Until Dawn ”still in development, going really well”

The development of Until Dawn has been hard to follow. Initially announced over a year ago at Gamescom 2012 by Supermassive Games, it seems we’re at half-year intervals for even the slightest news. Last April some boxart popped up, suggesting the title would no longer be PS Move exclusive. And since then, things have been quiet again for the PS3 teen-slasher horror game.

Today, managing director of Supermassive Games, Pete Samuels, has commented that Until Dawn is, “still in development, and going really well.”

“Until Dawn is very much still in development, going really well, and without any deliberations of possible cancellation that I’m aware of. We’re very pleased with the way it’s going. I’m sure that there will be more news soon, but I couldn’t say exactly when.”

To be seen is still exact details of the game’s suggested controller support, if it’s being moved onto PS4 or staying PS3-exclusive still, or any sort of estimated release date. Hopefully such news is less than half a year away.


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  • Kei-chan

    My guess is that it indeed did move over to PS4.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    no i hope for Both PS3&PS4

  • Liam Mountain

    they said it’s still a ps3 game , Man I thought this game was dead I really want to play this I love the setting , sure it’s the typical American let’s have sex in the cabin but OH NO were going to get interrupted horror movie lol but it looks like it could be very fun and scary.

  • Steven Bayne

    I can’t wait to lead a bunch of stereotypical teens to their death. Sound like fun to me.


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