The Silent Hill Franchise Lives on Xbox One


Someone at Konami remembers the Silent Hill franchise, at least enough to give Microsoft the “okay” to release the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill: Downpour on Xbox One via the Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature.

Downpour is available right now on Xbox One, just go to “My Games and Apps” and go to “Ready to Install” if you already own the game digitally, or insert the disc that you already have. For first-timers, you can buy the game directly on your Xbox One, or via The game is currently $19.99 digitally.¬†We gave Silent Hill: Downpour a 9/10, and what better time to play than the month of October?

Let’s hope Microsoft and Konami keep this train rolling with the inclusion of Silent Hill: Homecoming, and the Silent Hill HD Collection in the future.

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  • I’d kill for Downpour on PC. The early screenshots were gorgeous, then it got uglier and uglier.

    • Ryan Chodora

      My main gripe was the enemy design, and lack of enemy diversity. I remember really enjoying the ending though.

    • Xuchilpaba

      Monster design also got less detailed and plain weird if remember correctly. Since the game made on U3, it would shine on PC. I can’t say I’ve seen a bad behaving U3 game on PC.

  • WolfBlitzed

    “Silent Hill HD Collection”

    This should not be recommended at any cost dude:

    • Ryan Chodora

      If I remember correctly, the 360 version was fine. The PS3 had issues with the fog, and was not optimized.

      • PS3 version was the only one that was patched.

    • For fans they’re a major disappointment, to non-fans neither version is unplayable. Until Konami re-releases the originals, these are fine recommendations to just for the sake of accessibility to newcomers.

      • Xuchilpaba

        Those newcomers won’t be fans, if they play this bugfest ‘HD remaster’ of the early build of the game, though. And their first experience will be very toxic, therefore they will be confused about why the series held in such high regard. Even Konami had to warn people after complaints. One Japanese saying goes: You don’t have to kill someone a second time. Second killing was our perception and memories of Silent Hill. It’s a bad idea to repeat that and kill something before its born, for newcomers.

        When its come to accessibility, PC community made a lot of improvements for the classic games for modern PC’s. They have even kinda fixed the fog and FMV’s in Silent Hill 2 along with fov, aspect ratio etc. They made the real remasters and some people still working on them. They work on old laptops, toasters and potatoes. It’s the most close thing to real experience as it is the only sensible way to go.

        Instead of wishing to re-release of shit, we could point out a more sensible way for newcomers who also might get disappointed. Fans or newcomers no one deserves this.

        • Superbad_Zombie

          Even though it is a horrible remaster, I would still love to see it come to XB1 backwards compatibility. I am not going to keep all of my last generation consoles around forever, and this would at least give people an opportunity to relive those masterpieces. Unfortunately there aren’t many other options besides emulation. As SH fans, we have been through the ringer with Konami… And the least they could do is authorize the SH Collection & Homecoming to the backwards compat program.

          • Xuchilpaba

            Well, it has been six months… but you still don’t need any last gen console or XB1 backward compatibility to relieve those masterpieces. I personally don’t bother with emulations also, since they have their own problems.

            ‘ThirteenAG’s Widescreen Pack’ is my best way to go. Btw, during this six months, they have shortened the loading times between rooms and made full controller support for SH2, like PS2 and XBOX. I can’t ask a better way to re-play at the moment.

          • Superbad_Zombie

            Gosh, that sounds positively amazing, but unfortunately I have zero access to the PC iterations of any Silent Hill games. I just want to play SH2, SH3, and SH4 effortlessly but it seems I always hit a snag! I also really want to get back into speedrunning, which was honestly my favorite thing to do in these classics. I just can’t get enough of this series lol..


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