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Steve Burnside is born.

As a result of 3 years of solid research on the T-Virus, the research moves into the second stage.
The virus becomes stable enough and the first zombies are created as a result. However, the virus only spread to like 90% of people like the Ebola virus. Spencer is disappointed by this and says he wants a virus that can wipe out an entire population. He ignores the costs and stresses to Wesker, Birkin and Marcus that he wants a 100% effective virus whatever it takes. Wesker fails to understand this.
On the side Birkin manages to creature a strain within the virus that can cause exceptional mutation on subjects with extraordinary fighting ability – this is the ‘Hunter’.

July 27th
Young Ashford genius Alexia at only 10 years old, is appointed Senior researcher at Umbrella South Pole laboratory.

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People at the Arklay Lab wonder if more success would be achieved if Alexia was there garnering Birkin’s annoyance. He becomes a nuisance to Wesker and begins to move too fast in his research for the specimens to survive. Wesker becomes intrigued that despite Birkin’s sporadic testing, Lisa Trevor manages to survive – despite so much exposure to the viruses.

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January 30th
The young Alfred Ashford locates a hidden door in the Antarctic facility, in a section that has been modelled to look exactly like the Spencer Mansion. He notes his frustration:
There’s a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antarctic facility. I don’t know what is hidden there, but I do not know how to get in.
I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as proof of being legitimate descendant of the Ashford family. The only problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father’s proof.

February 17th
Alfred finally enters the hidden room at Antarctica:
I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both Alexia and myself…
I hate my father. That fool, Alexander…Now it is obvious that we were merely created in an attempt to cover my father’s blunder. I can never trust him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford family with my sister.
I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.

March 3rd
Alexia and Alfred finally trap their father Alexander, and experiment on him:
Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we’ve been talking about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can finally contribute to the Ashford family.

The only thing we should be careful about is that the butler, Harman, does not become wise to our activities.

April 22nd
Alfred writes about the recent experiment:
The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was useless after all. Even worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is completely out of control.
We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell. However, Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my expectations, she now says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on her own body.

On top of that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in order to accomplish the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can’t see my dear Alexia for as long as 15 years.

Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon me. Now, I am the only one who can protect Alexia.

December 31st

After two years of under-achieving, Wesker and Birkin receive news from the South Pole laboratory – Alexia Ashford has died. They hear it is because she was accidentally infected with her own virus – the T-Veronica virus. Rumours persist she deliberately infected herself with the virus.
The South Pole laboratory is taken over by Alfred Ashford. The Ashford name becomes irreparably tarnished.

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Birkin returns to the person he was before he knew of Alexia, though still is angered at the name, so much so he refuses to let Wesker get a sample of the T-Veronica virus. Wesker bides his time to learn more.
In this time, Wesker researches the adaptability of the T-Virus and learns it can infect just about anything, from wildlife to plant life. He questions why Spencer chose the Arklay mountains as a ground to set the T-Virus lab, as though he wanted an outbreak of T-Virus to happen one day.
Lisa Trevor is almost forgotten about and condemned to her cabin high in the woods outside the mansion.

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Ramon Salazar is born. Inherits leadership of Los Illuminatos.
Ashley Graham is born.

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