring, the zombies storm the barricade and Elliot and Edward are killed. The J’s Bar survivors arrive and with their help, detonate the bombs in Raccoon Main.

September 25th
The army barricade Raccoon City.
Outbreak: Wild Things

The Army arrive at first light and barricade Raccoon City, claming there has been a chemical leak and the city must be placed under quarantine.

A surviving scientist of the Birkin Umbrella labs, escapes the hunters and changes the temperature controls to below freezing point. Freezing the rampaging hunters in their tracks. The entire lab shuts down in the freeze.

Some of the Outbreak survivors, arrive at Raccoon Zoo, where the RPD has arranged to collect many survivors if they can get to the train station on the other side. With no other alternative, they decide to go through the zoo itself.
Inside is a hellish world of zoo animals infected with the T-Virus, notably a large elephant that constantly rampages through the zoo after the survivors. Depending on their actions they arrive at the station and battle either the elephant or an exceptionally dangerous infected Lion. When they finally board the train and leave, they typically find the train takes them further into the depths of Raccoon City.

September 26th
Outbreak: Hive

The Outbreak survivors decide to heal their wounds and head to the Raccoon Hospital. There, they discover a league of leeches have overcome the hospital. Battling through the hordes they learn of a sewer exit from the hospital that will take them straight to an Umbrella lab. They enter the sewers and battle an incredibly large leech. Destroying it they wade through the waters and head to what is Birkin’s Laboratory.

The night watchman makes a final diary entry:
I was supposed to play another game of chess with Thomas, but we had to cancel it because he hasn’t been feeling to well. He stopped by to see me, but I told him to go back and rest since he literally looked like the living dead.

He insisted that he was just fine, but I could tell he was really having problems. Come to think of it, I haven’t been feeling to good lately…

Chief Iron’s stalks several of the RPD officers, shooting them dead:
I’ve had a change of heart about the remaining survivors inside the precinct. I’ve decided to hunt then down myself. I shot Ed in the back through the heart less than an hour ago. I watched him writhe in pain upon the floor in a pool of his own blood. The expression on his face was positively exquisite. He died with his eyes wide open, staring up at me. It was beautiful. I wonder if the mayor’s daughter is still alive? I let her escape so I could enjoy hunting her down later…I’m going to enjoy my new trophy. Yes, frozen forever in the pose I choose to give her.

At first light, helicopters hover above Raccoon’s rooftops and the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Squad (U.B.C.S.) are deployed.

The Raccoon Hospital director, post-zombie attack – makes an entry in his diary:
We lost most of the doctors and staff during the battle against the “zombie” patients. It’s impossible to maintain the hospital under these conditions. And, I know that it’s too late for me. I am beginning to feel that same itchy and hungry desire that all of my patients felt. It’s too late for me…

Marvin Branagh makes a final report:
Based upon an autopsy report of a 42 year old restaurant owner, I have discovered that he has one of the missing gems. He apparently took shelter in the police department at about 10 am, where he was shot to death within 10 minutes of having developed the symptoms. Since the city is currently under martial law, we are forced to suspend this case. At this time, we’ll keep the gem as evidence.

A UBCS member with a pocket book notes his experiences:
It’s only been there hours since the mission started, but the team is down to me and Campbell. The number of the zombies is far greater than we expected. There is no hope left for this city. We have already injected the antibody for the virus, but I’m not sure that it will work. I don’t know if I will survive…

David Ford of the RPD makes the first operation report:
-Operation Report- September 26th
The Raccoon Police Dept was unexpectedly attacked by zombies. Many have been injured. Even more were killed. During the attack, our communications we have decided to carry out an operation with the intent of rescuing any possible survivors as well as to prevent this disaster from spreading beyond Raccoon city. The details of the operation are as follows :
Security of armaments and ammunition
Chief Irons has voiced concern regarding the issue of recent unresolved incidents. On the very day of the zombies’ attack, he made the decision to relocate all weapons to scattered intervals throughout the building as a temporary measure to prevent their possible seizure. Unfortunately, this decision has made it extremely difficult for us to locate all ammunition caches. It has become our top priority to recover these scattered ammunitions.
To unlock the weapons storage.
As stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult to secure all ammunition. However, a considerable supply still remains in the underground weapon storage. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the key card used to access the weapon storage is missing and we have been unable to locate the key. One of the breaker’s went down during the battle and the electronic locks are of functioning in certain areas. It has become a top priority to restore the power in the power room and secure those locks. Recorder : David Ford

September 27th
Outbreak: Below Freezing Point
Outbreak: Desperate Times

An Umbrella scientist, Monica shoots dead another Umbrella employee and steals a specimen, and she tries to escape using the underground train.
The J’s Bar survivors enter an underground train tunnel from the sewers, there they emerge into a dead end. At that time Monica activates the train doors and the survivors enter the Umbrella labs.
Inside Monica decides to use the Marshalling Yard train, and as she leaves the underground train she spots Yoko Suzuki among the survivors, she holds Yoko at gun-point and takes her I.D but Yoko claims she knows nothing of what has gone on down here. Monica leaves the survivors to their doom and escapes for the Marshalling Yard train.
As the survivors struggle through the freezing depths they finally get to the higher levels and Monica reaches the Marshalling Yard train, there she is attacked by large moth, hideously mutated by the virus. The attack causes her attaché case to be broken, releasing the G-Embryo which looks for the nearest host, whom is Monica, and impregnates her. .
The survivors active the temperature controls and the lab warms up again, freeing all the frozen Hunters, they run amok again but the survivors, well equipped – battle through them and they themselves, get to the marshalling yard train. There they activate the train and escape to the Marshalling Yard at Raccoon City. However, the embryo within Monica hatches and she is killed as it bursts out of her, the embryo chases the train at ascends and the survivors have to battle it as it mutates into the large G-Imago. They eventually kill it and board the train again, which takes them back into the heart of the city. Seeking help – they head to the RPD.

The RPD decide to go out to face the zombie’s hordes head on, and set up a large police barricade close to the police station. Within seconds of the zombies hitting the barricade, the RPD is overwhelmed and many of them are killed, leaving only a handful of survivors.
(This is seen in the intro to Resident Evil 3 ~Ty^)

At sunset, the Outbreak survivors arrive at the Raccoon Police Department. There, they find Marvin Branagh attempting to lead a few of the surviving police officers to safety. Fellow RPD officer Rita is sent through the underground beneath the station in an attempt to get reinforcements. However Marvin needs the help of the Outbreak survivors to escape.
Once Rita is free of the station she runs and gets help from Harry, Marvin arranges everyone to meet outside the precinct, and while they wait zombies breach the barricades and attack. Marvin is critically wounded by zombies, and as the rescue van arrives, Rita and the Outbreak survivors get on board, leaving Marvin behind at his own request. He battles the remaining zombies and enters the offices, where he eventually passes out…

The UBCS member with his pocket book makes it the clock tower of Raccoon and notes his experiences:
We managed to reach the clock tower. Out of desperation we robbed some wounded members of their weapons and used the surviving citizens as decoys. We were taught to do this in order to survive in the battlefield, but I never enjoyed it. However, a girl showed up at the clock tower before me. She is one of the survivors. She looks just like my sister before she starved to death…

David Ford makes another entry into his operation report, this time noting the first appearance of the Licker:
The west barricade has been broken through and another exchange ensued. We sheltered the injured in the confiscation room on the first floor temporarily. Twelve more people were injured in the battle. Reporter : David Ford

-Additional Report-

Three additional people were killed following the sudden appearance of an as yet unknown creature. This creature is identified by missing patches of skin and razor-like claws. However, its most distinguishing characteristic is its lance-like tongue capable of piercing a human torso in an instant. Their numbers as well as their location remaining unknown. We have tentatively named this creature the “Licker” and are currently in the process of developing countermeasure to deal with this new threat.

From a journal entry by someone within the RPD referred to only as David, this may or may not be David Ford who wrote the above journal:

My sanity is at its end…I still can’t believe this is happening. We lost another man yesterday. Meyer; one of our better marksmen. He saw me panic once we were overrun by the zombies but he came back to save me. But when the time came to return the debt, I ran.

I can still hear him calling out my name. I can still hear the screams coming from behind. The sound of his flesh being stripped from its bones. I was afraid… terrified…

It’s the 27th. The fight to stay alive continues. I took out several zombies who managed to break through the barricades. Now I’m cutting through the chill with whisky, unloading my Mossberg on anything undead. That shotgun’s become a close friend of mine. I’ve blasted many a zombie into fertilizer with it.

We’ve lost 12 men as of yesterday. In 3 hours, we’ll bicker about trivial things in the meeting room. It’s a total waste of time. When I finish this bottle, my old friend Mossberg will be turning one last body into fertilizer.

Peace at last.
I can hardly wait…

September 28th

1. Jill Valentine attempts to escape Raccoon City.
2. Brad Vickers is killed by Umbrella’s BOW – the Nemesis.
3. Jill meets up with UBCS survivors Carlos Oliveria, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef.
4. Mikhail is killed by the Nemesis.
5. In a battle out side the Clock tower, Jill is infected with the T virus and passes out…

Elliot Edward, one of the last surviving RPD members, writes a second operation report:
September 28th Early Morning 2:30am.

Zombies overran the operation room and another battle broke out. We lost four more people, including David. We’re down to four people, including myself. We failed to secure the weapons cache and hope for our survival continue to diminish. We won’t last much longer… We agreed upon a plan to escape through the sewer. There’s a path leading from the precinct underground to the sewage disposal plant. We should be able to access the sewers through there. The only drawback is that there is no guarantee the sewage disposal plant is free of any possible danger. We know our chances in the sewers are slim, but anything is better than simply waiting here to die. In order to buy more time, we locked the only door leading to the underground, which is located in the eastern office. We left the key behind in the eastern office since it’s unlikely that any of those creatures have the intelligence to find it and unlock the door.

I pray that this operation report will be helpful to whoever may find it. Recorder : Elliot Edward

[R E S I D E N T  E V I L  3:  N E M E S I S]
The Army, deciding that the situation is hopeless clear the barricades at the city limits, leaving the city to its doom, because of this Jill Valentine decides it’s time to hastily leave Raccoon City.
Lieutenant Mikhail Victor’s team is down to just himself, Carlos Oliveria, and Nicholai Ginovaef. Unknown to the UBCS survivors, Nicholai is infact an Umbrella Supervisor, whose mission is to obtain combat data on the UBCS against the mass hordes of creatures that now infect Raccoon.
Jill is pursued by Umbrella’s new creation called the Nemesis, it is specifically designed to hunt down S.T.A.R.S. members. Brad Vickers eventually is killed by the Nemesis and joins the zombie hordes in the afterlife.
Jill whilst evading the Nemesis meets up with the UBCS survivors and they work toward getting the cable car moving in the city. Upon their escape, Nicholai is apparently killed by hordes of zombies in the Pharmaceutical building, and Jill, Carlos and Mikhail have to leave for the Clock tower without him. On board the cable car, Nemesis attacks and Mikhail sacrifices himself to keep the Nemesis at bay. The cable car crashes into the clock tower and Jill and Carlos find themselves in even more danger.
Jill nonetheless is able to sound the bells for the evacuation helicopter, but Nemesis shoots it down. Jill is forced into battle with the Nemesis and eventually she is able to defeat it. It collapses into a fire, but not before it has injected Jill with the deadly T Virus. Carlos arrives on the scene moments before Jill passes out into unconsciousness…

The unnamed UBCS mercenary writes on final diary entry before shooting himself through the head:
Dawn’s here, but we’re still slogging through this nightmare. There are no provisions of any kind here. The undead walk the streets feeding upon the flesh of the living. Given the choice again, I would rather have been executed. Death row was a heavenly asylum compared to this place. I’ve chosen to pull the trigger myself, in the hope that my dead body won’t come back to life.

The UBCS member with the pocket diary is found dead in the clock tower, defending a girl – also now dead, and his final entry:
I wanted to evacuate as soon as possible, but the girl didn’t. Her father insisted that he wouldn’t leave the city. Where his beloved wife rests in peace. I really wanted to save the girl, but Campbell said, “All I care about is our lives.” That’s how I felt before, but now… The clock tower has become a dangerous place and I don’t want to make anymore mistakes…

September 29th
1. Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield enter the city, they meet each other and head for the RPD station.
2. They battle William Birkin in a series of locations.
3. Umbrella sends a Tyrant after Leon and Claire.
4. Marvin Branagh, Ben Bertolucci and Brian Iron’s all die today.
5. Leon meets Ada Wong.
6. Claire meets Sherry Birkin.
7. Hunk retrieves a sample of the G-Virus and returns to Umbrella.

Sergei Vladimir, one of Spencer’s most trusted agents, is given complete operational control of Umbrella’s weapons and equipment divisions:
As of 12 A.M. today, September 29th, 1998, in provision with Article 12 of the Internal Emergency Procedures, all equipment and personnel are now under the command of the Captain of the Guard, Sergei Vladimir. His orders are to be strictly obeyed. Any attempts to disobey orders will be punishable by death.

1. This vessel is to infiltrate Raccoon City and air-drop T1 into the R.P.D. police station to take care of any possible survivors.
2. The remaining Ts on board should be dropped in the P-12A Incinerator Facility. They will be able to respond to well-equipped and well-trained U.S. special forces in the area. We must make sure we take all necessary steps to clean them up.
3. After completing the preceding steps, this vessel is to retreat from Raccoon City airspace as quickly as possible. After releasing all of the Ts, there will be another piece of cargo to be transported. Details will follow later

During the daytime, some of the Outbreak survivors head from the city to the outskirts and manage to escape into the Arklay forest outside of Raccoon City, hauling up inside a deserted yet well looked after cabin, they are approached by an elderly man named Al. He informs the survivors that he knows a way through the forest and that no-one get hurt, as there isn’t a good hospital around the locale. Alyssa who is present muses how something seems very familiar about the location, and she and the survivors follow Al through the forest.
They are attacked by various zombies that have somehow mutated and merged with the local plant life. Fighting through the winding roads and seemingly endless monsters, Al goes on too far ahead and the survivors end up losing him, having to find their own way through the forest.
Finding a way through the survivors come up to an old abandoned hospital. Weathered away with the forest almost swallowing it completely, the survivors enter, and Alyssa has flashbacks where she remembers she actually wrote an article on the hospital, and one of her reporter partners lost their lives there. Because of the affair and the damaging article the hospital was closed down.
As Alyssa and the others continue through the hospital they are attacked by a masked, axe wielding man who chases them through the hospital. Trying to escape, the vines and plants around the only exit wind up around the handle and effectively block the door. Leaving the survivors no choice but to fight on they eventually enter a large chamber deep below the hospital where an incredibly large plant resides. Killing it, it frees the exit and releases the corpse of an elderly woman. The survivors exit as the hospital begins to crumble around them. Alyssa comments that the case is finally closed due to the evidence she has discovered about what really went on at the hospital.
Moments before the final collapse, the masked man approaches the body and reveals himself to be none other than Al, he apologises to Dorothy, the woman was released from the large plant. Al worked in the hospital, which was funded by Umbrella and used many of the products that Umbrella were designing there to help Dorothy, who was very sick. The products caused a mutation and she effectively merged with the local fauna becoming a horrific plant. Al would then spend his time prowling the forest slaying hikers and such and feed their corpses to his wife.
The final section of the hospital collapses and crushes Al dead.
The survivors find their way lost in the forest and comment how the only paths they can find all lead back to the city, having no other choice they head back.

[R E S I D E N T  E V I L 2]
Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie RPD officer recently transferred to the department, and Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield, enter the city from two different directions. Upon an initial attack by zombies, be it fate or luck – Leon encounters Claire in the back of Emmy’s Diner, a small quant café. Leon saves Claire from a pursuing zombie and they both head to the police station in a police car.
A zombie attacks Leon and Claire from within the car, and Leon crashes the police car. Noticing a large tanker heading straight for them, both Leon and Claire leap from the vehicle moments before the tanker crashes, causing an explosion which covers the street in flame – dividing Leon and Claire.

At this time the surviving Elliot Edwards and a couple of others arrange for a helicopter to pick them up, as the helicopter descends, zombies attack and stray gunfire hits the helicopter pilot, causing it to come crashing down on the precinct roof.

Claire heads to the police station through back alleys. Eventually getting there she meets wounded RPD officer Marvin Branagh, who claims there are survivors in other rooms, as well as explaining to Claire what happened with the STARS members, although he states no-one has heard much from them lately. Claire battles through the hordes of zombies and finds the deserted STARS office, and there she finds a diary from her brother Chris Redfield. Moving on and leaving the office, she notices a young girl, who runs away.

Leon enters the RPD through an entrance near the parking garage. Travelling through the building he also notices the young girl but can’t get to her in time before she runs away. Running into Claire, they discuss that they will not be able to find Chris as his diary points out he has long since gone. They decide to look for anymore survivors and leave as quickly as they can; they stay in touch via two way radios.

Claire travels through the precinct looking for the young girl and eventually finds Marvin Branagh again by this point he is beyond help and finally transforms into a zombie leaving Claire no choice except to kill him. She eventually comes across the RPD Chief’s office, Brian Irons. Inside he sits before the dead body of the Mayor’s daughter. He seems troubled and uninterested with Claire and just babbles on, even going on to ask Claire to leave him alone, she then manages to find a young girl called Sherry Birkin. Sherry states how her mother told her to come to the station is it should be the safest place in the city to take refuge. All Sherry discovered however was that a large creature was constantly stalking her, Claire comforts her, telling her that she’ll look after her, and the both of them set off. As they explore the Chief’s personal collection, they return to his office and find him missing. Discovering a secret door behind his main desk Claire and Sherry descend into the depths of the sewers beneath the precinct.
Sensing something is amiss, Claire asks Sherry to wait behind, and Claire hears the Chief being attacked. She then enters the Chief’s personal ‘tool shop’. A grisly room full of trophies and fresh blood stains, the Chief himself emerges out of the shadows clearly troubled. He tells how Claire has been looking after the daughter of William Birkin, a person who is now running amok in the Precinct. He goes on to explain how William invented the G-Virus, a virus superior to the T-Virus in every way.
The Chief complains of pains, and suddenly a small creature bursts through his chest leaving the Chief dead, the small creature escapes into the trap door below. Claire gives chase and enters into a small underground chasm. The small creature grows almost immediately, and turns into what is known as a G-Imago, or G-Infant. Claire, using her acquired firepower quickly dispatches the creature and returning to get Sherry, quickly escape into the sewers.

Meanwhile Leon is stalked through various areas of the Precinct by a large creature wearing a heavy trench coat. It is a Tyrant that Umbrella has deployed in the Precinct to take care of any remaining survivors. Managing to fight it off time and again, Leon eventually runs into Ada Wong, a spy of an unnamed agency sent to recover the G-Virus herself. Creating a makeshift alliance with Leon the two manage to explore much of the precinct and Ada briefly encounters Sherry Birkin, who drops her necklace.
Leon and Ada then discover a news reporter called Ben Bertolucci. Within moments though, Ben is attacked and killed by William Birkin who shortly before he dies gives some telling evidence of Brian Irons to Leon.
Leon and Ada then decide to depart into the sewers. Ada runs on ahead, and Leon follows, but is delayed from an attack by William Birkin. Wasting no time Leon unloads as much firepower as he can spare into Birkin who retreats by throwing himself deeper into the sewers. Leon gives chase and goes after Ada.

Going further into the sewers, Sherry manages to gain further access through the ventilation shafts, where she comes up to what appears to be a large garbage compactor, however, the floor gives way and Sherry falls deeper into the sewer below. Knocked momentarily unconscious, she is approached by William Birkin…

In the sewers Leon and Ada are shot at by a woman in a lab coat. She runs away and Ada pursues as gunfire impacts around her, Leon jumps into her forcing her to safety but not before he takes a gunshot to the shoulder. Ada leaves an injured Leon in the corridor and chases to the woman. Racing through the sewers and into a sewage plant the woman shoots Ada’s pistol out of her hand. She introduces herself as Annette Birkin and tells Ada immediately that John, her supposed boyfriend is dead. She then goes on to explain that Umbrella tried to take the G-Virus away from William Birkin as he completed it, he was gunned down and shortly before he was to die he injected the virus into his own body, which revived him at the expense of his mortality. William is now roaming around the city looking for Sherry, their daughter. As Annette aims at Ada, she notices that Ada is wearing Sherry’s pendant. Accusing Ada of taking it from her and possibly causing Sherry harm she raises her gun to shoot. Ada seizes her gun from her hand. A brief fight occurs and Ada hits Annette over the rails into the water below.

Claire desperately searches for Sherry in the sewage plant and discovers Leon, Leon asks Claire to go on ahead and help Ada and Sherry. Reluctantly Claire goes on ahead and runs into Annette Birkin climbing out of the water, a brief conversation occurs and Annette also explains the story of Birkin to Claire, but also going into the fact that William is looking for Sherry as she will be a compatible host for the embryo’s he will plant inside her. After finding out Sherry has been looked after by Claire, Annette runs off in the hope to try and find her…

During her search Claire is attacked by a large crocodile, and using a nearby gas cylinder manages to blow it to pieces. Claire eventually finds Sherry lying across some sewer wreckage. As Sherry comes round, she notes that he has a pain in her stomach. Claire tells Sherry that everything will be okay and they carry on, discovering an underground cable car. Using they arrive a large marshalling yard with a reasonably sized train elevator.

Leon finally musters the strength to get up, although his wound is bleeding badly. He quickens his pace and like Claire before him, stumbles across the bodies of Umbrella’s USS strike team that was sent after Birkin. He eventually runs into Ada and collapses in exhaustion before her, claiming the bullet wound isn’t making things any easier. Ada patches him up with a bandage and they press on, out of the sewer and finding the underground cable car previously used by Claire.

Claire and Sherry manage to get the train elevator working and use it to descend below; unbeknown to them it leads directly into the main laboratory of Umbrella at Raccoon City. Claire reassures Sherry more, due to the fact that she doesn’t feel well at all, and Claire hears a noise outside.
Going out to investigate Claire is attacked for the first time by none other than William Birkin; his arm mutates and grows large razor sharp claws. Claire takes up the battle and fights him off.
Claire races back inside the train as it arrives at its destination and she carries Sherry, who has now fallen into a sleep to nearby medical room. Giving Sherry her waistcoat, Claire watches as Sherry drifts back into consciousness. Claire tells Sherry to lie where she is and rest as it becomes apparent an antidote for Sherry will be needed, a result of embryo impregnation from her encounter with Birkin.

Leon and Ada also arrive the Marshalling Yard to discover the train isn’t there. Managing to find a way to call for it they are again attacked by the Tyrant in the coat. Escaping its grasp Leon and Ada enter the train, and they themselves descend into the lab.
However on the way down a large claw smashes through the train and catches Ada in her side, seriously wounding her. Leon quickly exits the train and notices William Birkin, who now grows even two more arms as his face merges into his chest, and a larger more grotesque face sprouts up from his shoulders. The monstrosity jumps down and Leon is forced to battle him. Managing to avoid Birkin’s deadly speed he is able to defeat him, and Birkin collapses as the train comes to grinding halt midway in its descent.

Elsewhere, a ferocious battle occurs between a group of Tyrants and the U.S. Special Forces at the Dead Factory. All of the Special Forces are completely decimated, but not before they manage to destroy all the Tyrants.

September 30th
Birkin’s lab is destroyed, killing him in the process.
Annette Birkin is killed.
Ada Wong is seemingly killed, but indeed survives.
Leon and Claire, having taken Sherry Birkin in their care escape Raccoon City.
Hunk finally escapes Raccoon today
Outbreak: Underbelly (Estimated)

The Outbreak survivors escape through the dangerous streets and run into the underground. In the dark depths of the subway they find themselves trapped and stalked by large mutated flea-like insects. Finding a subway train to escape the underground hell, one of the team is attacked and taken away. The others pursue their captive team mate and come face to face with the Gigabyte, an absolutely enormous flea. Slaying it, they eventually power the train and leave the subway behind.

Leon returns to Ada and tells her that they will be leaving together, despite her pleas for Leon to go on without her. Leon tells her to wait where she is while he looks around and enters a small vent off the train platform. Not mere moments as he leaves the platform, it starts up again and the train with Ada descend into the lab.
With no choice Leon carries on and is also approached by a gun toting Annette, but her rants regarding Leon fighting Birkin are cut short when the Tyrant drops from the ceiling to attack Leon again. Fending it off he escapes into the lab.

Claire races around the Umbrella lab looking for the antidote for Sherry and yet again encounters Annette Birkin. Annette accuses Claire of murdering William but Claire stops her in her tracks when she informs Annette that Sherry is now carrying embryos. At that moment, Birkin shatters through the ceiling and slashes Annette across the chest, and returns back into the ceiling. Claire runs over and in her dying words, gives Claire the information she needs that will save Sherry.

Managing to use the information Claire obtained from Annette, she manages to create the ‘Devil’ Vaccine, the only thing that will destroy the embryos that now reside within Sherry. As Claire walks through a control room, she spies Leon on a security camera and asks if he can quickly get Sherry from the control room.

Leon finds the reactor room and enters as he is attacked yet again by the Tyrant, but Ada appears and distracts it by shooting it. The Tyrant grabs Ada and chokes her. Ada uses the last of her ammo and shoots the Tyrant point blank in the face. Angered it throws her hard against the reactor and then falls from the gantry they are standing into a boiling hot smelting pool below.
Leon goes over to the mortally wounded Ada and embrace briefly before she ‘dies’.

Leon leaves the reactor room as a voice emerges from nearby speaker, the voice of Claire where she asks if he can collect Sherry.

Claire manages to escape via the cargo elevator as the self destruct sequence continues around her. Moments before the elevator arrives however, Birkin arrives.
Not wasting any time Claire unleashes a barrage of ammunition into Birkin, who collapses again, but this time mutates into what can only be described as a large dog beast. Birkin is relentless in his attack but Claire unleashes more punishment into him, causing him to collapse as further mutations take place. Claire boards the cargo elevator.

Leon arrives at Sherry’s location and brings her to the train platform. Boarding the train Leon lies Sherry down on board and seeks a way of getting the train started. Finding the nearby power terminal, he waits for the systems to restore. The Tyrant appears, now on fire and itself mutated into a deadly weapon, attacks Leon.
Every attack Leon makes seems to make is ineffective to the now invincible BOW, as Leon begins to tire, a shadowed woman emerges and drops a rocket launcher for Leon. Immediately thinking it is Ada, the woman leaves and Leon takes up the rocket launcher and blasts the Tyrant into oblivion.
The train powers back up and Leon returns to the train, enters the control room and gets it started.

Claire arrives at the labs train platform just as Leon begins to depart, Claire leaps onboard and enters Leon’s car to find Sherry now unconscious. Administering the antidote straight away the effects are immediate as Sherry comes round as the lab explodes behind them.
The celebrations are short however as an alert sounds on the train, a biohazard contamination has occurred and a two minutes detonation countdown begins. Leon goes on into another car to investigate as the door locks behind automatically leaving him separated from Claire and Sherry.
Birkin enters the train via the roof, now a large monstrous blob Leon has no choice but to fight Birkin. It isn’t long however before Birkin starts to seemingly ‘die’. Blood erupts from all over his mass and he begins to spread across the train floor. Leon runs back to the door that blocks Claire and Sherry and tells Claire to try and stop the train. But Claire’s access to the train control room is also locked.
Relentlessly Birkin regenerates and comes after the trio again. Leon is forced to escape to the roof and Claire and Sherry are trapped in their car as Birkin shatters the door. Sherry manages to squeeze through a small vent into the control car, and Claire spies a trap door and escapes, hanging below the train’s floor.
Leon opens the roof access to the control room and shows Sherry which button to press. Sherry hits it and the train comes to a screeching halt. The trio reunite and exit the train tunnel moments before the train explosion rocks the countryside around them, effectively killing Birkin once and for all.

The three survivors take a moment to rest moments before they get up, Leon comments how they have no choice but to take out Umbrella, and Claire notes that he has to find Chris.

The Outbreak survivors return to the RPD and use it as a temporary shelter.

Unknown to Carlos, Nicholai rests within the Clock tower and writes a report for Umbrella:
1998 Report from the U.B.C.S. member. Part 2 At this moment, I am in the clock tower situated above Raccoon City. The city is overrun with zombies. It is safe to say that Raccoon City has been completely destroyed due to the biohazard. This situation is different from the accidental biohazard in the mansion. We suspect that it was intentionally caused by one of our company’s researchers. Dr. William Birkin, the creator of both the T-virus and G-virus. I have researched both biohazard incidents, and noticed that two issues need to be addressed immediately. The security of the virus stored in our worldwide facilities must be improved. Also, we need to re-educate our workers. Biological weapon viruses will surely become our primary product, so they should be handled as such. All personnel should take extreme care not to allow any more biohazards to happen. U.B.C.S. Commander Nicholai Ginovaef

During the night, Hunk emerges from the sewer after over a week, and with the G-Virus battles through the precinct. He eventually makes it to the RPD helipad and launches a flare into the sky where he is airlifted back to Umbrella. Taking off his mask the pilot looks in bewilderment as to how Hunk survived being in Raccoon for over a week. “Only you survive Mr. Death” he claims, Hunk rests on board, confident in his mission success. He is taken to Loire Village and meets with Umbrella Representatives, handing over the G-Virus to them and completing his mission.

October 1st
Jill awakens, and with Carlos escape to an Umbrella ‘Dead Factory’
Nicholai is revealed to be working directly for Umbrella and is contracted to kill Jill Valentine.
Outbreak: ‘Decisions, Decisions’ and ‘End of the Road’ scenarios.
Nemesis is destroyed using a Rail Cannon.
Nicholai escapes or dies – depending on what YOU the player want to believe.
Barry Burton rescues Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveria.
Raccoon City is destroyed.
Greg notes that Mass Production – is Ridiculous.
Ada escapes Raccoon City and rendezvous with Wesker

[R E S I D E N T  E V I L 3: N E M E S I S]

Early morning (though Jill calls it night) and Jill awakens from her slumber, infected with the deadly T virus. She states how she can’t feel any pain and Carlos, who has looked over her for over 48 hours, now decides to head to the nearby Raccoon Hospital in search for a cure.
There he learns that the basement levels of the hospital are being used by Umbrella and he is able to create a cure for the T virus.
UBCS survivor Tyrell Patrick encounters Nicholai, and as Carlos walks in on the two battling, Tyrell pulls a grenade pin that kills him. Nicholai jumps to safety.

Unknown to Carlos, Nicholai has planted a bomb within the hospital, which destroys it.

As Carlos returns to the church he is attacked by the Nemesis, which has now sprouted many tentacles and is more relentless than ever before, Carlos manages to evade the monster and is able to give Jill the cure to the virus. After warning Jill that both Nicholai and the Nemesis are still alive, Carlos leaves Jill.
Jill leaves the church and has a brief encounter with the Nemesis, escaping his clutches again; she proceeds beyond the church through Raccoon Park. Rain falls through the trees and Jill eventually discovers a cabin at the end of a graveyard just off the park. Inside she finds a small radio point for the UBCS, where she encounters a transmission that says the operation has been terminated, and a retreat order for all supervisors. As she exits the radio room, she is held by gunpoint by none other than Nicholai, who is impressed she managed to stay alive until now. Engaging in small talk and threats, the cabin is rocked by a large creature and Nicholai, again, escapes. Jill leaves the cabin and is attacked by a large worm, called the ‘Gravedigger’.
A battle ensues and Jill uses her cunning and wits to electrocute the beast in a large pool of water with the help of a streetlight. Leaving the park through a back entrance and across a bridge to what looks like a disused factory, she is attacked by the Nemesis again. Unable to battle on the thin bridge, Jill jumps into the waters below and climbing a ladder, enters the Dead Factory.

Nicholai at this time from leaving Jill makes a quick trip over to Raccoon University, to some last minute business for Umbrella. There he is told to investigate Daylight – the cure to the T-Virus. He rendezvous with a small surviving squad of UBCS, who are down to only MP5’s. Nicholai tells them to wait in the University car park while he takes his PSG-1 with a blood extraction unit mounted to it. Getting to a vantage point the team are attacked by THANATOS, Greg’s (an Umbrella scientist, creator of DAYLIGHT) masterpiece. [NOTE: Greg does not agree with Umbrella’s mass-production of the Tyrant 103 range]. Nicholai fires the extraction device and it connects to Thanatos and draws some of his blood. The UBCS squad is wiped out by an enraged Thanatos before they are able to take the device. Nicholai curses and talks about setting up his contingency plan. He rigs the University to explode and enters the ventilation system to the building. Inside, he is able to find the room Greg is in, who talks to 4 survivors of the Outbreak, including Yoko Suzuki. Before Greg is able to put all his cards on the table, so to speak, Nicholai shoots him through the head. Nicholai looks at his watch and says “Almost time.” Before activating the timers on the bombs, and leaving for the Dead Factory himself.

Carlos meets Jill at the Dead Factory, and informs her that the Government is bombing the city come daybreak, that only being a few hours away they decide to make haste with escaping, and they both separate looking for a way out. In the disposal area of the Factory, Jill comes face to face with the Nemesis, and is locked inside to battle him by the room’s safety mechanism. A relentless battle and generous usage of ammunition defeats the Nemesis, causing his head to separate and he collapse. Jill escapes the room, just as the room is drained into the waste waters below. Using a security card she discovers, she and Carlos are able to proceed into the control tower. Whilst there Jill is contacted by Barry Burton – who has come to rescue her. As Jill tries to escape to the helicopter, Nicholai steals it and opens fire on the tower, perforating the windows and sending out showers of glass. Jill tries to negotiate with Nicholai – but knowing the missile attack is imminent he quickly departs, or Jill shoots Nicholai to his death with a rocket launcher – depending on what you want to believe is canon.. Jill and Carlos escape below, and find a large room containing a large, prototype rail cannon named the ‘Paracelsus Sword’. Also within the room are a dead platoon of U.S. Special Forces (who were originally going to rendezvous with William Birkin) and a killed Tyrant-103.
At that moment, Nemesis attacks, in the form of a large blob, he consumes some of the dead Tyrant cells which triggers a mutation, causing him to grow even bigger. Not wasting any time, Jill charges up the rail cannon, and it fires several blasts, annihilating the Nemesis. It’s remains, still relentless and conscious, slither toward Jill, who draws a magnum and injects the final shots into the Nemesis carcass, finally killing the bane of the STARS.
Jill and Carlos ride an elevator to the surface, and there they are met by Barry Burton, who quickly picks them up and takes them to safe distance. The missiles strike the city, the largest being a nuclear-type missile, totally reducing the city to a crater. Jill states that Umbrella has gone too far, and Barry asks her if she is ready to finish it.

[Umbrella Chronicles: D E A T H ‘ S  D O O R]

During this time, Ada Wong, who has narrowly survived her ordeals in the city. Manages to find a contact of Wesker’s and sends word to him. She and her contact arrange to meet in the Apple Inn. Battling through the streets she finally enters the inn, but finds her contact dead, suicide. Inside the room however, Wesker is waiting via a direct feed on a nearby computer. He expresses his attitude toward Ada’s ‘failure’ and involvement with Leon. Ada stops Wesker in his tracks by revealing to him that she has a tissue fragment of the G-Virus. Wesker then explains that Ada hasn’t much time and that the city is due to be destroyed imminently, he tells her that there will be a evacuation helicopter leaving shortly, and he remotely opens a suitcase in the hotel room that reveals a Wire Gun – or Hook Shot. Wesker tells her that if she doesn’t make the chopper there will be no way out of Raccoon in time. Ada leaves the Inn and rushes to the helicopter.

Meanwhile, back in the University, some of the J’s Bar survivors run into Greg. He points out to Yoko Suzuki that he understands why she’d want to have all memory of working for Umbrella erased, due to the events that happened being so terrible. He is assassinated, then by Nicholai, while Yôko and three other survivors obtain the samples of Daylight. They notice the bombs that Nicholai has planted and escape the building shortly before it detonates. The explosion captures the attention of two firemen, doing one last check of the city. They spot some of the J’s Bar survivors and tell them that they will be air-lifted in the nearby courtyard. They escape and are intercepted again, by THANATOS, who has now mutated into a large creature. A battle ensues and Thanatos is again defeated.
As the survivors get to the helicopter, Thanatos makes one last attempt to slaughter the survivors, but armed with a sample of Daylight, and a capsule shooter, Thanatos is injected directly with Daylight and is killed. The survivors escape the hellish Raccoon City moments before the air strike.

As Jill makes her last escape, across the city at the main Umbrella building a scientist named Linda has escaped and found her own way out of the city. Umbrella Secret Service (of which Hunk is a part of) member Rodriguez has successfully captured and contained a large mass of a creature called ‘Nyx’. Umbrella, realising this betrayal send a UBCS unit after Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Linda returns back to the Umbrella building and meets up with Carter, he is worried about the sheer number of hunters that roam the corridors, and as a result he releases a Tyrant-103 from cryo-statis. The Tyrant runs amok, killing all the hunters in its path. David King leads some of the J’s Bar survivors into the building, seeking answers and they fight alongside the Tyrant. Through a report file they learn that Yoko Suzuki, was used a test subject for various T-Virus tests, and that as a result she had her memory wiped.
The T-103 malfunctions and attacks and kills Carter and he and Linda prepare to escape, Linda is knocked into the sewers below the building, where a rush of water sweeps her away.
She wakes up near Raccoon Main street and as she exits the sewers she is shot by a member of the UBCS team sent to intercept Rodriguez – Arnold, who is sniping zombies. She stumbles into the Apple Inn and waits there.
Meanwhile, the T-103 sustains heavy injuries and mutates into its true form, a large Tyrant.

[Umbrella Chronicles: D E A T H ‘ S  D O O R]
Ada battles up to the highway overpass near the Apple Inn, there she is attacked by the T-103 that had previously stalked the Outbreak survivors. Managing to defeat it, she spies the helicopter, and using her hook shot, catches a lift. Completing her escape from Raccoon. On board the helicopter is none other than Sergei, and an as yet unknown Umbrella officer. It is revealed that the cargo that Sergei has is none other than the Red Queen computer, and the whole of the Umbrella Archives. The very thing he needs so that Umbrella can rise from the ashes should they be destroyed.
(Is it speculated that the officer is none other than Spencer himself, but I personally don’t buy it ~Ty^)

The J’s Bar survivors exit the sewers and meet up with Linda in the Apple Inn, there they attempt to move her to Rodriguez’s chopper, but he feels he has waited too long and takes off with Nyx. On a nearby rooftop an Umbrella official, armed with a stinger missile launcher fires wildly at Rodriguez, and while he misses the chopper manages to sever the chains that hold Nyx. The large container falls onto the nearby freeway and a UBCS team move in to capture it. Nyx manages to break free and kill the UBCS team, absorbing them.
The survivors arrive at the freeway, and there they encounter the Tyrant again, however it is soon absorbed by Nyx, and Nyx becomes a humanoid matter, the survivors manage to kill Nyx and jump into a military jeep with Linda, moments before the city is destroyed.

1. Claire leaves Leon with Sherry, they are then detained by Government officials and Leon is given a choice, which ultimately ends up with Leon becoming a US Government agent.
2. Sherry is taken away and ultimately ends up in the hands of none-other than Albert Wesker.
3. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine organise a private biohazard containment unit.
4. Kevin Ryman travels the US on a motorcycle. It is unknown whether he remains a police officer elsewhere.
5. David King leaves the US via boat.
6. Alyssa Ashcroft pursues her journalism and writes an article on the Raccoon City disaster, exposing many of the secrets that went on.
7. Yoko Suzuki testifies in court against Umbrella.
8. Jim Chapman
9. Mark Wilkins moves his family out into the country and leads a peaceful lifestyle.
10. Cindy Lennox
11. George Hamilton

After the Raccoon City incident, the U.S. government issued an order for Umbrella to cease and desist all operations. In response, Ozwell E. Spencer hired the best lawyers money could buy and prepared false witnesses to try and create the appearance of a conspiracy with which to turn the public opinion away from Umbrella and toward the government. Survivors of the incident presented their testimonies, but the lack of evidence, most of which had been wiped out in the eradication operation, and the withholding of testimony by government employees, who feared being implicated, made the case drag on without a conclusion.

October 4th

A restaurant owner on Sheena Island describes what he knows of the Raccoon City incident:
I heard an unbelievable story. A small town in America, Raccoon City, was destroyed last week. They said that al the residents turned into zombies, and the city is now completely deserted. Umbrella Inc. is rumoured to be behind the incident, but I don’t know the details. Although the incident occurred far from here, across the sea, I can’t help but feel anxiety if Umbrella is truly behind it. I hope that this city will be okay…

October 6th
Nicholai files his final report referring to Raccoon City:
We’ve had extreme difficulties collecting the sample data for T-virus contamination and tactical data regarding the B.O.W. The new B.O.W. we call “Nemesis” was more ferocious and intelligent than we had expected. As a result, many U.B.C.S. members sent to the area have been sacrificed in the process of collecting combat data. I expect the researchers to analyze the combat data and use it to develop an even more evolved, ultimate B.O.W. U.B.C.S. Commander Nicholai Ginovaef –

October 7th

On Sheena Island, the officials of the island have their first meeting regarding the destruction of Raccoon City. The Church manager writes:
Today, the leaders of each section of the city, including myself, attended a meeting with the commander. The briefing was on the destruction of Raccoon City. During the conference, everyone placed blame on William Birkin. He betrayed the company and wanted to keep the G-virus for himself. The commander told us that if there is a traitor like Birkin in this city, we should execute him immediately and without question. I wholeheartedly agree with the commander’s orders. This city is as vital to Umbrella as that laboratory in Raccoon City was. No…It is actually much more important. We must not allow a biohazard to happen in this city. We cannot let Umbrella’s efforts to buy the city and establish these billion-dollar facilities go to waste. We should keep a closer eye on the behaviour of personnel in the future.

October 6th
The Sheena Island restaurant owner continues to write about Raccoon City:
I heard another interesting story. This one is about William Birkin, who supposedly destroyed Raccoon City. He was the creator of the virus called T, or G, or whatever. He tried to use the virus for his own purposes. Unbelievable as it may seem, he injected the virus into his own body and turned into a monster. Also, the virus leaked into the sewer, and it is rumoured that rats spread the virus around the entire city.

October 8th
The Sheena Island restaurant owner discovers that Umbrella has T-Virus on the island:
What should I do? One of the Umbrella workers who came here for lunch mentioned that the T-virus IS on this island. He said that there’s no possibility that an accident could occur here in this city, but…I’m not too sure. I decided to work for Umbrella because of the money. But now I’ve grown tired of opening my restaurant for only Umbrella workers. There is nothing new or interesting left for me in this town. I guess it’s time to get out of here before it’s too late…

The boy of the Sheena Island prison describes tonight as October 9th – but since the prison riot is on the 9th, we put it down to the fact that he is hallucinating and has lost track of time:
The time has come. I have noticed the Umbrella people have been visibly disturbed for about a week or so. Rumour has it that there was a terrible accident at the Umbrella Laboratory somewhere in America. All the prison guards seem to be very busy gathering information on the accident, so security isn’t as tight. We’ve organized our comrades already. Stojkovic and Enriquez are supposed to steal the keys from the guards. Sankhon and I will act as decoys, and Yoshikawa and Fellipe are in charge of gathering weapons.

October 9th
The boy of Sheena Island prison writes in his diary one last time before executing his fatal plan:
We have decided our escape route. The plan will be carried out at 11 PM tonight. We have twenty members separated into two units: Unit A and Unit B. Unit A will go into the sewer through the ventilation slot of the confinement room, while Unit B will use a rope climb down from the surveillance tower. We’ll use the rope they used to tie us. If we fail, Vincent will surely kill us. But if we stay here, Vincent will order them to cut our brains eventually. We’re dead either way, but I’d rather die trying to escape…

The boys (referred to as guinea pigs), trapped inside the Sheena Island prison managed to gather weapons and cause a riot in an attempt to escape. They are however unsuccessful and Commander Vincent executes everyone involved. The official word is that the boys, 20 of them, committed suicide.
In the time following this tragedy, the locals of Sheena Island try a secret campaign against Vincent, and proceed to wiretap his phone.

October 10th

Andy, of Sheena Island writes in his journal again:
It seems some terrible accident happened above ground last night. I don’t know any more details, but I heard that Commander Vincent has done something cruel.

Commander Vincent of Sheena Island writes in his diary describing the events of the prison riot:
Last night, a group of guinea pigs confined in the prison escaped, took weapons, and caused a riot. The guinea pigs who were responsible for the incident were all shot to death by myself, but it will cause a lot of trouble if Umbrella headquarters becomes aware of this. This could spoil my plan of returning to headquarters and collecting my reward for my great achievements here in this city. I ordered the prison chief to report the incident as a mass suicide, but I will also have to order the others who are involved not to talk about it…

October 15th
Rumours of Vincent’s massacre spread around Sheena Island, Lott writes:
I heard Commander Vincent killed those people who tried to escape from the prison. I wonder how such a thing happened? I know they are inferior to us, but did we have to kill them? Is this what I believed in? Umbrella and my dad were supposed to help the inferiors by operating on them… Why did he kill them?

October 20th
The Police Chief of Sheena Island writes a journal entry:
Today, we received a reply to our report about the incident where 20 guinea pigs committed suicide the other day. The headquarters does not seem to have any suspicions and says that they plan to gather replacement guinea pigs soon. It’s too late, but now I’m starting to regret that I sent a fake report of a mass suicide incident, when it was actually a mass escape. However, as long as I stay in this city, it means death to me if I dare to oppose to Commander Vincent. I’ll never forget the cruel smile of Vincent when he was shooting at the boys who tried to escape from the prison on that night. It looked as if he were killing a bunch of insects. Commander Vincent is indeed a very cold-blooded person, just as he is rumoured to be. He is a true murderer. I am in a position where I am supposed to report the truth to headquarters, but I’m also afraid of Commander Vincent… I don’t know what to do…

October 30th
A worker at the Ashford Antarctic facility discusses his job:
When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I would be able to live care-free for the rest of my life, being employed by this huge corporation.
It’s a joke that I ended up being a driver at a place like this. I asked for a position change, but they completely ignored me. It feels more like a prison! Work is extremely demanding, and there’s nothing fun about it. I’d rather be dead!

November 3rd
The worker at Antarctic has his booked vacation cancelled:
My hard-earned vacation was cancelled suddenly. I heard they failed to secure enough manpower due to a mistake made by the facility head, Alfred. That fool doesn’t deserved forgiveness. He doesn’t even treat us like human beings!

November 5th
The worker at Antarctica learns of an interested myth concerning the facility:
I heard an interesting story from a guy who’s been working here for 8 years. He must be awfully patient…

He says that there is a man who has been confined for over 10 years, locked deep below here. People call him “Nosferatu” and are deathly afraid of him. What an absurd story!

November 8th
Vincent Goldman is concerned of the people on Sheena Island trying to gather information of his ordeals, writing:
The people of the city who have been opposing me are now trying to gather information, intending to report to headquarters what I did. Yesterday, that little boy, Lott, told me that a spy sneaked into the city. I guess that spy may have something to do with the rebellion happening here. I’ll let him for now, and see who he works for and why he is here. Then I’ll kill him. It’s a sad story that the only person that I can trust in this whole city is that little kid, Lott.

November 9th
Andy, of Sheena Island writes in his journal for the last time:
Today at last, Commander Vincent came down here for an inspection. We made small talk, but I could see nothing but cruelty in him. When I took a picture of him as a souvenir, he became very angry… He is such a jerk!

November 10th
The worker at Antarctica hears something in the middle of the night:
At midnight I woke up to an ominous growling sound that seemed to be coming from deep under ground…I’m so pathetic to have been frightened by such a foolish story.
Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time maintaining their sanity if they were confined in a place like this!

November 19th
Vincent’s concerns grow, he writes:
The people of the city seem to be preparing to hand the prosecution report to the headquarters people who are delivering the new guinea pigs next week. They say that they have evidence of my doings. I can never allow them to reveal that. Those civilians will regret what they are doing. I’ll teach them what happens to those who oppose me!!

November 22nd
Vincent bathes in his glory:
Now they know who holds the power! I’ve spread the T-virus all over the city. Of course it was done to look like an accident. The city should be completely contaminated. Now I can go back to headquarters and get promoted for my great achievements at the factory. No one can oppose me now…! Wait… there is one person that I have to take care of. It’s that spy. I have to eliminate that rat who sneaked into the city!

November 23rd
Lott hides from the dangers of Sheena Island and writes:
The city is in total panic! Monsters are everywhere and they are attacking people! Those Umbrella people who were very nice to me suddenly started attacking me. I need help! Please someone rescue me!

November 24th
Lott writes for the final time in his diary:
My dad and my mom turned into monsters. One of the survivors told me that Commander Vincent turned the people into monsters. I can’t trust anyone now. I have to survive and protect my sister Lily, no matter what! We have to escape from this city together!!

November 25th/26th
[R E S I D E N T  E V I L  S U R V I V O R]
A lone man wakes up next to a burning helicopter, his head thumping in pain. He gets up unaware of where he is or who he is. Passing through the town he finds a body on the floor holding a tag with the name ‘Ark Thompson’. He then finds himself attacked by zombies and before he knows it the town is a death-trap for him to escape, his only defence – a small Glock 17 pistol. Racing through the town he eventually runs into a boy called Lott, and reads a diary of someone called Vincent, who is a described as the person in charge of Umbrella Facility on Sheena Island, which is where the man is. The man then believes himself to be Vincent Goldman and is disgusted at the atrocities he believes he has committed. Lott eventually runs off and the man carries on, coming up to a prison where the inmates are children. The man also finds himself attacked by various Tyrant’s that plague the island and indeed before long the island is discovered to be the very place where all the Tyrant’s are mass-produced. The man then finds a young girl in her home called Lily, Lily is the brother of Lott and she claims he has gone into the Tyrant labs to look for a way out.
Passing through the man learns that Tyrant’s are generally created from children and there are thousands of Tyrant’s created on this island.
The man pledges to save Lott and he too enters the Umbrella facility.
Inside he finds Lott attacked by a hunter and rescues him. Lott then finally reveals that the man is none other than Ark Thompson, a detective sent to investigate Umbrella’s ordeals on the island. The man he saw before was infact Vincent Goldman.
Ark remembers that he was sent to Sheena on behalf of Leon S. Kennedy.

Deciding that they must escape the island, Ark tells Lott to get his sister and rendezvous later. As Ark races to escape the island he is held at gunpoint by Vincent, who claims he knows Ark is a spy, as well as activating the self-destruct system for the facility. As Ark is about to fire, Vincent is impaled upon a Tyrant’s skewer, Ark briefly battles the Tyrant and defeats it, and gets to a nearby train where he tells Lott and Lily to get on board. Ark is surrounded by strange Umbrella gun-wielding troops and manages to activate the train and jump onboard, which takes them to a heliport. As they run to the helicopter, the Tyrant reappears and Ark is forced to fight on the helipad. As it mutates Ark continues to fire everything he has into it, and defeating it jumps onboard the helicopter and flies into the sky as the facility detonates behind him.

However, as they begin to relax, the Tyrant who has hung on to the helicopter all the time re-appears. Ark wastes no time and fires a missile from the chopper straight into the Tyrant, which launches it out into the sky. Ark then fires a second missile into the first and the Tyrant is annihilated in the sky. Ark explains that they are safe now, and can travel so long as they the fuel to do so…
(Apologies for the short description – but what can you do with this game, since there are so many paths and the story isn’t exactly Shakespeare, I just thought I’d brush upon – you got the essentials. ~Ty^)

December 17th/18th
Claire Redfield, looking for her brother manages to infiltrate the Paris Umbrella laboratory. She finds she has to fight against a small army, but eventually she is held at a deadlock by a man named Rodriguez. She is then detained and taken to Rockfort Island.

December 27/28th
[C O D E :  V E R O N I C A]
[Survivor 2: CODE: Veronica]
1. Wesker is officially confirmed as alive, and attacks Rockfort Island.
2. Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside escape Rockfort Island.
3. Chris Redfield arrives at Rockfort, and battles Wesker.
4. Claire and Chris Redfield, Steve and Wesker all head to Antarctica.
5. The Ashford’s died out, but not before Alexia becomes Veronica.
6. Chris destroys Alexia/Veronica, and then battles Wesker, Wesker eventually escapes and Chris and Claire escape shortly before the facility explodes.

Albert Wesker attacks Rockfort Island, an island controlled by the Ashfords. Claire Redfield, who is detained there shortly escapes and meets Steve Burnside. Claire manages to email Leon S. Kennedy to tell her whereabouts to inform Chris Redfield.
As Claire battles through the island, she meets Albert Wesker, who beats her and tells her he is waiting for Chris, he is distracted however and leaves Claire. She with Steve enter the Ashford Palace. They uncover that Alexia Ashford is dead, and that Alfred masquerades as her, as a result he activates the self-destruct.
Claire and Steve eventually escape after battling a Tyrant. Both Claire and Steve get led to Antarctica where they encounter Alexander Ashford, after Claire skilfully kills him, they escape the facility in a snow mobile. At that moment, the wounded Alfred enters Alexia’s chamber the moment she finally revives from a 15 year process, as she watches her brother die she enters a rage and causes a massive attack on Claire and Steve. Wrecking the vehicle they are using she watches at is burns into the snow…
Chris Redfield arrives at Rockfort, as explosions are rocking the island. He battles through and eventually meets Albert Wesker. After a brief battle, they both learn that the quest they both seek lies in Antarctica, and Wesker leaves Chris to his doom. Chris however finds an Ashford harrier and flies it to Antarctica. There he finally finds Claire and rescues her. Only to be separated by Alexia. She has captured Steve and utilized the same experiment that she did on her father on him. Claire manages to pursue Alexia and finds Steve as he mutates into a huge creature. Claire flees and Steve eventually dies, claiming that he loves Claire.
Chris witnesses a battle between Wesker and Alexia. Alexia betters Wesker forcing him to escape. Chris battles Alexia and bests her. As he infiltrates the facility further he reunites with Claire, as Alexia attacks again. The both of them unlock the safety catch on a Linear Launcher and Claire escapes leaving Chris to battle Alexia.
After a gruelling battle Chris eventually uses the Linear Launcher to obliterate Alexia, destroying her. As he escapes he notices Wesker has captured Claire and he goes to battle him. Claire escapes to the harrier and Chris fights a final battle between him and Wesker. An explosion divides the battle and Wesker is left defeated. Both himself and Chris manage to escape Antarctica as an explosion sounds. Destroying the Ashford facility.
Chris pledges to destroy Umbrella once and for all.
During the flight Claire has a strange dream in which she has to escape the island whilst being attacked by hordes of the undead. She is pursued in a dream by a variant of the Nemesis and she eventually kills it as she wakes up.

Mid – 1 9 9 9
A jet flies over the crater of Raccoon City, and takes photographs of the landscape. The photographs are transmitted down into an observation tower located deep within the crater, which has now been totally quarantined and fenced off.
The scientists at the base talk about how non-human life forms have survived 6 months on, and talking to an unknown person on the phone, mention how they are going to begin a series of tests.

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