1 9 8 6
William Birkin marries fellow researcher Annette, and before long Sherry Birkin is born.

1 9 8 7
Michael Warren becomes Mayor of Raccoon City after a successful campaign.

1 9 8 8
With the T-Virus completed, Spencer sees no reason to keep Marcus alive. He sends Birkin and Wesker, as well as two armed assassins to confront him. The assassins open fire immediately, mortally wounding Marcus. Birkin tells the dying Marcus that he will continue the T-Virus research. Marcus’s body is disposed in the waste treatment plant deep below the main Umbrella lab in Raccoon.

1st July
Wesker and Birkin move the T-Virus into the third stage and look toward creating a ‘Tyrant’.
The Tyrant proved to be an obstacle for the research, although the T-Virus was well suited to creating zombies and hunters, to create a Tyrant the infected needs to retain a vast amount of intelligence. In short – only one in ten million hosts would become a Tyrant. The research comes to a standstill.

Circa 1 9 8 8
Feeling the pressure of competition, particularly from the European branch. Wesker quickly demands a sample of the Nemesis Parasite, despite Birkin’s opposition, in order exploit it for his own success. Spencer makes the impossible happen and within just a few days Wesker and Birkin have a sample of the Nemesis prototype. The Nemesis parasite was a wildly intelligent parasite, and once infected a host could control them, yet no matter how many times they used the parasite it always killed the host. Before long Wesker and Birkin have a long list of deaths to their research.
Wesker, desperately trying to take control of the Nemesis prototype from the Europe labs, decides as a last resort to use Lisa Trevor as a host for the Nemesis.
Lisa Trevor is administered with the Nemesis, and the sample disappears the moment it is injected into her. Lisa had taken over the parasite and something had awoken within her.
Birkin, now obsessed with Lisa, ignores all the previous research and starts fresh. He learns that within Lisa is the first ever known existence of the G-Virus.

1 9 8 9
A pamphlet for the Raccoon City subway system is published:
20 years have passed since this line opened here in Raccoon City in 1969. In that time, it has enjoyed the patronage and support of all of Raccoon’s citizens.

When the Kite brothers first started this line, it ran only a mile and had 3 stops. Thanks to the city’s economic rejuvenation by the Umbrella Corporation, it now has 8 stations and stretches 8.5 miles.

Progress continues at our company as we strive to provide the excellent service that our passengers deserve. Please accept the heartiest of thanks.
S. Gordo. KBS PR Dept


The Raccoon Police Department purchases the old Raccoon Museum building and turns it into a new precinct. It was chosen for its central location and ample parking

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