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1. Seeking Spencer’s motives, Wesker transfers from Arklay’s Chief Researcher to the Information Bureau (or Secret Service) [Information Bureau was capitalized in the actual report]. Much to Wesker’s surprise, William Birkin’s G-Virus research is approved by Spencer and is given his own laboratory deep beneath Raccoon City to facilitate the project.
2. In Umbrella’s European Research Lab #6, the Nemesis Project beings.

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With his fifth year secured in office, Mayor Michael Warren puts forward a large refurbishment plan for Raccoon City; this includes the construction of a brand new state of the art hospital and a rebuild of the Municipal building.
To commemorate this, a statue of the Mayor is built and dwells within the Municipal building.

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The Arklay hospital located in the mountains closes.

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31st July
Wesker returns to the Spencer Mansion after his absence and re-unites with William Birkin for the first time. Wesker asks himself why Spencer would authorise research on the G-Virus as it was a virus which could potentially deviate from the original concept of a Bio-Weapon. Also, the G-Virus as a weapon is too unstable as it continues to mutate within a host until the host dies. No matter what Birkin could do to try and stop the mutations, they would just mutate nonetheless.

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