SOMA Trailer ‘Theta’ slowly pans around, says scary things


Frictional Games’ SOMA trailers have been drip-feeding us story details, and this new video entitled ‘Theta’ is another drip drip drip into our veins. Coming from Kotaku, the minute-long clip has a vague conversation between a male and female characters, where the only details we can really discern are that “people keep killing themselves” and that they can’t keep hiding the 300-pound bodies. The female seems to be panicking, but at the very end her voice…changes. That would match up with the concepts seen in the previous ‘Mockingbird’ trailer. I’m liking everything we see here, and the voice talent sounds better than what we’ve previously heard.

While it’ll be a hard wait until 2015, knowing that Frictional has been working on this since 2010 makes me feel like we’re going to get something special for our PCs and PS4s. Cross your fingers, folks. And your toes, arms, legs, and eyes. Okay, now you can watch the trailer below. Listen to the last couple words she says!


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  • qqryq

    This is getting better and better with every piece that Frictional Games reveals. This is my kind of horror. I love that!

  • Misha Argall

    I am eagerly anticipating this game. It looks really disturbing and suspenseful. I’ll bet they recapture the same feeling I got when I played Amnesia the first time, the sensation that I don’t really want to keep playing because its so freaky, but I do want to see it through to its final, horrifying conclusion…


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